Klipsch R-12SW Review (2023) — Is this Powered Subwoofer Worth the Purchase?

With the bottomless selections of powered subwoofers in the market, finding a budget-friendly option with outstanding performance could be a tough milestone to achieve. To solve this ongoing dilemma, our audio enthusiasts decided to create a Klipsch R-12SW review and conduct a series of sound tests and feature evaluations to see if its value is worth your money and time.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


One of the first features you’ll notice when you shop for subwoofers is its exterior design, which is why our audio enthusiasts took it into their own hands to examine this matter. Upon taking a closer look at the Klipsch R-12SW subwoofer, there’s no denying that its distinct copper spun exterior gives the sub a minimalistic feel. It could definitely blend with any home theater set-up. 

This line of copper cone woofer from Klipsch comes in 10 and 12-inch models with space-saving features that allow flexible placement next to your existing sound system. On top of that, these low-frequency speakers have a box kit with user manuals for reference, warranty sheets, and a cloth grille cover. 

We highly commend the company for including a great cloth grille cover in its offered package as this helps the speaker to be completely covered and reduce damages when stored in a cabinet or any enclosed area when not being used. 

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Klipsch R-12SW Features


In this Klipsch R-12SW review, rest assured that our speaker specialists will cover every bit of major features integrated into this popular subwoofer brand — and that includes the amount of power it provides. 

These ten and 12-inch subwoofer models have 200W RMS and 400W dynamic power enabling your speakers to produce deep sounds that enhance your experience when listening to music or any digital media incorporated with solid tunes. 

While considering the power that this subwoofer kit provides, rest assured that its listening performance highly matches any home theater setup you’ll choose to connect it with.

Frequency Response

When shopping for subwoofers, the star of your search must focus on the speaker’s audio frequency response. These ten and 12-inch copper woofers have the ability to reach very low waves ranging from 29Hz to 120Hz without any distortion.

These copper speakers are also integrated with RCA audio inputs, which is a strong reference for its doubled left and LFE input. 

Low Pass Crossover and Phase Control

Another feature that makes this woofer stand out is its phase switch that can be set to 180-degrees and reverses the audio response of the device as opposed to other speakers in the system. 

As if that’s not enough to prove the worth of your money, this subwoofer also boasts a low-pass filter knob. Through this cone woofer feature, the user will have the ability to increase the cut-off of frequencies from 120Hz to 40Hz. 


While some subwoofer brands need external amplifiers to operate, this copper spun woofer has its own built-in digital amplifier that produces enough power to hook the listeners with clear and tight deep sounds across the audio spectrum. 

Sound Quality and Bass

With the Klipsch R-12SW‘s built-in amplifiers, achieving the deep energy output can be easier as it eventually lessens the produced distortions even when the media is played at a higher volume than usual. In addition to that, the resonance it gives off is clean, accurate, and smooth. 


As previously mentioned, this subwoofer model has adjustable components like phase switches that allow the device to navigate from the lower to higher tone spectrum easily. However, its offered features highly lean on home theater usage rather than music purposes.

Setup and Placement

If you’re a new user, you should know that these types of speakers have both line connectors that can be aligned with your existing setup. In addition, this subwoofer has the typical energy requirements, so it most definitely won’t give you a hard time. 

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As for the location, this brand has a front-firing driver that gives you the freedom to place it anywhere in the room. However, it’s still attached with cable wires, so our specialists suggest placing it where outlets can be reached. 

Connectivity: Klipsch R-12SW

The minor downside of this woofer model is that it doesn’t have its own wireless connection, which is necessary for many modern homes nowadays. However, it includes a WA-2 port where you can connect a separately purchased wireless kit to achieve these functions.   

Price and Warranty

Although it’s a common misconception that the range of pricing determines the performance and quality of a product [1], this high-end subwoofer is surprisingly the crossover of budget-friendly price and outstanding performance. 

Besides the price, the company also offers a five-year warranty to their customers for each subwoofer purchased. However, we suggest buying from their authorized dealer to enjoy leveraging these perks. 


Is Klipsch R-12SW wireless?

No, Klipsch R-12SW is not wireless. However, although it doesn’t come with any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity settings, this copper woofer is integrated with a notable WA-2 port in its back panel. Through this, users can easily connect purchased kits from the same manufacturer and achieve the desired connectivity functions.

Klipsch R-12SW Review Conclusion

Upon reading these Klipsch R-12SW reviews, you probably already made up your mind about purchasing this product or not. Despite this brand’s lack of connectivity functions, our team of experts assures you that its offered versatility and performance could add more value to your home theater experience. After all, subwoofers are all about enhancement and control. 

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