What is DCR on a Monitor? Is it Good for Gaming?

DCR is the latest trend in screen technology, improving videos or graphics quality. If you want a better viewing and gaming experience at a price you can afford, considering it may be a good option.  

But for those unfamiliar, you might ask what a DCR is on a monitor and how it benefits gaming. Luckily, our engineers have the answer, so keep reading! 

DCR, Explained

The DCR, short for Dynamic Contrast Ratio, is a technology that can automatically figure out how bright an image is as a whole. It can effectively fix different color levels by lowering the brightness of dark areas.

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DCR not only enhances the contrast ratio but also makes the grayscale look better. Basically, this DCR technology is used to enhance the quality of the pictures and automatically change the settings so that the pictures look better.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio Monitor Aspects

      If we look at the contrast ratio of a CRT monitor, which can be as high as 500:1, we can see why it’s hard to show a black picture on one.

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Is DCR Good?

Nowadays, DCR is commonly used. Improved contrast improves image quality and creates more sable blacks than the typically available on high-resolution displays.

Often, monitors with dynamic contrast adjustment deliver a more excellent viewing experience. You will notice fewer shadows and better color contrast. As the brightness levels change, it’s easier to see everything on the screen, even in dark spots.

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Even though Dynamic mode isn’t the best for watching movies or other shows on a monitor in a dimly lit room, it can be a great place to start when gaming.

When to Use DCR?

When you look at the game screen with and without DCR, you can see that it is very bright. If you turn the DCR on, the screen’s highlight area gets much darker. This makes the overall color of the image easier to look at. But if DCR is not turned on, the screen will seem too bright.

So we recommend turning it off if you want to play games. But this tip is mostly for games with graphics that are very realistic. If you play games with stylized animation, you can probably leave it on.

When to Enable or Disable DCR for Gaming

Contrast is used by all monitors and televisions to highlight dark scenes or black screen areas. Almost all of them serve whites well, but blacks are treated differently. 

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Low contrast makes blacks and dark areas appear grey. Some people don’t mind, but high contrast is generally preferred to ensure gloomy scene realism. 

In games, you don’t want blacks to appear grey because this will reveal every hidden element. That would be detrimental to the goal of playing a horror game [1]. As previously stated, if you’re tinkering with optimization in mind, it’s best to turn it off. 

This advice, on the other hand, is primarily directed at games with hyper-realistic graphics. 

Advantages of Having a DCR Monitor

Perfect for Gaming

The most important thing for an excellent gaming experience is good graphics. So, if you are a hard-core gamer who used to play games for long periods, using a DCR in your monitor will keep you away from stress caused by poor graphics quality, resolution, and contrast ratio. 

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Sufficient Contrast Ratio

DCR monitors are known for their sharp images and many different contrast ratios. So, all of the graphics are easy for anyone to understand.

Less Eye Strain

With the DCR, you won’t have to worry about eye strain because it can change the screen’s brightness. DCR’s display technology won’t bother you to look at dark images. It improves the quality of the visual display.


DCR monitors are cheap – much lower than the prices of the latest HDR technology. Regardless of where you use it, you can find prices that are easy on your budget.


The DCR technology is becoming more popular as a smart display feature that can decide on its own how to adjust the way pictures are shown. 

So, these screens are, without a doubt, the best for gaming. When you use DCR on a monitor, you will definitely be able to see more detail and have a better visual experience.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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