What is the Best 6×9 Speaker for Bass? (2023)
For an Awesome Car Audio System

Not all car speakers have the same sizes, but today’s market has a strong preference for 6×9 car audio speakers. With too many quality speakers in this category, how can you tell which fits your audio needs? 

Our engineers carefully evaluated the best 6×9 speakers so you won’t waste your money on an incompatible speaker. Are you ready to check them out?

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5-Way Speakers
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Infinity 6x9 Car
Audio Speaker
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BOSS Audio
Systems Car
Speakers (CH6930)
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Quick Summary: Our Top Picks for 6×9 Speakers for Bass
Infinity 6x9 Car Audio Speaker (REF-9623ix)
  • High power and peak power handling capacity
  • Delivers a great overall sound quality
  • Highly compatible with external amplifiers
Our Rating: 100%
Pioneer TS-A6996R 5-Way Speakers
  • Good bass sound and speaker features
  • More durable design-oriented than other speakers
  • Has low impedance and water-resistant materials
Our Rating: 92%
BOSS Audio Systems Car Speakers (CH6930)
  • Highly affordable coaxial speakers
  • Easy installation and great sound quality
  • Can function without a built-in crossover
Our Rating: 90%
Hertz CPX 690 Pro Audio Car Speakers
  • Good bass reproduction with dampened vibrations
  • Offers exceptional power handling specifications
  • Includes premium technology dome tweeter
Our Rating: 100%
Pioneer TS-A1680F 4-Way Car Speakers
  • Sound levels can be tested through an app
  • Multi-fit adapters for easier installation
  • Best 6×9 speakers for bass if you’re a newbie
Our Rating: 95%
Kicker 43DSC69304 Coaxial Speakers
  • Delivers an optimal audio performance
  • Engineered with high-sensitivity design
  • Highly compatible with most vehicle models
Our Rating: 96%
JBL GTO939 Coaxial Speakers
  • Premium quality 6 x 9 speakers
  • Low impedance and high compatibility
  • No need for special tools when installing
Our Rating: 88%
Rockford Fosgate P169 Punch Series
  • Offers a full-range sound & bass reproduction
  • Purchase comes with mounting tool equipment
  • Made out of high-quality speaker materials
Our Rating: 93%

Reviews of the Top 6×9 Speakers for Bass


Infinity 6x9 Car Audio Speaker (REF-9623ix)

If clarity and improved sound quality is what you seek for your car, our resident audio engineers highly recommend the Infinity REF-9623ix Coaxial Speakers for a full-range sound. 

You may not know it, but a big woofer cone equates to a bigger and louder sound. Besides its durable polypropylene material, it has a hi-roll rubber surround meant to deliver rich sound. 

Upon the several sound tests we did, our team was delighted that it could hit low bass notes without sounding harsh on the ears. This exceptional sound quality is highly owed to the speaker’s edge-driven super tweeters and textile tweeters. And because it has a high power handling capacity, it can work with any external amplifier. 

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Pioneer TS-A6996R 5-Way Speakers

High-quality factory replacement speakers are rarely affordable, but car electronics like Pioneer TS-A6996R make your investment worth it. Given its expensive price tag, our testers already guessed that this product includes high-quality materials. 

Not only does it have a Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone design for deep bass, but it also features a Strontium Ferrite tweeter magnet material for a powerful bass sound. 

Another feature that impressed us the most is its high-sensitivity motor structures that allow clear sound reproduction and top-notch responsiveness. Unlike factory-installed speakers, this unit has a wide dispersion pattern that allows the production of mid to high frequencies. 

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BOSS Audio Systems Car Speakers (CH6930)

Replacing your old stock tired speakers isn’t always the cheapest venture, but BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Car Speakers sure gave us a run for our small budget. Upon closer look, our testers found these audio speakers highly durable, all thanks to their Polyurethane cone material. 

We didn’t have a hard time integrating it into the car’s speaker system because it’s surprisingly easy to install. Besides the fact that these speakers deliver a solid bass response, its coil can handle higher temperatures. It can deliver incredible sound performance with almost zero distortion.

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Hertz CPX 690 Pro Audio Car Speakers

Another premium car equipment from the line of the best 6×9 speakers for bass is Hertz CPX 690. With its soft dome tweeter and rubber magnet cover, users can expect these 6×9 speakers to deliver great sound and deep bass like no other. 

On top of its audio output, our testers found absolute delight in the pressed paper cone integrated into these coaxial speakers. Its structure featured a FEM-optimized geometry design that offers light and color-free sound. 

Unlike old stock speakers for bass, distortion isn’t a problem because it has a metal basket and rubber magnet covers meant for dampening vibrations.

Hertz CPX 690 Pro Audio Car Speakers

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Pioneer TS-A1680F 4-Way Car Speakers

If you’ve been invested on car speakers long enough, you’d know that a few of them tend to be harsh on the ears. But this is definitely not the case for Pioneer TS-A1680F

Because of the seamless transition of its tweeter drivers, these 6 x 9 speakers were able to reproduce optimized and off-axis frequency responses, making the sound smooth. Besides that, these motor vehicle stereo speakers could stand alone on their own without the need for an external amp. 

