Vizio vs Samsung:
Which Brand Should You Pick For 4k TVs This 2021?

Vizio VS Samsung

Vizio or Samsung, which is better? It’s the clash of the titans within entertainment brands that could leave you with more questions than answers. If you’re trying to decide on which brand has better products, our experts have conveniently put together a guide on Vizio VS Samsung to help you find the answer.

Vizio OR Samsung?

When it comes down to the brands, which one should earn your loyalty? Our experts are here to help you find out the answer to Vizio VS Samsung


Features of Vizio and Samsung TVs

The Reputation of Samsung and Vizio

The Samsung brand can be considered an OG in the field of entertainment technology. Founded in 1938 in Seoul, Korea, over the years Samsung has brought us computers, cell phones, TVs, soundbars and more.

Compared to Samsung, Vizio is a new company established in 2002. Its reach is not quite as wide as Samsung, and Vizio is only known to produce TVs and soundbars.

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They are both reliable brands but with more years under their belt and more experience with different types of products, we would have to say Samsung’s reputation precedes them.

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Dimensions and Size of Display

Both Samsung VS Vizio provide viewers with different sized screens [1]. You can find screen sizes from a mere 32 inches to an impressive 80! However, the veteran Samsung brand still offers views more options with one that goes up to 110 inches! 

Also, curved screens have become more popular to simulate a true immersive experience. After all, what we experience in real life surrounds us and is not just on a 2D screen. This is why our winner is ultimately Samsung yet again because they offer a wider range of screen size choices and curved screen options.

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Image Quality

Comparing Samsung vs Vizio, the former consistently offers Ultra HD 4K models in image quality and the lesser Full to just HD models regardless of the screen size. Samsung can support 4K or lesser pixels like 1440pHowever, with Vizio TV screens, you will more consistently find either HD or full HD. When VIzio does attempt Ultra HD image quality, they, unfortunately, fall short of Samsung.

Audio Quality

As you know, a TV isn’t all about image. Both Samsung and Vizio TVs only provide basic audio speakers, which is probably why both brands manufacture soundbars. However, with the larger TVs, Samsung may just outdo Vizio with larger and more powerful speakers.

Screen Resolution

Samsung, being the brand that offers more impressive Ultra HD resolution, would get our stamp of approval in this section. Vizio is a newer brand that could still work on their Ultra HD resolution screens. However, both brands don’t match up to the titans in the industry such as Sony and LG.

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Smart TV Options

Vizio has a user-friendly smart TV interface that features easy to navigate blocks much like your smartphone. However, Samsung TVs typically offer the same blocks that are lined up across the bottom of your screen. This is called the Tizen interface and it really depends on your personal preference for which one you like.

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Viewing Angle

As we mentioned, Samsung VS Vizio has more curved TV options, which presents more viewing angles. For this reason, Samsung beats out Vizio for this category.

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TV Ports

Our experts always stress the importance of the connection, specifically HDMI, in relation to the image and audio quality. This is especially true for Vizio VS Samsung TVs. 

Many Vizio TV models offer digital and analog connections plus up to 5 HDMI ports. Samsung typically has less, which makes Vizio the winner here.

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Price of Vizio and Samsung TVs

With the more established brand name and wider product options, Samsung TVs are generally higher priced. Vizio TVs like the Vizio M-Series or V-Series offers a more competitive price and takes the crown in this section.

Warranty & Customer Support: Samsung vs Vizio

Both brands offer impressive customer support with helpful representatives ready to solve your issues. The warranty depends on the model and the manufacture year, but both brands are reputable enough to offer decent warranties starting from 1 year.

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Is Vizio better than Samsung?

No, Vizio is not better than Samsung in terms of image quality, viewing angle, and dimensions. However, Vizio offers a more competitive price and more HDMI connection ports.

Is Vizio TV made by Samsung?

No, Vizio TV is not made by Samsung. They are two different brands, with Samsung founded in 1938 and Vizio in 2002.

Overall Winner: Samsung

Our experts have answered the Vizio VS Samsung question with Samsung as the ultimate winner! This brand provides higher quality TVs with more viewing angles. The larger options also provide bigger and more powerful speakers to accompany the high-resolution content for an immersive experience.

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