Common Onn TV Problems + Troubleshooting Tips

onn tv problems

Onn TVs are Walmart’s offering for the budget TV market. Although they are reliable, there might be times that you might encounter problems with your Onn TV. 

Failure to power on, powering off unexpectedly, or connection, sound, and remote control issues are some of the common ones. Our technicians shared all the surefire ways to fix Onn TV problems. 

List of Common Onn TV Issues + Troubleshooting Tips

Problem #1: Onn TV Does Not Turn On

Fix #1: Check the power cable

Make sure your hands are dry. Check if the power cord is properly connected to the wall outlet. 

checking power cable

Fix #2: Check the Remote Control for Damage

If your Onn remote is not working, try powering up the TV with its power button. If it powers on, try changing all your remote batteries with fresh ones.

Fix #3: Plug it Into Another Outlet

Your power source may not be working. Try plugging the TV into another nearby outlet. Try plugging in another appliance to the power source to see if it works.

Fix #4: Reset the TV

First method

For a hard reset, unplug the TV, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and try to power it on again.

pressing power button
Second method

Most Onn TVs have a labeled Reset button. This is usually inside a hole the width of a pen tip. Keep the TV powered on. Press the button within the hole using a toothpick or a pin. Press it down for a few seconds until the TV restarts. 

Problem #2: Onn TV Only Displays a Black Screen

Fix #1: Check the Remote Battery

Try replacing all the batteries of the TV remote with fresh ones. Check if the batteries are aligned to their proper orientation. 

checking remote battery

Fix #2: Use Another Power Outlet

Make sure the voltage output of the outlet matches the voltage requirements of your Onn TV model. Try plugging the TV into another working power source.

Fix #3: Unplug the TV for a Minute

If your TV still shows only a black screen, try unplugging it for a minute.

Fix #4: Unplug and Press the Power Button for 30 Seconds

Please see the “Reset the TV without a remote controller” section above.

plug and power outlet

Fix #5: Check All the Cables

Another way to fix an Onn TV black screen is to check the ends of the signal cables or the HDMI cables if there are loose connections. If the TV screen is still black, you might be looking at a faulty TV power supply or hardware issues. 

Check if your TV is still under warranty with no physical damage, then bring it back to the store you bought it from with all the boxes.

Problem #3: Onn TV Sound Issues

For TV sound problems, try increasing the volume. Make sure the TV is not on mute. Do the same check for Bluetooth or external speakers. If a soundbar is connected to your TV, ensure the audio connections are plugged in correctly. 

checking audio settings

For Bluetooth speakers, ensure the TV and the speaker are paired properly. Try using a different speaker and see if that works.

Problem #4: Onn TV Connection Issues

Check if your smartphone or laptop can connect to your home Wi-Fi to isolate if your Onn Roku TV is the only one disconnected. Try restarting your Wi-Fi router after. Too many connected Wi-Fi devices may affect the signal transmission.

Problem #5: Remote Control Issues

Try replacing the batteries of the Onn TV remote with fresh ones. Check if the batteries are aligned to their proper orientation. 

check battery orientation

Problem #6: Onn TV Keeps Turning Off by Itself

For this, the first thing you should do is to disconnect all external devices. Other devices connected to your TV might disrupt its electronic components. 

Power off your TV first, then disconnect any external device like the soundbar, USB drive [1], or cable box/streaming device. Power on your TV after completing the power cycle.

Also check if sleep mode is activated. The TV’s sleep timers might be on. Go to Home > Settings > System > Time > Sleep timer to cancel the sleep mode. If these didn’t work, follow these fixes below:

Fix #1: Update Your Onn TV

Go to Home > Settings > System > Software updates to manually check if your Onn TV has pending software updates.

check for software update

If the above fixes don’t work, proceed to the section below to attempt a reset on your Onn TV.

Fix #2: Do a Factory Reset

How to Do a Factory Reset on an Onn TV

Go to Home > Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset. You can then choose ‘Reset everything.’ 

You may be asked for a 4-digit code on the screen. Input the numbers, and the Onn TV should reboot and complete the reset.

Problem #7: Onn TV Apps Not Working

Try restarting your TV. If that doesn’t work, the app is most likely incompatible with your TV. Visit the app’s page in Google Play or Apple Store for updates, or consider using another app. 

ONN tv system restart setting

Problem #8: Onn TV Pops Up “No Signal” Error On the Screen

To fix Onn TV signal errors, try restarting your TV first. Check the HDMI connections to see which port the TV box is connected to.  

If your remote has an Input button, press it, then select the correct HDMI port number. Alternatively, if your remote does not have an Input button, you can go to Home > Settings > TV input to select the HDMI port on the screen. 


With a variety of electronics come a variety of problems. To Onn TV users, don’t panic, there is not one without a solution. We hope you find our troubleshooting measures helpful in solving your Onn TV problems. 


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