Solved Issue: Youtube Not Working on Roku

youtube not working on roku

If you have seen an error message when you try to open your Youtube TV app like “Can’t run channel,” there’s no need to be alarmed. This is a common issue encountered by Roku users which can be solved in a few minutes. 

This article will guide you through several solutions you can try to get Youtube working on Roku again.

Youtube Not Working on Roku Device: Tried & Tested Fixes

Fix #1: Check Youtube Servers

Although this doesn’t happen often anymore, you might want to check if Youtube isn’t just down on your Smart TV. If Youtube is not working on your laptop or your phone either, then you’ll simply have to wait before the servers are running again.

Fix #2: Check Your WiFi

Before doing any tinkering with your Roku device, check if your internet connection is working or not. If you can’t connect to it from any device you own, the problem lies with your WiFi.

black router

If it isn’t working, you can restart your router by unplugging it then plugging it again.

If it still doesn’t work, consider moving your router closer to your TV and Roku device. It’s possible that walls or solid objects are currently blocking your WiFi signal. When this happens, you need to position your router such that no solid object interferes with the signal.

You can also check if your network speed is the issue by doing a speed test online. If that doesn’t work, call your internet service provider so they can help you out.

Fix #3: Reset Network Connection

To potentially fix Youtube and get it working again, you can reset Roku’s internet connection so it can connect to your wireless network without a problem. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Home Button on your remote and open Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced System Settings.
  3. Select the Network Connection Reset button.
  4. Wait for a few minutes to finish then reconnect Roku to your WiFi.
woman holding remote control and popcorn

After that, you can check if your issue has been resolved or not.

Fix #4: Restart Roku

Soft Restart

To get the Youtube TV app working again, you can restart your Roku device. This will usually fix most problems without doing anything drastic.

First, you need to go to Settings. Click on Settings System then select System Restart.

If you can’t access the Settings page, do this instead:

  1. Press the Home button 5 times.
  2. Press the Up Arrow button, then the Rewind button, then the Fast Forward button.
lady holding roku tv remote

After it restarts, you can check if the app is working fine or not.

Hard Reboot

If you still can’t access the app after doing a soft restart, you can try doing a hard reboot to your Roku device to fix the problem. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Power off your TV.
  2. Unplug Roku from the TV.
  3. Unplug your TV from its socket.
  4. Do this for a few minutes before replugging both devices.
  5. Check if the Youtube TV app is working on Roku or not.

Fix #5: Update Roku Software

Roku devices need to go through software updates like other devices to work properly. Roku users can check if their streaming device is in need of an update by following these steps:

hand holding a remote
  1. Go to Settings and navigate to System.
  2. Choose System Update and press on Check Now to manually check for new updates.
  3. If there is a pending update, install the latest version immediately.

Doing this quick update usually solves Youtube not working on Roku issue for many users.

Fix #6: Re-Install Youtube App

If your Youtube app does not allow you to watch videos, re-installing Youtube on Roku TV might fix the issue. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the Youtube app on your Roku Home screen.
  2. Press the * button on your remote and select the Remove Channel option.
  3. Turn off Roku and turn it on again.
  4. Go to the Streaming Channels tab and reinstall Youtube.

After that, you should be able to find Youtube on your home screen again. 

Roku tv remote

Do note that it is important you only delete the Youtube app channel and not the Youtube TV app if you have it.

Fix #7: Factory Reset Roku

If nothing works, factory resetting your Roku device might get the app working correctly again.

First, you need to go to the Advanced System Settings of Roku. You’ll then have to select the Factory Reset option and wait for it to complete the process.

Once it’s done, you can install Youtube again and this solution should be able to fix the issue.

Roku vs. Youtube

In April 2021, the contract negotiations between Youtube and Roku broke down, causing the Youtube TV channel to be pulled from Roku’s store [1].

roku tv remote

If you downloaded the Youtube TV app before April 2021, then you should still be able to access the app. If not, then you won’t be able to access Youtube TV.

Don’t fret! Youtube made it possible for Youtube users to access the Youtube TV app via the Roku platform through a workaround they created. All you need to do is open the Youtube app, open the sidebar, and you should be able to access the Youtube TV app from there.

Other Options to Try

If you’ve done everything on the list but you still can’t watch any videos on your Youtube TV app through your Roku TV, here are a few workarounds for Youtube not working on Roku.

#1: Cast Your Phone on the TV

You can always try casting Youtube TV on your TV through the Roku remote. It doesn’t fix the problem, but if you really want to watch that Youtube documentary series, then it’ll have to do for now.

#2: Lower Video Streaming Quality

If you can open your Youtube TV app but find yourself stuck waiting for the video to load, try lowering the video quality.

TCL 75S425 HDR Smart Roku TV

You can also try using the “Auto Detect” feature so Youtube can decide which resolution is best for your network connection speed.

Your network connection might not be the strongest, causing the WiFi to work poorly with your video’s chosen resolution.


If you want to fix Youtube on Roku, there are several solutions you can do to sort out issues related to Youtube not working on Roku. With this guide, our technical team hopes that you can get back to watching your favorite show or series in no time.

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