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Bluetooth hovering speakers are super cool, that’s for sure, but how functional are these devices? Do they offer reliable Bluetooth connectivity, or are they only there to look good? Our audio team’s levitating speaker reviews yielded surprising results. If you ever questioned the practicality of these floating wireless speakers, then wonder no more. 

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Reviews of the Top Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


HCNT Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The super futuristic levitating speaker is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It comes with a free stand and can deliver 360-degree surround sound to your home. The stable Bluetooth connection can offer up to 33 feet in wireless range, which is more than some other levitating speakers. 

The features don’t stop there. HCNT levitating Bluetooth speaker also has a built-in microphone so you can take incoming calls completely hands free. The volume level control is enabled by touch, just put your finger on the base to control the sound levels. 

You can also control the brightness of the LED lighting from the base and enjoy wireless charging. 




Arc Star Floating Speaker

The Arc Star Floating Bluetooth speaker is certainly one-of-a-kind. It has very strong magnets with enough magnetic force for balance. Speaking of force, may the force be with you if you choose to welcome the Death Star lookalike speaker into your home.

The orb itself can be used as a standalone speaker independent of the speaker stand. You can also find a USB charging port on the base, which can function as a charging port for smart devices.

The Arc Star also has LED lights, but unfortunately, you only get green and no other color options. 




WOWESOTICA Floating Speaker

The Wowesotica speaker is gorgeous and made to look like a planet or our moon. You can play music in style and enjoy a long wireless range. The levitating loudspeaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and is 3D printed for premium quality.

It is also surprisingly inexpensive, to our team’s delight, and it connects to a slew of devices including your computer and TV. Just one small speaker can produce stereo sound and full bass, eliminating the need to connect to multiple speakers for the same effect.

It may look large, but the Wowesotica levitating speaker still retains a small footprint. 




RUIXINDA Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Following on the heels of the planetary design, the Ruixinda Bluetooth levitating speaker also possessed an interesting design that functions on magnetic levitation. 

It is our team’s choice as the best levitating Bluetooth speaker for not only music, but for function as well. The hovering speaker comes in two colors and has premium features such as hands-free calling, Bluetooth connection, and stunning LED light effects.

It’s easy to use and features a frequency range of 180Hz to 18kHz, which is quite a wide range. While it plays music, it displays all the major cities in the world on its surface.




RUIXINDA Levitating Speaker

Another magnetically balanced speaker from Ruixinda makes it on our list. This one is of a similar design but is just a dark floating orb rather than a globe. This Ruixinda levitating speaker model does rotate, and delivers 8W of stereo sound with Bluetooth 5.0, making it great for the office or for home use.

You can take your pick between black or white, and the LED lighting on both can also change in color. What’s most important about Bluetooth hovering speakers is the sound, and this model brings big and encompassing audio from a small footprint.




Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

Our team ends the list with the Infinity Orb magnetic levitating speaker. It features a similar design to the Ruixinda model above, but the Infinity Orb magnetic speaker has LED illumination on the base of the orb and the base itself.

Of course, the Infinity Orb speaker can be a portable speaker on its own to bring you 3D surround sound no matter what. The speaker has a special sound guide cone that will offer a distinctive timbre to the music played.

Connect it to another Bluetooth-enabled device easily, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 10 feet.



Levitating Bluetooth Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Design and Size

Levitating speakers come in all shapes and sizes. The design is where they can set themselves apart from the competition. The best levitating Bluetooth speaker for you will definitely have enough power to fill the room. 

Do you want portability? There are a few models on our audio engineers’ list that can act as a separate speaker when taken off the base, and others that cannot. In our opinion, the best levitating speakers can give you that versatility. 

There are clunkier and more cumbersome models, and others that are super sleek and compact. If you have the space, then go for the design you want. If you plan on placing it on the tabletop, then our sonic experts suggest picking a smaller one.  

