Troubleshooting Common Vizio TV Volume Problems

vizio tv volume problem

You may be watching an interesting show on your TV, and momentarily, the audio starts to fluctuate, refusing to respond to your remote commands, or the volume won’t give out any sound. If you’ve been experiencing this issue but don’t know how to fix it, you have come to the right place. Our technical support team will help you to get through the issues. 

Troubleshooting Common Vizio TV Volume Problems

You may be experiencing issues with your Vizio TV’s volume for several reasons, such as the audio setting not being in sync with your device, damaged cable, firmware bug, or the output settings. Specks of dust can hinder a TV volume’s responses. 

Regardless of the cause of the audio malfunction, below are some troubleshooting tips you should try out first before other alternatives. 

#1: Volume Fluctuations/Volume Goes Up and Down

Fluctuating volume usually happens due to incompatibility or improper syncing between the device and the TV. The main thing you should look out for here is the SRS TruVolume function. 

Deactivate SRS TruVolume

This function results in a better audio experience, but it can conflict with the settings of an external device. Therefore, you should disable it. To do this:

kids watching movie with VIZIO D24f4

Select ‘Menu’ on the remote, scroll to Audio Settings and click. Go to Advanced Audio and switch off the RSS TruVolume. Other functions like TruSurround can affect audio settings, so you should disable it too. 

Update Firmware

Your TV’s firmware could have a bug, and that can make the audio malfunction. Typically, your TV will automatically update when there’s a new update. If it doesn’t, you should check if there’s one available. 

To check the availability of an update; Select ‘Menu’ > Settings > Check for Updates. Install manually if there’s one available. 

Factory Reset

A factory reset reverts the TV to its default state. This means that all your saved settings and content would be erased. Our engineers recommend that you do this when you are out of options. 

vizio tv

To factory reset; Select “Menu” on the remote, scroll to System, and click. Select Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults. Input your passcode or the default one, which is 0000.

Tap on Reset and confirm. Your TV will reboot after doing that. 

Check for Secondary Audio Programming

Sometimes, your other device may have some functions turned on, such as audio leveling. This is another common Vizio TV volume problem. Our team advises that you turn it off. 

#2: Inaudible Sound/Volume Too Low

Check Satellite Box and Other Connected Devices

If you are using a Satellite box, our experts recommend switching it to HDMI Fixed to correct the low volume. 

Disable SRS TruSurround or SRS TruVolume

SRS TruSurround and TruVolume can cause low volume. You can disable this by going to Menu > Audio Settings > Advanced Audio > SRS TruSurround.

watching with VIZIO E80-E3 Smart HDR XLED TV

#3: Audio Abruptly Cuts Out

Power Cycle the TV

Switch off the TV and disconnect the power cord from the television’s back or the power outlet [1]. Press down the power button on the device for five seconds, and plug the power cord back. 

After doing this, check if there’s power on the TV. If none, try plugging into another outlet. 

Check Connection of Other Connected Devices (Gaming Consoles, Soundbars, Etc.)

Your connected devices could be the culprits. Check if there’s any audio leveling or advanced audio setting activated. If there is, turn it off. 

Use Another Cable for Connected Devices

Faulty cables can affect the volume. Make sure the one you are using isn’t damaged, and if it is, change it. 

Factory Reset

A factory rest usually corrects most issues on a TV. Unlike a hard reset, this method will revert the TV to its default setting. This means all your saved preferences would be erased. 

family watching on VIZIO P75QX-H1 P-Series

To do this: Select ‘Menu’ on the remote, go to Settings and tap, and navigate to Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults. 

Input your passcode and click ‘Reset.’ Wait for the TV to restart before setting it up. 

#4: No Volume Settings

Change Volume Control Display Setting

The Volume Control Setting can be accessed through the TV’s Settings. Select Menu > Settings > Audio Settings > Volume Control and disable it. 


Why does my Vizio TV keep losing sound?

Your Vizio TV keeps losing sound because of a damaged cable, firmware bug, audio output settings, and incompatibility between the connected device and the TV. 


No TV is without problems, considering that they are electrically operated. But, when issues arise, you should be able to deal with them. This is why our experts came up with troubleshooting tips to solve your Vizio TV volume problems. So, whenever your TV develops a volume issue, you should try these tips first before taking it for repairs. 

To maintain your TV well, you can always follow these helpful guides: 

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