What Does the Hulu Error Code P-TS207 Mean? + How to Fix It

hulu error code p-ts207

You open your Hulu home screen to watch your favorite American shows, only to encounter a playback error called “P-TS207” before you can even do anything.

If you don’t know how to troubleshoot this error, look no further because our technical team will discuss how to prevent this from persisting on your app again.

Hulu Error P-TS207 Explained

Hulu is a widely known and loved live TV app for everyone that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and used on multiple devices you want, such as:

It’s similar to other streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, and Amazon. However, many users experience playback errors on their Hulu application, specifically the error code “P-TS207.”

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This is a playback error code that occurs while watching a series in the app. There are a lot of reasons why the error TS207 pops up. Here are some of them:

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Here are steps on how to fix the Hulu error codes and go back to enjoying watching.

  1. Update the Hulu App.
  2. Clear data and cache of your Hulu account.
  3. Connect to a faster internet connection.
  4. Restart the device you’re using.
  5. Log out and log in from your Hulu Account.
  6. Un-install and download Hulu again.
  7. Disable your VPN as it may affect your internet speed.
  8. Do a power cycle.

Let our technical team wall you through each step in further detail:

Fix #1: Update the Hulu App

Since an outdated app version might cause the error, updating your Hulu app might remove the error code P-TS207. Just go to your respective application store and update your Hulu.

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Once you’re done doing this, go back to your Hulu and see if the problem persists.

Fix #2: Clear Your Hulu Cache

Hulu apps store temporary data that might have a lot of corrupted app cache causing such errors.

Go to settings of your device, and pick installed applications. Click the “clear cache” option on your device and see if you resolved the problem.

Fix #3: Look For a Faster Network Connection

Sometimes, it’s just a poor internet connection that’s causing the playback error. Too many devices may cause this since the connection is shared.

Look for a new network and internet option that is relatively fast. Connect to it and run a speed test. 

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Doing so can instantly remove the error code P-TS207 from your device. If the error still persists, follow the succeeding steps below:

Fix #4: Restart the Device You’re Using

If you’re having trouble playing a video, a simple restart might fix the communication glitch. Restart your device and see if the issue is resolved.

Fix #5: Log Out and In From Your Hulu Account

If you’re experiencing error code P-TS207 due to a glitch or communication error, try logging out and in from your account and check if the prom is gone.

Fix #6:. Delete and Install Hulu Again

Restarting the installation process might do the trick for the Hulu error code. Simply uninstall and launch Hulu to see if it’s working fine.

Fix #7: Disabling VPN Meter Connection

A VPN connection might cause some network restrictions on your devices and other apps. Disable your VPN [1], refresh your Hulu account page, and check if the error code P-TS207 is gone.


Fix #8: Conduct Power Cycle With Your Router

If all of the previous steps didn’t work and the error persists, it’s always best to conduct a power network cycle to fix the error.

The power cycle process usually improves streaming conditions by fixing common errors, any temporary glitch, and other streaming issues by resetting the network connection and signal.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Power off all the devices you have, including other devices.
  2. Unplug all devices connected.
  3. Turn off the power and unplug your ethernet cable.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes for your device to power down.
  5. Plug in and turn on network devices one by one and let them load completely.
  6. Plug in your computer or any device before restarting.
  7. Open Hulu and see if the Hulu error P-TS207 is gone.


Our team hopes that this guide has helped you fix Hulu error code P-TS207. This way, you can get back to watching your favorite shows again.

If the issue persists or has several errors, you should contact Hulu support and Hulu service lines to fix the problem.

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