LG XBoom 360 Review — Is This Bluetooth Speaker Good? (2023)

The market is now flooded with Bluetooth speakers. But often, they are either too small and not powerful enough or very huge that they become sore to the eyes. 

If you’re looking for a perfect Bluetooth speaker, our audio engineer team conducted LG XBoom 360 reviews and tests to see if it has all you need for an ultimate sound experience. 

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build

The first thing you’ll notice about LG XBoom 360 is its unique design that can easily blend in your home decorations. In fact, it does not look like any other Bluetooth speaker. 

It’s difficult to tell what inspired its design, but unlike most speakers, it has a cylindrical shape with a unique cut-out in the middle where the woofer is located. The woofer produces an omnidirectional sound in rhythm with its RGB LED mood lighting. 

The power, lighting, playback, and connectivity controls are located on the top of the speaker. Although it is a bit huge and heavy, weighing 5.8kg, its built-in steel handle on top makes it portable. 

The speaker is covered in an elegant fabric, which adds aesthetic value and will not be out of place in your living room, and even in your bathroom, like some of the high-quality Bluetooth shower speakers available. 

LG XBoom 360 Features

A Quick Overview of Specs

Battery Capacity

The LG XBoom 360’s battery can last for a maximum of 10 hours which is pretty good compare to other brands. It is already suitable for outdoor parties or bringing it to the beach or poolside. 

But our only problem is the long charging hours which takes a maximum of five hours to charge fully. This is quite long, just for 10 hours of playing capacity.

Setup and Ease of Use

We recommend pairing your speaker to your mobile devices. It’s simple to use and pairs well with both iPhone and Android. Then, download the app and control the speaker through it. 

The good thing is once your device is connected, it stays connected, and there is no need to repeat the process. Also, you can connect using an aux cable or USB, which you can attach to the ports in the hidden compartment at the speaker’s base. 

Sound Quality

This speaker clearly focuses on producing quality sound. Below are the features that make its sound quality outstanding compared to other models.

Lows, Mids, and Highs

The sound it can produce is balanced even on the lowest and the highest volumes. You can clearly hear and distinguish every instrument and vocals. 

The woofer perfectly manages the bass and mids, while the tweeter handles the treble well. You can distinctly hear the bass, but it does not overpower the instruments and vocals.

Sound Modes and Settings

This speaker has excellent EQ, which you can customize and tweak to your liking. However, you cannot save the presets that you created, so you need to go back and tweak them again. 

But it comes with seven presets you can choose from at any time. This is a separate feature from the Outdoor EQ, which elevates the sound quality suitable for outdoor use. It also has a DJ feature which is a fun way of creating your own music.

In case you’re playing in a huge place with a big crowd and you need louder music, you can add a second speaker. Although it will only mirror the music playing from the main device, it is good enough for big parties. 


One of its outstanding features is it allows various ways to connect and gain controls. You can connect it to your laptop or any smart device where your music is stored. It also offers many ways to customize and optimize sound. 

How to Connect the XBoom 360

There are three ways to connect to the speaker: USB, Bluetooth, and aux cable. Follow the below steps to pair to the Bluetooth.

  1. On the top of the speaker, tap the “Function” button. 
  2. Hold the button until you hear the startup sound and the LED light blinks.
  3. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth settings, then locate and connect to the speaker
  4. Once the LED light holds steady, your device is now connected to the speaker

On the other hand, if you need to use an aux cable or USB, tap the “Function” button, and select the input source you prefer. But LG does not provide a USB or aux cable with the speaker, so it is quite impractical.

Mobile App

It has an excellent companion app known as LG XBOOM, which is compatible with iOS and Android. We suggest using the app because there are added features you can only control here, such as battery percentage information and EQ preset options.

Lights and Settings

We find this feature extraordinary which you will not find in most speakers of the same price range. It features various choices for lighting configurations to suit your mood. Generally, they are categorized into three modes such as the following:

Box Contents

The box includes a power cord, controls sheet, and user manual. Unfortunately, it does not include other cables to connect to the speaker, such as USB or aux cables, so you must purchase them separately. 


LG is quite proud of this speaker and continues to supply it in the global market. It is available on their website, and there are various reliable sellers on Amazon and other platforms worldwide.

Price and Warranty

This speaker is quite affordable, based on its suggested retail price. It’s a good deal of speaker, considering its sound quality and good features you’ll not find on other brands of the same price.  

LG also offers one year warranty [1] for audio products. Although the coverage may vary depending on where you purchase it, so better double check it on the warranty card provided. 

LG XBoom 360 Alternatives

JBL Charge 5

We recommend this speaker if you are looking for a cheaper and more portable that is closer to the sound quality of LG XBoom 360. It’s also affordable, which is good enough for its clear and loud sound. However, it has no mood lighting and EQ features.

JBL Charge 3


This is a Bluetooth speaker and serves as a portable PA system at the same time. It can also work as a microphone amplifier or a direct instrument input. It has more features than LG XBoom 360 but is more expensive.

UE Hyperboom

This Bluetooth speaker is huge and has many features, such as dual Bluetooth, EQ, app control, and more. It also has louder and great sound quality. However, it is quite expensive.

If you’re looking for the high-quality speaker brands for cars to choose from, check this post next!


What can I do to adjust the settings of XBoom 360 if I don’t like the sound?

If you do not like the sound profile of your XBoom 360 speaker, you can easily adjust it through the LG XBOOM app. You can choose your preferred EQ presets from the seven options available or tweak them to your liking.

Does the XBoom 360 come with a mic?

No, the LG XBoom 360 speaker has no microphone, so it will not allow you to take calls using the speaker.

How do I turn it on?

You can turn on your LG XBoom 360 speaker by pressing the “Power” button on the top. Once the speaker is on, you must pair it to a device through Bluetooth, USB, or aux cable.

How long does it take to charge the LG XBoom 360?

It takes five hours to charge the LG XBoom 360 speaker fully. It can last for 10 hours of continuous playing at one charge.

Is LG XBoom 360 waterproof?

Yes, LG XBoom 360 is waterproof with an IP54 rating for water resistance. Although it is not advisable to let it soak, the water splash will not cause malfunctions. 

Review Conclusion: LG XBoom 360

After our meticulous LG XBoom 360 review, it surpassed our expectations regarding sound quality and various excellent features like mood lighting, and EQ presets you will not find in most speakers. It’s an excellent choice, and it is worth your money for the price. 


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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