Why Does My Firestick Keep Restarting? + 10 Surefire Ways to Fix It

why does my firestick keep restarting

Amazon Firesticks allow you to stream content over Wi-Fi. Like any other electronic device, it’s impossible not to experience some issues, such as frequent restarting. If you are experiencing this, you may be looking for solutions to stop it.

Your Firestick keeps restarting due to hardware issues, power supply, or a cable malfunction. Here, our experts explain ten surefire ways to fix the problem.

Reasons Why Your Firestick Keep Restarting

Your Fire TV Stick keeps restarting due to poor and damaged cables, improper connection, inadequate power supply, or hardware/software glitches. The reasons could go beyond these, but the good news is you can fix those problems using our engineer’s tweaks.

firestick and remote

If you encounter any problem, there’s no need to panic. At least, not until after you follow the steps enumerated in this post.

How to Fix a Firestick That Keeps Restarting

Let’s get started with how to solve this problem of a frequent restart.

Fix #1: Inspect for Damage

To answer your question, “why does my Firestick keep restarting?” you need to inspect what the damage could be first. Without doing this, you won’t know how to approach the issue. Checking for damage is the first step here.

Fix #2: Try Plugging the Adapter Directly into the Socket

USB ports don’t provide enough power for your Firestick to function normally. The same goes for extensions. Extensions and USBs can cause some power issues. 

connecting firestick to a soundbar

If the gadget is malfunctioning, and it’s connected to your television via USB and power extensions, try plugging the adapter directly into the socket instead if possible. 

Fix #3: Try a 2-Amp Power Adapter

Most Firesticks, especially the original ones, come with a 1-amp power adapter out-of-the-box. This adapter may cause some issues, such as frequent restarts. Most times, this problem can be solved by switching the adapter to a 2-amp one. 

Fix #4: Disconnect Other Devices Connected to Your TV’s HDMI Ports

Modern TVs come with multiple HDMI ports to enable you to connect several devices. Sometimes, attaching two or more devices simultaneously to your TV could reduce the quantity of power going into the connected gadgets, including the Firestick.

holding a usb cable

Our technical experts mentioned earlier that insufficient power could cause the Firestick to restart frequently. So for this fix, try disconnecting other connected devices to see if your Firestick can operate normally.

Fix #5: Deactivate HDMI CEC

Most TVs arrive with the HDMI CEC functionality, which allows you to control devices connected to the TV via HDMI ports with a single remote. Sometimes, gadgets have their way of interacting with this function, which could make them misbehave. Our team suggests you deactivate it for the time being.

To do that, go to “Settings > Display and Sound > HDMI CEC.” Deactivate the feature. 

Fix #6: Update Your Firestick Software

Amazon Firesticks run on software. Therefore, expect them to have a bug. Outdated firmware can cause your gadget to reboot, but a simple update can resolve the issue. Updating the Stick’s firmware can fix most faults, not just the frequent restart. 

Controlling a TV with a Fire TV Stick or Firestick

To update the firmware, locate “Settings” on the Firestick TV, scroll to “About” and select “Check for System Update.” If there’s a new firmware version, kindly update.

Fix #7: Try Using Another Firestick

Sometimes, your Firestick could be incapacitated and beyond repairs. Therefore, you should try using another one. If you keep experiencing issues, the fault could come from the power and not the hardware. 

Fix #8: Delete Cache

A cache is simply temporary storage of files and data. Clearing the cache can free up some memory and performance space. 

clear cache setting on a firestick

To do this, go to “Settings > Applications.” Select “Manage Installed Applications.” A list of apps will be displayed. Select each app to clear the cache.

Fix #9: Delete Unnecessary Apps

You may have to do away with some apps installed on your Firestick. Too many installed apps eat the device’s memory, causing the system to load more slowly. Removing extra applications can fix the issue of rebooting.

To delete applications, go to “Settings.” Click on “Applications > Manage Installed Applications.” Choose the app you want to remove and select “Uninstall.”

Fix #10: Do a Factory Reset

A simple factory reset could be the solution to your Firestick problems. When you have tried other options and the issue lingers, you should format or perform a factory reset [1]

resetting firestick

The best way to perform a factory reset is to follow this method. Navigate to “Settings” and select. Click “My Fire TV” and choose “Factory Reset.” Note that all your downloaded apps will be lost once this process is completed.


It can be nuisance to see your Firestick restart abruptly, especially when watching some of your favorite TV shows or movies. This post by our technical team has explained some solutions to fix your Firestick when it starts rebooting. We hope this article has answered your question, “why does my Firestick keep restarting?” and provided ample solutions to this dilemma.


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