Lights and Effects

Almost all of the levitating speakers we came across come with LED lighting effects. Some are RGB, meaning they offer rainbow LED colors, but others just offer a single shade. This feature has nothing to do with the functionality of the device, but it’s more an added bonus for aesthetics.

Other effects levitating speakers can offer include a cool design, like the Death Star or the globe, and even charging options.

Sound Quality

To be perfectly honest, our team says these floating wireless speakers are meant to lure you in with the cool design, but not all of them possess decent audio quality. Our engineers were careful and only picked ones that do provide a memorable audio experience.

Some speakers are loud and deliver room-filling sound, while others possess 360-degree surround sound technology. Our advice is to find one that not only looks awesome, but also meets your expectations on the sound front.

Power and Battery Life

The power of the speakers signifies the volume level. You want a higher wattage to receive bigger sound, this is a fact that is true for all speakers. Look for ones that offer 5W at the very least. 

Our team members say not to expect too much from these speakers as they are compact and won’t be able to match up to a full-sized system.

The battery life should last for 4 hours at least with the charge time at half that number. Portable speakers need to have a long battery life to be worth the money, so if mobility is a top priority for you, then our team stresses the importance of a long battery lifespan.

Material Durability

The speakers are literally hovering above the base without any tethers or support. This means that weaker magnetic support may not support the speaker orb for long. If your speaker isn’t constructed with heavy-duty materials, then there is a higher chance it will sustain damage if it loses balance.

It’s very easy to knock the orb over if you aren’t careful. Ones built with more hard-wearing materials may not have a scratch on them, but others may completely fail after an unfortunate accident. To increase the longevity of the best levitating speakers, make sure they are tough!

Connectivity Options

Most if not all hovering speakers have Bluetooth. After all, we are looking at the best ones that do. As for wired connectivity, most of them need to be connected to a power source via an adapter that comes with the package. 

Also, our experts recommend looking for ones with USB [1] connectivity as that will greatly increase the versatility of the product.

Not only will you be able to link up to your smartphones and tablets, but your floating unit can also work with your computer and even your TV.

Why Purchase Levitating Bluetooth Speakers?

Do you need to buy levitating speakers? Other than the eye-catching aesthetic, is there a point to these devices? Surely, there are devices out there that can actually provide true surround sound and even waterproof capabilities. While all this is true, our team says these speakers bring an element not offered by regular models – intrigue.

They are cool, nifty, neat, and every other synonym that describes the awesome floatation, but we will admit that the sound quality may suffer in some models. Many people prize sound quality above all when it comes to speakers, and rightly so, but there are others that value their decor and appearance just as much.

They are also not very difficult to set up. Some have plastic templates that help you align the components to avoid any accidents.

You can definitely obtain both aspects of top functionality and appearance in one package, which can be found in the best levitating Bluetooth speakers. We’re not saying that this is the ultimate device you will ever need in your entire life, but the audio quality of the speaker will definitely satisfy your needs and add an element of cool to a modern space – if you pick the right one. 


How do levitating Bluetooth speakers work?

Levitating Bluetooth speakers work through magnetic levitation. There are two very strong opposing polarity magnets at work in the device. There is the perfect magnetic balance that manufacturers have to find in order to make sure the speaker stays in place rather than push off of each other. 

How do you hook up a floating speaker?

You can hook up a floating speaker by connecting the base first. Suspend the orb part over the bass, wait for the magnet to gain enough power to support the floating component. Make sure to balance the speaker well before completely letting go to avoid any damage.

Our Top Pick For a Levitating Bluetooth Speaker:
HCNT Technology Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Our audio team landed on the HCNT Technology Floating Bluetooth speaker as their top pick. It provides a very stable magnetic balance and can handle the basics such as exceptional audio quality and hands-free calling. Everything is controlled at the base and the LED lighting illuminates the area for the Bluetooth speaker with a battery that lasts 6 to 8 hours. 

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