Can You Mount a Curved TV to a Wall? — Is it Really Possible?

can you mount a curved tv

As more people spend time at home, curved TVs are getting more popular than ever. But with a small living space, mounting your TV to a wall is the answer. But can you mount a curved TV without causing too much damage to your wall, or worse, to the TV itself?  Our electronics experts convened to help you with this concern. 

Is it Possible to Mount a Curved TV to a Wall?

Yes! You can certainly mount majority of the curved TVs to the wall, but specific criteria need to be met. We will discuss the process and the factors that you need to consider in mounting a curved TV to a wall. 

How to Mount a Curved TV

Mounting a curved TV to the wall using a bracket mount is similar to what you do when you have a flat-screen TV. You’ll need screwdrivers, a drill machine, a pencil, and measuring tape. 

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With TV Bracket Mount

  1. Remove the base of the TV. This is not necessary when mountain a curved TV
  2. Search for the mounting holes and attach the mounting brackets to the TV
  3. Attach the mounting brackets to the wall and secure it using drilled screws
  4. Connect the mount at the back of the TV to the mounting bracket in the wall
  5. Secure all attachments

With Wall Mount

  1. Install and secure the TV mount to the wall
  2. Attach the mounting plates at the back of your TV 
  3. Hang the TV on the wall plate by sliding the rails onto the mounting plate

Factors to Take Note of


The size of the curved TV is crucial when mounting it to the wall. The curved TV should have enough moving space when mounted to the wall as most brackets and wall mounts allow slight TV movement. 

curved tv and remote

If the curved TV is too large for the wall, it may bump into the wall and damage it. 


The location of the curved TV on the wall is critical as it affects the viewing angle of the viewers. If the curved TV [1] is too high or too low, the images that reach the watchers’ eyes may bow. 

It is best to mount the curved TV with reference to most viewers’ horizontal eye level. 

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Compatibility of Wall Mount Bracket

Compatibility with wall mount brackets is a vital consideration when mounting a curved TV to the wall. Many walls mount brackets available online caters to a range of curved TV sizes, so it is best to check the size before purchasing. 

monitor and keyboard

Mounting a curved TV with an incompatible mount bracket may lead to an unsecured mounting and may leave your curved TV vulnerable to sliding off the wall. 

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Other Materials

The screws are often overlooked, but they play an essential role in keeping the curved TV mounted on the wall. Using too short screws makes the TV vulnerable to falling while using too long screws can pierce the TV and damage it. 

Most curved TV brands recommend screw sizes compatible with each TV size. 


How do you hang a curved TV on the wall?

Hanging a curved TV on the wall is the same as hanging a flat-screen TV. You have to remove the TV base, connect the mount on the back of the TV, secure the wall mount on the wall, then connect the two. 

Can you mount a 55 inch curved TV?

Yes, you can mount a 55 inch curved TV, as well. A 55 inch curved TV can be mounted on the wall as long as it has holes on its back where the wall mount can be attached. There are many generic walls mounts available that can accommodate 32” to 72” curved TVs. 

What is the best wall mount for a curved TV?

The best wall mount for a curved TV is the Loctek Curved TV wall mount bracket. It is easy to install, robust, accommodates up to 70” curved TV, and can support different viewing angles. 


If you are curious about whether you can mount a curved TV to the wall, our electronics experts tested and agreed that yes, you could! The process of mounting a curved TV to the wall is just the same as that of a flat-screen TV. You just have to choose the right wall mount bracket, get the correct size for seamless attachment. 

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