Even if you’re a newbie, its multi-fit adapters will definitely give you an easy time installing like what it did for us. 

Pioneer TS-A1680F 4-Way Car Speakers

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Kicker 43DSC69304 Coaxial Speakers

Great brands often equate to high-performing products, so our audio testers couldn’t resist the urge to try New Kicker 43DSC69304 Coaxial Speakers out. 

Priced a bit higher than some car electronics, this product took us by surprise with its EVC technology and its 360 peak power handling capacity. During the sound checks, these 6 x 9 speakers reached impressive highs, all thanks to their PEI dome tweeter. 

Additionally, its polypropylene cone offers enough stiffness to produce low bass sounds. And did we mention that it can hit notes as low as 30 Hz? That’s pretty exceptional for a car speaker if you ask our experts. 

New Kicker 43DSC69304 Coaxial Speakers

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JBL GTO939 Coaxial Speakers

Any seasoned audiophile would agree that JBL offers superb sound electronics in the market, which is why our audio team went ahead and tested GTO939 Coaxial Speakers. Unique to this audio equipment is its adjustable mylar titanium tweeter. Now, what does this feature do? It makes your speakers lightweight without compromising the rich audio it produces.

You may not know, but JBL 6 x 9 speakers also feature Plus One technology that provides ample cone surface for better bass production. When comparing side-by-side with typical car electronics, we also noted that it delivers more efficiency. 

JBL GTO939 Coaxial Speakers

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Rockford Fosgate P169 Punch Series

If quality is what you truly seek for your car’s audio system, getting the high-end Rockford Fosgate P169 is the right thing to do. Despite higher pricing than some electronics, its features like butyl rubber surround and PEI dome tweeters make its performance more notable than the rest. 

Backed with an Emmy Award in surround sound technology [1], our testers weren’t caught off guard upon witnessing the high compatibility of this unit. Thanks to its FlexiFit Basket feature, you wouldn’t need to create single screw-sized holes to align the speaker to your car’s mounting holes. Instead, it utilizes holes for a much better fit.

Rockford Fosgate P1694 Punch Series

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6×9 Speakers for Bass Buyer’s Guide

Power and Impedance

Among the first specifications you’ll notice when shopping for a car speaker is their power rating. If you look closely, there will be numbers labeled in wattage written on its packaging. In case you don’t know, it indicates how much power your speaker can handle during the sound reproduction. 

The continuous power and peak power measurements also tell the user which amplifier will suit their unit. However, if you’re not well-informed with these specifications, our audio experts urge you to follow through with the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid wasting time on unmatched devices. 

Sound Quality

Another feature that should be on top of your list is the audio quality. When determining this, our testers made sure to evaluate the clarity of the sound reproduction across all volume configurations. 

The best tip we could give you is to listen for hissing sounds during the operation. Watch out for any harsh-sounding layers in the audio to make sure that the quality won’t disappoint your ears in the long run. 

Turn the bass up. From there, you’ll easily pick up if the speaker will produce any distortion. Once confirmed, rest assured that it can deliver a smooth sound transition throughout different frequencies. 

Frequency Range

It’s a no-brainer that you need to be wary of the frequency range when aiming for bass-filled car speaker systems. The high and low sound capacity of your unit is often determined by the woofers and tweeters integrated into them. Make sure that these features are versatile with high and low-frequency ranges.


One of the crucial denominator of the best 6×9 speakers for bass is its sensitivity specification. If you’re not familiar with it, this measurement indicates the ability of your speaker to reach specific volume levels. The higher the sensitivity, the minimum power it requires to operate. 

Hertz CPX 690 Pro Audio Car Speakers close up

Take a closer look at the labels of the car speaker of your choice, and you’ll see a specification written in decibels. Our resident audiophiles recommend getting ones with a higher sensitivity rate as this would mean that the unit is capable of better sound performance. 

No worries, though. Most of the products we listed range near or over 90dB sensitivity rating. 

Material and Build

No matter what kind of audio equipment you’ll buy, it’s important to look at the exterior materials of the unit. There’s no denying that car electronics are often exposed to harsh conditions, so the durability of your speakers matters a lot. Having a rubber-made exterior also helps in the audio quality of the sound production. 


To ensure that you wouldn’t waste time and money, you should opt for speakers with flexible fit features. If you scroll through our recommendations, you will find that most of the options have this function. 


Do 6x9 speakers need an amplifier?

No, you don’t need an amplifier. However, the need for an external amp solely depends on the volume level you want your speaker to attain. And while the best 6×9 speakers are known for elevated bass production, amplifiers do help in producing clear audio. 

How much battery power do 6x9 speakers consume?

On average, a 6×9 speaker consumes around 70W battery power. This measurement is the standard for the continuous power handling speaker specifications. The actual battery consumption would depend on the audio requirements. 

Our Top Pick For a 6×9 Speaker For Bass:
Infinity REF-9623ix Car Audio Speaker

Infinity 6x9 Car Audio Speaker (REF-9623ix)​

Not all car electronics will suit your vehicle, but having one with high compatibility like Infinity REF-9623ix is worth the saved time and money. Our experts chose this unit as the best 6×9 speaker for bass because of its high power and frequency capacity. On top of that, it has the ability to reach low bass without compromising the overall sound. 


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