Samsung QN900A Series Review — Is it One of the Best Premium TVs? (2021)

samsung qn900a series review

Consumers are often reluctant about buying products they haven’t tried before. It’s more than likely that a user will be disappointed by a product they had high expectations for, and return processes can be difficult. Thus, settling in a product they find unsatisfactory. Our team’s top priority is to avoid this by conducting a thorough Samsung QN900A series review.




The Samsung QN900A series TVs took our team’s breath away. The wafer-thin design brings a new definition to minimalism and the large sizes plus Infinity Edge screen is ideal for a true cinematic experience in your home theater.

Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED Features

The QN900A series flatscreen TVs are full of features, which our team found difficult to fit into our concise Samsung QN900A series review, but we managed to narrow it down to the most important ones.

Picture and Color Quality

A TV is all about its picture quality. The Samsung QN900A Series product line is one that truly impressed our experts. It offers the most cutting-edge and top-of-the-line technology to enhance picture and color, including Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, Quantum HDR 64X, astounding 8K resolution, 8K AI Upscaling tech, and Quantum Dot Technology. Each of these features contributes to more vivid colors, a billion different hues and extreme brilliance to give you a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

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The processor in the QN900A series is also one to write home about. Our team was blown away by how fast the Neo Quantum Processor 8K is. It offers unbelievable depth and clarity.  The series also offers 8K AI Upscaling, which can turn any source content into the highest definition picture.

Audio Quality of Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED

To match the insane standards of the images, the QN900A series TVs also possess enhanced audio with Object Tracking Sound Pro, which enables sound to match the moving picture. The TVs in this series are also Q-Symphony optimized, which allows users to pair their TVs with Samsung soundbars for a seamless experience.

Lastly, the Samsung series also embeds SpaceFit Sound technology into the product line, which can detect the acoustics of your viewing space and placement of the TV to optimize audio content.

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Viewing Options

One of the best things about the QN900A series is the infinity screen, which knows no bounds. You will get edge-to-edge viewing, giving you the impression of a much larger screen.  

It doesn’t matter where you place the TV or where you sit, the anti-reflection and Ultra-Viewing Angle features will make sure you get no glare and a clear picture from anywhere in the room.

Even when you mount your TV on the wall without any studs, the viewing experience will still be excellent. 

One Connect Box

The One Connect Box is an optional TV stand feature that can keep unsightly wires out of the way for a cleaner-looking setup and support your TV when placed on the wall or on a flat surface.

Connectivity and Inputs

The Samsung QN900A Series also offers a wide range of connectivity and input options, which our team really liked. You can hook up your new TV to your system with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi [1], USB, Ethernet, or HDMI, HDMI EDID for the highest definition. 

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The solar cell remote included with the flatscreen features one-touch options for setup and adjustment. It also allows you to control Amazon Alexa with the simple tap of a button, which leads us to the next section.

Voice Control: Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED

Samsung takes user convenience very seriously and outfitted the Q900A series with Amazon Alexa. Your virtual assistant can be accessed via a single button on the remote and carry out elementary tasks such as adjusting volume levels and playing music.

Smart TV Features of Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED

The QN900A series TVs are compatible with the Smart Things app, features sound mirroring, wireless TVand more. The TVs also come with the Samsung TV Plus app.

Setup: Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED

The setup of the Samsung QN900A series flatscreens is simple and straightforward. When used in tandem with the One Connect Box, you can place the TV anywhere. The connection is done either wired or wirelessly, with HDMI one-cable connection for a wired hookup.

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Other Accessories

Other than the One Connect Box, the QN900A series can be configured to work with other Samsung products such as speakers and soundbars for a much-improved experience.

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Samsung QN900A Series Neo QLED Series Review Conclusion

Our team was highly impressed by the Samsung QN900A Series review. All of the TVs in this product series have an easy-to-understand interface and are chalked full of features to produce the best images and sound. With multiple picture-enhancing capabilities such as Quantum Matrix Tech and real 8K resolution, your money is going to a good place with the QN900A series.

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