LG Soundbar Not Working? Here’s How to Troubleshoot it Properly

Although LG audio devices are known for advanced home theater technology, it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter technical issues when using them. If you suddenly found your LG soundbar not working, you can either let it ruin your day or try fixing it yourself. 

If you choose the latter, check out this troubleshooting checklist curated by our resident audiophiles for your convenience. 

Reasons Why Your LG Soundbar Isn’t Working Anymore

Before you decide to hit the repair shop with your LG soundbar, it’s always wise to identify the root of the problem and determine if basic troubleshooting can fix it. Typically, issues could come from one of three things: the cables, remote, or power supply. 

LG soundbar below tv

Reason #1: Power Problems

As you know, your LG soundbar won’t work if it doesn’t get the amount of power it requires. It’s an issue that can stem from different causes, so here’s our team’s recommendation on how to resolve it. 


Scan the power cords for damages because this could interrupt the power flow to your soundbar. Besides the typical wear and tear, a burnt-looking plug could also be the culprit. We recommend an immediate replacement for such cases. 

Power Strip

Sometimes, power strips could lead to your LG soundbar not getting enough electricity. Most power problems could be solved by plugging the device directly into the receptacle.

checking soundbar


Another possible reason is your receptacle may not be providing enough power to the device. You can confirm this by plugging other electric equipment into the receptacle. 

Main Circuit Box

A tripped circuit box could hinder your soundbar from getting electricity. Before you plug anything, it’s highly recommended to inspect its exterior. You may also reset it by flipping it on and off. If the problem persists, contact a professional electrician. 

Reason #2: Issues With Your Remote Control

It may sound trivial, but checking your remote’s battery levels could help you solve the issue of your soundbar not working. If you’re using a universal remote control, ensure it’s configured properly because multiple devices could overlap and cause these issues. 

LG soundbar remote

Reason #3: HDMI Cable Connection Issues

Besides power cables, your HDMI wire should be in good condition to make your LG soundbar work with your TV. You can check it by using other HDMI cables for your device. 

Reason #4: Soundbar May Need a Soft Reset

If all else didn’t work, opting for a soft reset is your next best solution. There are two ways you can go about this process, which we’ll discuss below.

Power Cycle Method

You can cycle your LG soundbar’s power. To do this, you’ll need to unplug the audio device and standby for at least 1 minute before plugging it back on. Besides that, you can also do this with other devices plugged into your speaker. 

resetting LG soundbar

Soundbar Button Method

This soft reset method includes pressing the volume and sound effect button simultaneously. You must hold them down until you see the reset screen on the soundbar’s display. 

Issue #1: LG Soundbar Not Connecting to WiFi and Other Devices

One of the most common connection problems modern speakers encounter is WiFi issues. You can address this dilemma by using the power cycle method discussed above or simply turning the power off for a few seconds to reset connections. 

Besides that, letting your soundbar connect with a guest network won’t provide the device with enough bandwidth. When using an audio device, we urge you to use the home network for a strong connection with other devices. 

LG not connecting to wifi

You’ll need to reboot the router and reconnect the soundbar if your network recently went on reset or undergone some updates. 

Issue #2: LG Soundbar Not Loud Enough

When your device produces a low sound, the culprit could be your TV or LG soundbar’s audio settings. 

You can confirm which one is having problems by turning off your speaker and increasing the TV’s volume. After that, turn the soundbar back on and adjust its volume levels according to your preference. 

This issue could persist if you’re using multiple remotes for different devices. We recommend purchasing a reliable universal remote to prevent sound settings from overlapping. 

volume testing LG soundbar

If that didn’t work, you could resort to a soft reset. You must remove the soundbar from its power source and unplug all devices connected to it. From there, wait for one to two minutes before putting it back together and turning the device on. 

Last but not least, firmware updates could also cause this issue. So if you can, download the latest firmware version to your USB and install it on the device by pressing the play button.

Issue #3: LG Soundbar Keeps Disconnecting

Sudden disconnection when using an LG soundbar could come from an unstable Internet connection [1]

You’ll experience this if the device is far from the router or the internet speed is slow and not providing enough bandwidth. You can do a soft reset with your router to get a consistent network connection.

LG soundbar keeps disconnecting

Issue #4: LG Soundbar Keeps Switching

It could get annoying when your LG soundbar stops working and switches to connect with other devices. This issue is often seen when the device is hooked to an AI assistant like Google. 

You can fix this by switching on your TV’s ARC. After that, all the devices should undergo a soft reset. 

Issue #5: LG Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Upon looking closely, you’ll notice that your soundbar has a light indicator. If the device isn’t turning on, but there’s a light flashing, the issue stems from configurations or WiFi. If there’s no light at all, it’s a power problem. 

LG soundbar won't turn on

You can fix this by checking for external cable damages, tripped breaker box, or doing a soft reset. 

Issue #6: LG Soundbar Won’t Turn Off

You may not know, but your LG soundbar has an auto-on feature. You can go to the device’s configuration and turn off this function to prevent this issue from recurring. 

If your soundbar is connected to other devices, this could also be the reason why the device won’t turn off. 


Why is my LG soundbar not working with my LG TV?

Your LG soundbar isn’t working with your LG TV because of connection issues, which could be solved if your speaker’s ARC features are turned on. Besides that, ensure that the TV is configured with PCM sound output settings. 


As an LG soundbar user, knowing the ins and outs of basic troubleshooting and proper setup is highly cost-effective and productive. 

Trust our sound experts when we say that fixing your audio equipment by yourself isn’t only fulfilling but also saves you time and money from unnecessary repair shop visits and device replacements. 


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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