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A 2000w amp is great for a power boost, but will you really get what’s advertised and the sounds you crave? The only way to be sure is to test the products, but our audio experts have already done that for you. Below are our top picks for the best 2000-watt amps that won’t be a waste of your hard-earned cash. 

Premium Pick
Rockville Krypton-M5
Editor's Choice
CT Sounds CT-2000.1D
Budget Option
BOSS Audio AR2000M

Reviews of the Top 2000-Watt Amps


CT Sounds CT-2000.1D

The CT Sounds amplifier has a very small and compact profile that makes it nice to find a cozy spot for it within your car audio system. The bass knob is included, which is a perk that many users, including our sound engineers appreciate.

The type D car amplifier is known for its efficiency, and it was engineered to work well with your vehicle system. The MOSFET power supply and heat dissipation abilities will make sure your amp runs cool even with the most demanding performance. 

To give an additional layer of protection, the CT Sounds CT-2000.1D is also endowed with 4-way protection circuitry.




Rockville Krypton-M5

If having a power output certificate is important, then the Rockville Krypton-M5 is a great option. It has a Dyno-certified 2000-watt RMS output rating, which is guaranteed to meet your expectations. With less than 1% total harmonic distortion, you can imagine what this car amplifier can bring to the table.

It has an LED indicator on the front panel that will notify users of its status. There is also  a bass remote that has a clip indicator and a fully adjustable 12dB octave crossover. Rockville takes adjustability to a whole new level with the implementation of a bass equalizer. 




Boss Audio AR2000M

The Boss Audio Systems AR2000M 2000-watt car amp has a max power output of 2000 watts and is 2 ohm stable. The MOSFET power supply ensures optimal performance at any power level. There is only 0.01% THD, which is not easily detectable by human ears and the high 105 dB signal to noise ratio only improves the amplifier’s performance.

The Boss Audio AR2000M comes with everything you need to get it installed into car audio systems with 8 and 18-gauge cables. Connection is easy with high and low level inputs, a line level output and a low pass crossover.




Hifonics BXX2000.1D

For subwoofer amplification, the Hifonics BXX2000.1D car audio amp is one of the best. The super type D topology makes the 2000-watt car amplifier super efficient and runs cool even after long hours. There is also a variable low pass crossover, bass boost and subsonic filter for better sound quality.

The onboard electronic equalizer will give users more control over the settings on the mono-channel amplifier and the classic aluminum heat sink will greatly decrease high-temperature buildups during operation.

Even the most demanding music will not take a toll on the MOSFET power and high-performing circuitry on the BXXX2000.1D.




Audiopipe APCL2004

The Audiopipe APCL2004 is a 4-channel audio amplifier that can be played at a higher output for longer, thanks to the finest heat dissipation features. The RMS rating at 2 ohms and 4 ohms will differ, but you are still getting an amp that can boost your car speaker system with a whole lot of power.

There is both a built-in low pass and high pass crossover and low and high pass filters. The 15 dB bass boost and adequate signal to noise ratio of 95dB is what makes this one of the best 2000-watt amps. 

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2000-Watt Amp Buyer’s Guide


Just because a 2000w amplifier is advertised as so, it doesn’t mean that’s how much power you are guaranteed to get. 2000-watt car amplifiers could deliver 2000 w at peak or RMS. Ones that can give that much power at RMS are the louder ones at peak and can handle the 2000w output for longer.

The peak power of an amplifier is the wattage at the height of its performance, but it’s only recommended in short periods. If you pump your amp at peak over a long time, you could risk damaging your system.

Our experts suggest asking yourself if you need 2000 W sometimes or all the time. If the answer is sometimes, then an amp that can hit that figure at peak is enough. If you need a 2000-watt output all the time, then make sure your 2000-watt amplifiers has a 2000 RMS rating.

Impedance and Sensitivity

The impedance rating of an amp or speakers refers to the resistance the unit has to the electrical current. In general, our audio team says the lower the impedance, which is measured in ohms, the better. 

Like with speakers, the sensitivity rating is how loud your amps are with 1 watt of power. This rating is measured in dB (decibels) [1], and the higher the number the better. Our audiophiles suggest going for at least a 90dB, but the amps with sensitivity ratings over 100 are the best.


Then comes the number of channels you need to consider in your amps. To put it simply, our sonic experts say to match the number of speakers you wish to power to the channels in your amps.

A single channel amp, or a mono/monoblock amp, only has one channel, which means it cannot connect to two or more speakers. Usually, our team uses mono amps to give subwoofers extra power.

There are exceptions to the number of channels correlating to the number of speakers. If you get a bridgeable amp, then it increases the unit’s versatility within your sound system. 

A 4-channel amp could allow you to combine two channels into one for even more power. This action is referred to as “bridging”. Not all amps can be bridged, so look through the list of features to make sure the amplifier you are considering can.

Amplifier Class

The amplifier class has a huge impact on its performance. The two most common car amp classes are AB and D. Type Ds have become the standard, because they are the most efficient and they run cool. However, they leave something to be desired when it comes to the sound. It’s for this very reason that our audio engineers recommend class Ds more for subwoofers.

The class AB amplifiers are a hybrid of class As and Bs and are used in home theaters and car systems. It has a superior audio output capability, one that surpasses class D amps, but it can run hotter. Because of the class B incorporation into the AB, it does help this type of amp operate a bit more efficiently than just class As.


The best 2000-watt amps will have oxygen-free copper wiring. Some car amps will come with the wiring kit, while others require you to purchase it separately. If you need to look elsewhere for the wiring, our experts recommend making sure it is OFC.


Class AB amps are usually larger than class Ds, so the type you choose may impact the profile. A big factor is how much room you have in your car. You will need the amp to fit under the seat or wherever you decide without taking up too much room. Luckily, our experts have included models such as the CT sounds amp that is excellent for space saving.

Additional Features

Other additional features our audio team recommends includes a remote subwoofer control, and protection circuitry in your 2000w amplifier. Protection circuitry will promise a durable and reliable system that operates for as long as possible.

A remote control will add to the ease of use as will other adjustable qualities such as an onboard EQ, variable bass boost and filters. If you are someone who wants to have more control over the sound quality, then our engineers recommend looking for these audio features.


Amplifiers can cost a lot, but our team chose ones within a decent price range that is accessible for most. A 2000w car amp will usually cost around 200 to 300 for a decent unit. For something that your entire system will depend on, we recommend going for the best option within your budget. 

Trying to save money and purchasing a low-quality amp will only lead to more costs down the line when the unit needs replacing or fixing. 


How loud is a 2000 watt amp?

A 2000-watt amplifier can usually output 90dB per one watt. This is also known as the sensitivity rating, and we would recommend looking for 100 dB or more for the best sound. 95dB is an average standard with some models that can offer 105dB or more. 

What do I need to power a 2000 watt amp?

You will need a 165A alternator within the vehicle to power a 2000 watt amplifier. With each 2000 watts of RMS power you add, your battery will need an additional 100aH, which stands for amp hours. A 2000W RMS amp will need around 240 amps on its own. 

Our Top Pick For a 2000-Watt Amp:
CT Sounds CT-2000.1D

Our choice for the best 2000-watt amp is the CT-2000.1D from CT Sounds. It has a small footprint that is very deceiving, considering the amount of power the amp can generate. The 4-way protection circuitry will make sure your investment is a long-lasting one that is further supported by the MOSFET pulse with modulated power supply.


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