Amazon Fire TV 50” Omni Series Review (2021)
The Best Yet of Amazon TVs

Amazon has really reached into every aspect of our lives and addressed our needs. The Fire TV has come to life with a 50-inch screen and 4K. Does it live up to all the hype, or is it much of the same compared to other models within the same price range? Check our media team’s review to find out.




On the surface, the Amazon Fire TV from the Omni series doesn’t look particularly eye-catching, but what it hides under the surface is what our media team was looking for.

It comes with a few screen sizes, but the 50-inch is the best between sound and visuals and fits well into most spaces. It’s a thin flatscreen and comes with the TV legs for placement, screws, batteries, the power cord, and a Fire TV Alexa voice remote. 

At 20 pounds, the TV isn’t too difficult to set up and it features a black plastic front finish, which is similar to TVs around its price range and below. 

Amazon Fire TV 50” Omni Series Features

Image Quality and Resolution

Our team’s separate Amazon Fire TV 50” Omni series reviews found that the TV did support what it claims to, which is HDR10, 4K UHD, HLG, and Dolby Vision [1]. The images were brighter, and of course, much clearer than the standard Full HD 1080p.

Dolby Vision support is available for the larger sizes.

(To understand TV resolution more, you can check the difference between 720p vs. 1080p 32-inch TV here

Audio Quality

As for audio quality, the device supports Dolby encoded audio, such as Dolby Digital Plus, but if you desire better and more immersive sound that transcends factory speakers, you can connect external devices.

The Omni Series allows you to wirelessly pair with Echo devices or you can choose to use the eARC for other speakers.

Smart Features and Interface

The interface is easy to use and you can easily navigate around the smart features and apps with the Fire TV Alexa remote. The TV is embedded with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ just to name a few, so you can stream millions of movies and TV shows.

Alexa is present with more features and skills than ever, and the TV is also compatible with your smart home system.

Voice Assistance

Our media experts loved that Alexa was at their beck and call. You are now able to ask her to turn on the TV, find content, and launch programs all without the need for a remote. It’s Amazon’s first attempt at integrating Alexa directly into one of their TVs, and our visual team believes it was a success.

You can also access 2-way calling with Alexa Communications, but you will need to purchase a webcam for the feature. 

Microphone and Privacy Protection

The built-in microphone has enhanced sensitivity to pick up your voice easier. Don’t worry about the mic picking up private conversations in your home. Amazon has incorporated privacy protection so you have the option of turning off the mics electronically.

Connectivity Options

There are tons of ports to hook up to external devices. You will find 3 onboard HDMI inputs and an eARC. You can also make use of the ethernet port and USB port as well.

Price and Warranty

For all these features, the price for the 50-inch Amazon Fire TV Omni Series is only around 500. Of course, the larger you get the prices also increase, but for a 50-inch TV, our media team believes it is well worth the price.

Your purchase is protected by a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day Amazon Device return policy. 

Review Conclusion: Amazon Fire TV 50” Omni Series

Our media team had a great time with this Amazon Fire TV 50” Omni Series review, and was impressed by the new and improved features, Alexa’s integration, and of course, the image quality and resolution. You can now do more than ever before with your TV, and all for a reasonable price.

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Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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