Making Speaker Wireless — Use a Wireless Speaker Kit, Bluetooth Audio Receiver and More

making speaker wireless

Let’s face it, a wireless setup is not only convenient, but it’s also a cleaner, more desirable setup. Our experts want to make sure you don’t purchase a wireless conversion kit that may not be compatible with your setup, and end up throwing money down the drain. Read on to find out how making speaker wireless can be very simple. 

How to Make Speakers Wireless

If you are short of purchasing an already wireless Bluetooth speaker system, there are a few simple steps to transform wired speakers to wireless technology. There is a way of adding a Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth receiver  to your home theater wired speakers.

With this method, you can pair your devices, send audio from your phone to a device and enjoy the stereo sound you like. A Bluetooth receiver is convenient because it links up to your home Wi-Fi [1] network. 

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You may also have to purchase an external amplifier in that case, unless you have an internal built-in amplifier. Both a Bluetooth receiver or an amplifier can help you make wired speakers wireless. A few other ways to convert wired speakers into a fully wireless unit is with a wireless speaker conversion kit (also known as ‘wireless speaker kits’), use Chromecast or Echo devices, and use speakers with audio wireless systems.

Below, our expert audio team breaks down different ways of making wired speakers wireless.

Use a Wireless Speaker Conversion Kit

First up is using a wireless speaker kit. What a wireless speaker kit does is send signals through RF frequencies. RF stands for radio waves, and is an option to convert wired speakers wireless ones.

The typical wireless speaker kits come with both a transmitter and a wireless receiver. The transmitting unit transfers the signals from media sources to the wireless receiver, which then processes the frequencies and relays them through the correct outputs.

For a wireless speaker kit, you need an amplifier to power the speakers. You can purchase external ones but some kits have their own built-in amplifier option. Our experts say that an external one can pack more power.


When choosing a wireless speaker kit, decide first if you need a passive or active one. A passive speaker needs an external amplifier and an active, or sometimes referred to as ‘powered speakers,’ has its own built-in amplifier. Some would prefer integrating passive speakers with an external amp as it creates more enhanced audio and bass sound. 

Again, if you like more power and louder music, our experts say to go with the passive speaker as an external amplifier can hold more power. Just be aware of the connections your receiver has and to make sure everything is compatible.

The setup shouldn’t take too much time. In general, a wireless speaker kit is used for your wired subwoofer or rear satellite speakers. It’s just a matter of taking steps to set up the receiver and transmitter, then testing it out.

The wireless speaker kits you buy will have an instruction manual, as setup varies from kit to kit. The connection from receiver to transmitter and receiver to audio output will also vary.

Connect Speakers to Chromecast

The other method is to use Google Chromecast. When going from wired speakers to wireless, you need to make sure the stereo sound quality is unchanged.

With Chromecast, your home theater can be set up and linked to Chromecast for Audio or other Echo devices such as Echo Link and Echo Dot without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth streaming capabilities.

This means you can listen and stream your favorite music content with audio signals that are  sent straight to your wired speakers from Google Home or your smartphone. Echo also has other devices that can perform this task such as the Echo Input, and Echo Plus as well. 

Use Speakers With Audio Wireless Systems

You can also choose to integrate your wired speakers into a  wireless audio home theater speaker system. Sonos and Yamaha MusicCast are examples of such wireless sound systems.

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These types of wireless systems can stream and receive audio signals from different sources such as your home network because of the amps.

Aside from working with wireless speakers, these systems also have the traditional inputs needed for a wired connection just in case you want to have a semi wired home system. That way, you can experience the best of both worlds and listen to your music from the wired or wireless systems you want.

Advantages of Turning Wired Speakers into Wireless

With so many people wanting to go wireless for almost everything in the house, is there really an advantage to forgoing the traditional wired speakers and go for the wireless audio setup? That’s what our experts are going to answer.

Of course, we already know the cleaner and hassle-free setup a wireless transmitter and receiver can offer. Wireless speakers connected to a receiver, for instance, is less clutter in your home theater. Having the speaker wire run along the floors can also become a tripping hazard. Small dedicated wireless speaker systems are also much more portable and convenient if you wish to establish a multi-room system. 


When building an outdoor system, a speaker wire that is hidden or rendered obsolete by a wireless setup is the only way to go. That way you won’t have to worry about accidents, splashes or the weather. The only thing is you need to connect the system to a power source.

The installation and overall planning of your multi room space is also much easier with wireless connectivity. You will still get the high quality stereo sound you want but with the benefits of Bluetooth streaming. All it takes is pairing all the devices and making sure the output power is correct. 

If you are renting property, you are less likely to invest in a more permanent stereo system. This is also where a wireless system can come in. Not only is it easy to set up, it’s also easy to break down into individual components and move them when your lease is up.9


Can you make any speaker wireless?

Yes, you can make any speaker wireless with the right tools. The best way to do this is to get wireless speaker conversion kits. You can then stream music without the need for 3.5mm cables or audio accessories. Other ways to make any speaker wireless includes using wireless audio systems and Google Chomecast.

How can I make my satellite speakers wireless?

You can make your satellite speaker wireless by connecting them to your new speaker wireless kit. Your existing speakers will become wireless once you connect the wireless receiver and new wireless transmitter. You will need to check if you have built-in amplifiers or you will need to purchase an external one.

How do I connect wireless speakers?

You can connect your wireless speakers to either a wireless kit, Chromecast, or an audio wireless system. A wired speaker can use Wi-Fi but some use Bluetooth to receive signals from the audio source. You just need to connect the receiver amplifier, and to connect the transmitter to make wireless speaker systems. 

How do I make my rear surround speakers wireless?

You can make your rear surround speaker wireless by connecting to a wireless speaker kit, using wireless audio systems, or taking advantage of Echo devices and Google Chromecast. Once you connect your transmitter, amplifier (if needed), and receivers, you can convert wired speakers to wireless speakers easily.


There are many ways to make wired speakers to wireless ones—either through a wireless speaker conversion kit, another audio wireless system, or with another Bluetooth adapter device.

Making speakers wireless is easy as parts needed are most commonly receivers, an amplifier (if an external one is needed), and a transmitter to connect to a power source. The key is to pay attention to the input and output options to ensure compatibility when you turn your wired speaker stereo system into a wireless option.

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Want to enjoy and stream music with your traditional stereo differently? The Sonos Port and Sonos Connect streaming devices can elevate music enjoyment easily. Read on next! 


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