Where to Put a TV in a Bedroom: Best Placement Options and Ideas

TVs have become an integral part of every home. And, of course, one of the ideal places to display them is in the bedroom. Since there are different room sizes and layouts, deciding where to put a TV in the bedroom is challenging. 

If you’re wondering where your entertainment device should be, our interior designers have put together the best placement ideas. So sit back and relax, we’ve got lots of suggestions for you!

where to put a tv in the bedroom

Top Considerations to Know

Area of Your Room

You must consider the available space in your room, depending on your desired TV size. Some areas are too small to put a television or cluttered to have a television in place. 

So, we suggest picking a few spots and taking measurements to see if that place is ideal. 

Style and Comfort

Comfort is an essential aspect to consider in placing a bedroom TV. For example, if you’re a person who likes to watch TV in bed, then placing it in a way that it faces you directly goes without saying. 

cozy bedroom

But, if you don’t mind sitting in a certain position while watching television, that’s fine. As long as the place your wall-mounted TV is placed does not make it uncomfortable and difficult for you to enjoy. 

Besides being comfortable, you also need to consider your TV style. Having the right placement and the TV’s overall look are two of the most important factors you should consider when making your room look great.

10 Places to Install a TV in Your Room

#1: Above the Dresser

The best place to put a TV, if you’re not a fan of wall mounting, is above your dresser. 

Since this type of furniture is sturdy and wide, it gives enough space to serve as a television stand. Usually, a dresser is placed next to or across your bed, making it an ideal location to watch TV while in bed. 

tv above a blue dresser

If you change your mind, you can have your TV installed above your dresser for a completely finished look!

#2: Wall Beside Your Bed

Another great idea you could consider is putting your TV on the wall beside your bed. 

This might not be the best way to view the TV, though. But it works just fine in bedrooms. You can opt for this placement if you have wider wall space. Placing the TV in that particular place can fill the space quite nicely.

#3: Across the Bed

You can put a TV in the room placed across your bed. With this option, you can either use mounting brackets or a TV stand. 

We can say that this is the most convenient way to put the TV in the bedroom as it’s very accessible. Also, it completes the decor look when you place your television on the opposite side of the bed. 

#4: Outside or Inside a Cabinet

If you have a built-in cabinet, it can be the best location to put your TV effortlessly. You can put it outside, where it’s exposed, or put it hidden inside when not in use. 

tv installed inside a cabinet

With this setup, you can have other things surrounding your TV, making it look more attractive and interesting.  

#5: Mounted on a Feature Wall

You can have your TV wall-mounted on a feature wall or gallery wall, as this location is usually the most eye-catching. 

Imagine having a classy television mounted on the back wall along with a modern and sleek stand that can upgrade your sleeping area’s aesthetic. Besides, it’s a great way to fill empty spaces on your feature wall. 

#6: In the Corner

Most homeowners place a TV in the corner of the bedroom – and this is not a bad idea.  

You can put it in the room’s corner if you have no other option. You can make a little adjustment so it faces the direction you need it to be. 

tv installed on the corner of the room

Mind you, this is your best option if you want to watch television from your bed or on a bedroom chair. 

#7: End of the Bed

If you want the TV screen closer to you when you lie down in bed, put it at the end of your bed.

We suggest putting your TV straight on a drawer or post as long as the TV can safely stand. However, for this option, you better have a larger TV, instead of a small one, to fully enjoy its style and look. 

#8: Above Your Study Table

Yes, you read it right. You can place the TV above your study table. You’ll be making your study table a multi-purpose piece of furniture, accommodating your learning device/s and entertainment equipment. 

Also, this setup helps save space in rooms, especially for small bedrooms. 

#9: On Decorative Shelves

Another TV placement we recommend is putting it on decorative shelves in your sleeping area.  

tv in a bedroom

If you want your TV unit placed with some other things in your room, then put it on your shelf. Most shelves have lots of storage, so it’s an ideal stand for your television. 

You can put decors and displays above, below, or on both sides of your television – making that spot pleasing to the eyes.  

#10: On a Custom TV Cabinet

One of the best ideas is having a custom TV cabinet in your bedroom. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the layout you want.

For example, if you have a vintage TV, then have a custom closet in the classic style. You can place the built-in stand on a vintage TV back wall to achieve a full classic look.

Also, you can have a TV cabinet with sliding panels for easy access.  

How Do You Hide a TV in a Bedroom?

The ideal way to hide a TV in your bedroom is to put it inside the closet. As you close the television closet door, your room will appear cleaner while looking comfortable. 

tv above fireplace

Also, you can put your TV on a wheeled post, so you can store it wherever you like if not in use. 

In What Direction Should You Position a TV?

Actually, the direction you should position a TV depends on your preference and the room’s layout. 

In most rooms, the TV is placed where anyone in the room can view it. Basically, you should place it where all the seats can view it.

How High Should You Mount or Hang a TV in a Bedroom?

Our interior designers believe that you should mount your screen in the bedroom around 43 inches above the floor. 

But, you first need to consider your room’s size and layout as well as the size, form, and angle in which you want to view your TV. 

tv mounted on a wall beside two large windows

Consider this: what is your desired TV height? Should it be watched from all possible angles or a single point of view? Regardless, the optimal height must be at or above your eye level. 

Is it Recommended to Put a TV Opposite a Window?

We don’t recommend putting your TV opposite the window or the TV facing the window. Just imagine watching the television with sun rays passing through the window. You feel your eyes strain, right? 

If you have no choice but to put the TV opposite the window, we advise investing in some blinds or curtains that you can close to eliminate glare on the screen. 

Is Placing a TV in Your Bedroom Ideal?

While it’s not a bad idea to place a TV in a bedroom, there are downsides. Having the television in the bedroom can keep you awake longer at night. Also, research shows that watching TV before bedtime can disrupt your sleeping habits.

tv mounted on wall beside photo frames

So, if you don’t have the TV in your room, it allows you to get better and more sleep. It results in a productive and relaxed morning the next day.  

Best Place to Install a TV in a Small Bedroom

The best spot to install a TV in a small bedroom is inside a closet or a piece of furniture that’s fitted to the room’s size. Do not ever think of placing the TV in your room’s corner if you have a tiny space. 

Generally, having the TV positioned above the dresser or on a study table is the simplest solution. And make sure to position it across from the end of your bed.

Best Place to Install a TV in a Bedroom With Many Windows

If your room has many windows, avoid placing your TV across or in front of them, particularly one that faces west. 

In deciding where to install your TV, consider the direction where the natural light is coming from. 

What to Know Before Installing a TV in Your Children's Bedroom

According to research, putting a TV in a child’s bedroom can result in isolation, bad sleeping patterns, and reduced physical activity [1]. 

tv mounted on wall facing the bed

With TV or not, you should limit screen usage to 2 hours or less per day. Take note that children should get at least one hour of light exercise every day and 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night. 

Additionally, it’s not how much your child watches TV. It’s also where he/she watches it. 


Knowing where to put your TV in the bedroom is mostly based on your preference, once and for all. But, there are great options that you may want to consider, like what we’ve put together in this guide.

Whether you prefer the TV above the dresser, across from your bed, in your room’s corner, on a built-in stand, or elsewhere, make sure it’s easy to view. Consider your eye level and avoid placing it in front of the windows that reflect sunlight.  


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