Fixed: Vizio TV Not Responding to Remote

vizio tv not responding to remote

Every cinephile user will understand the frustration of finding your Vizio TV not responding to remote commands. It may sound like a simple inconvenience, but did you know this issue could come from different causes? 

In this brief guide, our team will walk you through the common Vizio TV problems and how to handle them without worrying about the repair costs. 

Why is My Vizio TV Unresponsive to Remote Control Commands? + How to Fix

The source of this issue could either lie within your TV or the remote control itself. Based on our experience, it’s typically caused by dirty or damaged TV sensors. 

And if you’re using a third-party controller, its settings could also result in this issue.

Why is My Remote Control Not Responding to My Vizio TV?

When tackling this Vizio TV issue, we highly recommend taking a closer look at your remote control. Besides being the typical culprit of this non-responsive problem, it’s easier to fix by replacing the batteries or conducting a power cycle process. 

Vizio tv and remote

Fix #1: Replace Your Remote’s Batteries

Like any other electronic device, old batteries could hinder your remote connection to the TV itself. If you want to avoid experiencing this technical issue, make it a habit to change your remote batteries regularly. 

Most Vizio remote options in the market can accommodate AA and AAA battery types. If this solution didn’t help, proceed to the next solution.  

Fix #2: Power Cycle Your Remote

Another troubleshooting solution you can try with your Vizio remote is the power cycle process. To do this, you must take out the batteries from the controller and press the power button for about 15 to 30 seconds. 

removing batteries from Vizio tv remote

After that, it should be fine to put the batteries back. If this step doesn’t make your TV and remote connection work, proceed to the next resolution.

Why is My Vizio TV Not Responding to Any Remote Control?

Trying another remote control for your Vizio TV is also an easy fix, but it doesn’t always work. Don’t fret right away, though. If you ask us, it’s time to turn your attention to your TV. 

Generally, these problems concern the sensors and your TV’s surroundings. Here are some easy fixes you can consider to avoid this issue. 

Fix #1: Power Cycle Your TV

Like what you did to your remote control, refreshing your TV settings through power cycling [1] should do the trick. First, turn off the television and unplug its power cable from the port. After that, press the TV’s power button for a few seconds. 

Don’t put the cables back right away and wait for at least a minute or two. Once that duration passes, plug your TV on and see if the remote will work this time. 

Vizio tv cable connections

We also recommend checking if your outlet is working fine. You can confirm this by plugging other devices into it. 

Fix #2: Remove Any Obstructions Blocking Your TV’s IR Sensor

Your remote won’t connect to your TV if an object obstructs its sensor. You may not know, but IR sensors won’t work if their signal pathway is blocked. Check this feature on the bottom of your TV and remove all furniture in front of it. 

If your TV has a protective plastic wrap, that could also cause this issue. Besides that, we urge you to clean your TV and remote sensors by using cotton swabs distilled with alcohol. Through this, the impurities and dirt hindering your sensor’s signal will be removed. 

What to Do if Your Vizio Smart TV is Still Unresponsive to the Remote

If you did all the steps above and still find your Vizio TV not responding to remote commands, here is the last set of troubleshooting methods you can try. 

Reset Your Remote

For users with universal remotes, It’s highly recommended to do a device reset. You may not know, but universal controllers are more likely to malfunction when used long-term. In the end, it could be the one causing these signal problems. 

Vizio universal remote

You can perform a memory reset in your remote by pressing and holding the Set or Setup button for a few seconds. Don’t let go until you see the indicator light on top of your remote blink twice. After that, enter the reset code. For Vizio remotes, it could be 981 or 977

Once entered, expect the LED light to flash twice again. It indicates that your memory reset is finished and successful.

Contact Support

Last but not least, your options include contacting the Vizio support team. As we mentioned, there are technical issues you can’t resolve yourself. Once you’re on the line with a support representative, be sure to mention the issue you’re experiencing in complete detail. 


Most of the time, an unresponsive remote is the easiest problem you’ll encounter as a Vizio TV user. However, it’s not always resolvable by basic troubleshooting methods. 

If you’re having doubts about handling it yourself, we recommend reading through posts like these to avoid further mishaps and unnecessary repair costs.


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