What is the Best Powered Subwoofer? — Our Ultimate Picks for Awesome Bass (2023)

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Hooking up your home theater system with the best powered subwoofer requires more effort than you’d think. Despite the countless choices in the market, it’s not like you can easily predict if a certain product will suit your current audio setup. So to ease your shopping experience, let our audio specialists introduce you to some of our top picks.

Premium Option
SVS SB-3000
Editor's Choice
Klipsch SPL-150SW
Best Budget
Polk Audio PSW10

Reviews of the Best Powered Subwoofers


Klipsch SPL-150SW

Coming from the line of best powered subwoofers, it’s no wonder why our resident audiophiles chose to include Klipsch SPL-150SW in this list. If you’re in search of a resounding and explosive woofer to add extra bass power to your home theater system, then this 15-inch Spun Copper option is a great choice. 

Equipped with a highly efficient built-in digital amplifier, we’re impressed with its analog preamp design that produces maximum output and enough frequency power. During one of our sound tests, we also noticed clear audio and less distortion owing to its minimal amplifier power usage.  

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SVS SB-3000

Another heavy-duty option you can purchase for audio set-up is SVS SB-3000. This top-rated and premium subwoofer has a compact size considering its heart-thumping sound performance. 

This sophisticated SVS model runs through a DSP amplifier with 800 watts RMS and 2,500+ watts peak power. We are delighted upon running a soundcheck, as its advanced digital processor reproduced a clean and optimal frequency response. 

As if that isn’t enticing enough, did you know that you can also control this high-end subwoofer via SB-3000 Mobile App? It can be easily optimized in a few presets and connects via Bluetooth. 

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Polk Audio PSW10

Contrary to common misconception, higher prices don’t always equate to superior quality [1]. The statement could be proven true by Polk Audio PSW10 configured with a directed port that supplies added bass punch and depth to any playable media. 

Our sound engineers find this woofer quite pleasing as it blends flawlessly with other speakers in the system without traces of distortions. It’s less pricey compared to other brands, which any budding audiophile could afford. 

Despite its lower costs, PSW10 consists of premium driver materials that are not only durable but guaranteed to accompany your audio journey for a long time. 

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Powered Subwoofers Buyer’s Guide

Sound Quality and Bass

The purpose of your subwoofer is to enhance the bass power of your speakers, so it’s only natural that it’s one of the initial features you consider. Most speakers don’t go lower than 50Hz, so if you’re going to purchase a sub, we suggest checking the range of bass tones first. 


When talking about subwoofers, audiophiles like us know it involves dealing with low frequencies. Our hearing spectrum doesn’t easily adapt to deep tones, all the more that it has to play louder. There are horn-loaded media resources that can’t be enjoyed to the fullest if integrated with inaccurate frequency features. 

Power Rating

Producing low frequencies requires power to provide air movement, which is why your subwoofer needs a specific amount of energy to operate accurately. 

There’s no definite answer to how much power rating you’ll need, but remember this: higher amp wattage equals more heart-thumping sound performance. 


Who makes the best powered subwoofer?

The companies that make the best powered subwoofer are Klipsch and SVS. These two audio equipment giants have been leading the industry for quite a long time. Both companies offer a vast line of home theater technologies and extensive industry experience.

Our Top Pick For a Powered Subwoofer: Klipsch SPL-150SW

There are considerations to pick the best subwoofer out of three option. However, our sound experts decided to hail Klipsch SPL-150SW as the victor of these evaluations. Its pricing and heavy-duty features, perfect for new audiophiles, contribute heavily to this verdict, not to mention its scratch-resistant exterior and minimal amplifier power usage. 


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