Where is the Camera on my Smart TV? — How to Locate and Disable Hidden Cameras

Not many people know that some modern Smart TVs come with inbuilt cameras. Smart TV cameras are usually placed in strategic places, alongside the microphones for video chats and other functionalities, but many can’t fathom where these are located on their TVs. Thankfully, our experts have the answer and will tell you where to find these cameras on your TV precisely in this article. 

Do All Smart TVs Have Cameras Built-In?

Many manufacturers incorporate cameras into their TVs to enable the user to do video chats. However, the cameras are not just there for that. They track your activities, such as what you watch often, and develop more similar content with the data collected. They do this using Automatic Content Recognition. 

Not all Smart TVs have cameras built-in. If your TV has facial recognition or supports video calls, that means it has a camera hidden somewhere.

How to Find the Camera on Your Smart TV

To most people, the typical question is, “where is the camera on my smart TV?”. The location of a camera on a Smart TV depends on the manufacturer. Typically, most cameras on Smart TVs are often found at the upper edges and on the bezels. 

ONN tv entertainment setup

Summarily, if you see a small circle with a tiny red lens, it implies that it’s the camera. Below are some manufacturers and where their cameras are hidden. 

Samsung TV

As our support team earlier mentioned, not all Smart TVs come with an inbuilt camera. Likewise, not all Samsung Smart TVs have cameras. But, if you suspect that there’s one, it would be found at the center of the device. 


Most LG Smart TVs don’t have a camera, but the few ones that have, the cameras are retractable.

Vizio TV

Vizio doesn’t make Smart TVs with an inbuilt camera like their Samsung counterparts. Instead, the company builds and sells a webcam that you can use with your TV if it’s compatible [1]

Vizio TV settings

Sony TV

Like the Vizio brand, most Sony TVs don’t come with a built-in camera. Instead, they make use of third-party digital cameras that allow you to connect the device to the TV using an HDMI cable. 

How to Disable a Camera on a Smart TV

While Smart TVs are built differently, they have a similar way of turning off the camera. This means it’s possible to disable a camera on a Smart TV. 

Disabling the camera function depends on the manufacturer. The following steps will disable the camera function on most TV brands. 

Samsung TV settings

If you are using the Vizio brand:

It’s possible to uninstall the camera altogether if you want to. However, our team advises against removing it entirely, as it may cause problems in the future. Plus, you may need it later on, so it’s recommended that you keep the camera. 

Instead of uninstalling the camera, you can deny the TV apps permission to access the camera. It’s much safer this way. 


How do I turn the camera off on my smart TV?

To turn the camera off on your Smart TV, go to Settings, browse through the options, and Select Privacy Options. 

Select Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking. Scroll to Camera Accessibility and turn it off. 

Is there a camera on my Samsung smart TV?

The camera on Samsung Smart TV depends on the model. Not all Samsung TVs have a camera. If stated in the specifications that they have it, you can find it in the middle of the device.


It’s somewhat difficult identifying the position of a camera on a Smart TV. That’s why several users ask, “where is the camera on my Smart TV?”. Brands design their products differently, so the camera position differs. Our team has shown you where you can find those hidden cameras on your TV. If you wish to disable them, that’s your choice. 

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