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An Android Auto car stereo will have the ability to mirror your Android OS system and give you access to apps and other functions. However, how seamless is the operation and will it work well with your car? Our automotive and media team have come together to help you find the best android car stereos on the market.

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Sony XAV-AX5000
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The Jensen J1CA9 has a very large 9-inch screen that will maximize the small icons on your phone screen with Android Auto. The graphics and images are high resolution on this Android Auto head unit and it also features a Bluetooth connection. 

The J1CA9 head unit is a single din design with front and rear USB inputs, preamp outputs and 8 EQ settings. The unit also allows for hands-free control and comes with a 1-year warranty. The sound quality from this head unit is also superior to other Android Auto head units and will allow you to concentrate on the road while giving commands. 

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Sony XAV-AX5000

The Sony XAV-AX5000 also boasts a capacitive touchscreen with excellent audio quality for music lovers. The device works with Android Auto and Apple Carplay and there is even a quick-key access panel. The panel features a few icons you can set as shortcuts so controlling the Android head unit is easier than ever.

There is more than one USB port on the XAV-AX5000, which makes connecting the device to your Android phone much simpler. The intuitive Android Auto connectivity device also offers audio level adjustments and is Sirius XM radio-ready. 

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The ATOTO S8 Second-Generation Android Auto Car Stereo is proof that good things can come in budget packages. The Android car stereo is full of features that will put many other head units to shame. 

The S8 Gen2 has a built-in DSP to play tunes to your liking and elevate your car audio. You can also enjoy the conveniences of built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming, a large 7-inch display screen, GPS navigation [1], phone mirroring, and much more.

Google Play Music and Google Maps are also easily accessible. Plus, the controls make phone calls and playing audio easier.

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Another one of the best Android car stereos we put to the test is the SCUMAXCON RD360 PROII. This Android stereo works with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Get access to Google Maps, Apple Maps, your contacts, phone functions as well as navigation. Although the device does not feature an AUX connection, it’s still very easy to use as your infotainment system with other external media devices.

There is also Bluetooth present in the device and you can use the radio feature as well. The unit also supports rearview cameras and can enlarge the picture onto the large 6.5-inch screen. This model ticks all the boxes that help remove blind spots. 

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Android Car Stereos Buyer’s Guide


The best Android car stereo system should have a large screen that won’t require you to squint to read the info. After all, it’s supposed to be an upgrade to using your phone. Our auto team says the best car stereos will have at least a 6.5-inch screen that displays all the icons clearly and vividly. You should be able to see the steering wheel controls, satellite radio functions, and other details very clearly on the head unit.

While a larger screen may seem better, our automotive and media experts remind you that it will also take up more space. In larger vehicles, it would make more sense to splurge on a head unit with a big screen. Luckily, our team members have also included units with a smaller 6.5-inch screen to suit a more compact dash.


Your Android Auto head unit should be able to mirror your smartphone screen, which means the interface will be the same. Since the interface is identical to the Android OS you’re used to, the controls will be very intuitive.

Your Android Auto head unit may have features such as HD radio, satellite radio, have a built-in GPS receiver, and a CD player among other things. Our media experts say it is your job to identify which ones you use the most and set them on the quick-access panel. This will make it easier for you to gain access to the most-used apps.

Single vs Double Din

There are two types of car stereo head units, and they are the single VS double din. This refers to the head sizes. A single din is smaller than a double din, and it usually measures at 2×8 inches while the double din opening is 4×8. Single dins are head units with one slot while double dins have two.

There isn’t much flexibility given to users to choose the din, because it’s the room you have in your car. Double dins are more versatile, but single dins can work just as well with your wired or wireless Android Auto head unit.


What type of connections does your head unit offer? There are wireless Android Auto head unit devices that feature wireless Bluetooth, which is great for cableless connection and streaming. The best units can offer multiple types of connections that are both wired and wireless. 

Other common connections include a single USB input, but sometimes you can find models with two, and the Sony model is an excellent example of one. Our auto professionals say dual camera inputs will give you more flexibility and options when it comes to connection. If you have two camera inputs, you can view the images from your rear and front cameras.

The connectivity for your head unit is crucial for installation, although our team members suggest enlisting the help of professionals. You wouldn’t want to compromise other functions in your car, such as the airbags and other systems just because you moved the factory head unit. 

For those who have older vehicles, the installation process can be even more complicated, and it can take up a lot of space. If you want to maintain the streamlined look of your factory dashboard, maybe just mounting your phone to it would be enough. 

Radio and GPS

Two very important features a lot of people look for in an Android head unit are the radio and GPS functions. Do you want satellite radio, HD radio, or both? Built-in GPS functions will add another layer of navigation ease to your head unit. Our team members also remind you to consider easy access to the map function, which GPS systems rely on.

Our Top Pick For an Android Car Stereo:

Our auto and media teams have landed on the JENSEN J1CA9 as the best Android car stereo head unit you can get on the market. It’s a wireless Android Auto device with upgraded Bluetooth technology. The cableless connection will be more reliable and stable. Of course, users also get access to Android’s intuitive voice controls instead of having to use the 9-inch touchscreen when driving.

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