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DJs know all about sound, which is why a lackluster subwoofer just won’t cut it. You won’t experience your music or fill the venue with a primary home theater sub. Follow our experts’ advice as they have tested all the best DJ subwoofers on the market today to narrow down your choices. 

Premium Option
Editor’s Choice
Sound Town METIS 12SPW
Budget Option
Rockville SBG1128

Reviews of the Best DJ Subwoofers


Sound Town METIS 12SPW

The peak power offered by the Sound Town Metis 12SPW is at 1400 watts, enough to produce clean and tight bass in almost any venue. The subwoofer is easy to set up and comes with various connections to make hooking up easier. 

The subwoofer is considered small and compact for its power rating and has a very sturdy construction. The cabinet is made out of plywood and can handle massive power while reducing resonance and vibrations. 

The larger voice coil in the 12SPW gives the subwoofer more control over the cone, which also delivers more controlled bass sounds.

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The Proreck PR18 is an excellent subwoofer for crystal clear bass in any venue. The power rating is at 2000 watts, which is quite impressive for a subwoofer of this size. Not only is the DJ subwoofer suitable for parties, but it’s also a great addition to your home theater.

The housing is made of plywood, which makes the subwoofer distortion-free and reduces vibrations and resonance. The subwoofer is a powered model with a class D amplifier built-in. The PR18 is compact, and the size makes mobility easier. 

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Rockville SBG1128

The pro DJ subwoofer Rockville SBG1128 delivers 600 watts at peak. Our sound team recommends purchasing dual subs if you want more bumps. The 2.5-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coil can withstand the heat for longer playing time and less maintenance.

The MDF cabinet is sturdy and solid while reducing resonance and distortion. The side of the cabinet features recessed handles for carrying the small sub around. Add the ported enclosure design, and you will get harder-hitting bass behind the molded steel grille. 

The aviation-grade carpet and rubber feet will also protect the sub’s surroundings.

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Earthquake Sound DJ-Quake P12

With a name like Earthquake Sound, you shouldn’t be surprised that it is one of the best DJ subwoofers on our list. The small sub has a 1000-watt peak and 500 RMS, which is more powerful than other subwoofers of its size.

The Earthquake Sound DJ-Quake P12 subwoofer allows connection to a secondary unit for boosted bass. The polyurethane cabinet also features handles for portability. The subwoofer is only 38 pounds, which is why it’s such an excellent choice for a DJ constantly on the go.

The lightweight sub also fits onto most subwoofer stands for those looking to elevate their unit.

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DJ Subwoofers Buyer’s Guide

Power and Volume

Depending on your venue, you may want a louder sub, but our audio team advises buyers to look at the RMS power rating and not just the peak power.

Sound Quality

The bass frequency range is what gives you the low tones. Our audio engineers say anything that reaches down between 20 to 30 Hz is suitable.


You must make sure the enclosure is solid and reduces resonance, vibrations, and distortions. We recommend MDF [1] cabinets for a sturdy build. 

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Which subwoofer is best for DJ?

The Sound Town Metis 12SPW is the best subwoofer for a DJ. You have your choice of various sizes with either a class AB or class D amplifier built-in. The small sub is powerful and easy to move around, thanks to the built-in handles and the lightweight body.

Our Top Pick For a DJ Subwoofer:
Sound Town Metis 12SPW

Our sound experts have chosen the Sound Town Metis 12SPW for the best DJ subwoofer. The small unit has its amplifier built-in, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility. The device is lightweight and can quickly integrate with your other components with multiple connection options and top-quality components. 

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