JBL PartyBox 710 Review — Is This Bluetooth Speaker Loud & Powerful Enough? (2023)

Good music always brings life to the party, but a poor sound system can ruin the mood. Therefore, you should choose a powerful sound system for your party. Although this can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with their specs. 

In this article, our sound engineers prepare a detailed JBL PartyBox 710 review so you can decide if it suits your party in mind. 

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Build

It’s hard not to notice the JBL PartyBox 710 because it really is huge. Certainly, it is designed to produce powerful sound, hence the big size. In fact, it’s almost the size of a small fridge and very heavy– weighing 27.8 kg. But it has a built-in handle and wheels so you can move it easily.

Although its size can be intimidating, it does not lack elegance and beauty. It is mostly black with a small signature logo on the front. There are rubberized stands on the bottom and side, so you can practically put it vertically or horizontally. 

What we find amazing is the colorful and bright RGB light show which can easily be the center of the party. There are two connected circles of flashing bright lights that dance along to the beat of the music and illuminate the room, which definitely keeps your party alive. 

JBL PartyBox 710 Features

Specs at a Glance 


Now, this is the party sound system that can literally shake the walls of the venue. With its 800W power and Bass Boost feature, the sound it can produce is unquestionably huge. Even mid-volume, it can undeniably fill up a big and crowded room. 


The one feature we do not like is that a battery does not power it, so you need a power source at all times. This can be inconvenient and defeat mobility’s purpose because you need to plug it into an outlet. 

Otherwise, it will automatically turn off if inactive for at least 20 minutes.

Sound Quality

The most outstanding quality of JBL PartyBox 710 is its loud yet high-quality sound. Even at maximum volume, the sound is still pleasant to the ears and not just annoying noise, unlike other speakers. 

Below are the features that make its sound quality extraordinary compared to other speakers, based on our series of tests:

Frequency Response

It has an excellent frequency response. Its sound profile is generally deep and whole and can sustain low bass, producing pleasant rumble and deep thump in bass-heavy music and sound effects in movies. 

Also, it produces a balanced mix of vocals and lead instruments, and the sound comes out very clearly and pleasant to the ears.

But if you want a different sound profile, you can always customize it according to your liking through its graphic EQ companion app. 

Raw Frequency Response

The raw frequency response of JBL PartyBox 710 shows that at 35 Hz to 20 kHz range, it can produce incredibly good sound at both low and high volumes.


Its soundstage is relatively wider, which is better. Although, when you place it vertically, you can distinguish the sound from the left and right speakers. 

While if placed horizontally, you can still hear the sound produced from the top and bottom speakers. This makes the soundstage to be directional and produces a quite narrow sound. 


This speaker has a remarkable dynamics performance which is truly suitable for big spaces and noisy crowds because it can get louder without sound distortion. 

When you tune it to the highest volume, some audio compression is present, but it maintains the sound clearly.

Sound Adjustments and Settings

On top of the speaker, you can find the dials to adjust the volume and RGB lights. The RGB lights also indicate the volume level of your speaker. 

You can also find the mic and guitar inputs with their volume controls on top, as well as the Treble, Echo, and Bass dials which you can use to customize the sound according to your liking. 

Speaker Controls

This speaker has a wide range of controls. On top of the speaker, you will find the power button and the Bluetooth button. 

You will also find the Bass Boost button on top, which you can set to either “Deep” or “Punchy” or turn off if you want a mellow sound. 

Mobile App

You can use the PartyBox app to access and control the RGB lights of your speaker. It will also give you access to the Bass, Treble, DJ effects, and Karaoke settings. 

You can also access the graphic EQ to change the sound profile. While the TWS button will allow you to connect your speaker to a compatible stereo. 


Although this speaker has a handle and wheels, it is very heavy and bulky, so it’s not very portable. When you move it up the stairs, you will need one or two people to help you do it.

Also, it has no battery, so it needs to be plugged into an outlet. We find it inconvenient because it limits the places where you can put it.

Connectivity Options

It has a USB port that you can use to play music saved on the USB stick or connect other devices wherein you can play and control the music. You can also use the In and Out ports to interconnect different speakers.

However, this speaker does not support Wi-Fi, so you must connect through the ports.


This speaker can pair two devices simultaneously, which is great if you need to play from two devices. It can also reach farther range so the devices can be far from it.

Our only problem is its latency when paired with Android devices, which is not ideal for watching movies or playing videos.

Voice Assistance

This speaker does not come with any voice assistance, so you need to control it through the buttons manually or through the mobile app.


Generally, it is very straightforward to use. There are no complicated controls and knobs. You can easily adjust the sound profile as you like.

Use for Parties and Events

This is undoubtedly designed for parties and events with a huge crowd. Its sound fills a big room, and the RGB lights will make you dance to the beat.

Other Box Items

It comes with one AC power cord, warranty card, safety sheet, and the quick start guide.

Price and Warranty

Most people find it very expensive, but it speaks for its high quality. Also, the JBL brand is known for its durability. So, even if you pay more, you can ensure it will last longer.  

Also, it comes with a warranty [1], typically for one year. But you can check the coverage indicated in the warranty card inside the box, depending on your country or region.

Speaker Alternatives Comparison

JBL PartyBox 110

This speaker is our next choice regarding extended low-bass that is suitable for bass-heavy music. It is also smaller and lighter than the JBL PartyBox 710, so this is a good alternative.

It is much cheaper, almost half the price of JBL PartyBox 710, so it’s a good value for your money.

JBL PartyBox 310

If you want a smaller and more portable speaker but still produce a clear and loud sound, we recommend this speaker. It is battery-powered with built-in wheels and a handle to bring it along with you anywhere.

JBL PartyBox 310

JBL Boombox 2

If you are on a tight budget, we recommend this portable speaker. Its deep bass is pretty good for its price. It can also get loud, having two massive speakers. It is suitable for outdoor parties because it is portable, and you can carry it with its built-in grip handle.

Review Conclusion: JBL PartyBox 710

This speaker is unbeatable in producing clear sound in both the lowest and highest volumes. Although expensive, its Bass Boost feature is very powerful, along with its RGB lights– making this speaker outstanding and worth your money. 

After reading this JBL PartyBox 710 review, we trust that you are now certain that this is the speaker that you need for your biggest party.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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