Vizio TV Goes Black? Here are 5 Quick and Easy Fixes

vizio tv goes black

Vizio TVs are like any other TV. At some point, you’ll start experiencing issues with it. Although some problems are more severe than others, issues like your TV going black can be solved with some tweaking. But, most users don’t know these simple, handy tweaks. 

This is what our engineers hope to solve in this article. Below are five quick ways to solve the problem. 

Causes of Vizio TV Screen Going Black

Typically, Vizio TVs are affordable, but that doesn’t mean that you can replace them at any time when something goes wrong. As our experts already mentioned, Vizio TVs are not problem-proof. If your Vizio TV goes black, you shouldn’t fret about it because it’s a common issue. 

A screen can either go partially or completely black. So many things can cause this, ranging from the TV’s features, such as the Sleep Timer and the Screen Mute, to others like faulty cable connections, firmware issues, etc. 

If the Sleep Timer is activated, it will put your TV into standby mode after a certain amount of time, so you assume that your TV is spoilt by displaying a blank screen. Also, leaving the screen on mute when playing audio is another possibility. 


Vizio TVs have a feature that allows you to mute the screen while playing audio. This is common when streaming on Spotify, as it allows the song to play in the background without visuals. 

If the screen keeps coming on and going off, it may have to do with the cables, connection, or power. If the cable is faulty, the port is damaged, or the wire is wrongly plugged, a blank screen may arise. 

There might also be a bug in the TVs software. A firmware bug is easy to fix, just like other issues pointed out here by our technical team. We now move to the various steps you can take to solve these issues when they arise. 

5 Quick and Easy Fixes

Fix #1: Disable Sleep Timer

As our experts mentioned earlier, enabling a sleep timer can leave your TV on standby mode, occasionally causing your screen to go blank. Therefore, you have to disable the feature in the settings by doing the following. 

couple watching tv with a soundbar

Go to Menu, scroll to Timers, and click on Sleep Timer. Toggle it off. 

Fix #2: Power Cycle

Disconnect the power cord from the television’s back or the power outlet, press down the power button on the device for five seconds, and plug the power cord back. 

Sometimes, the TV can be stuck on a black screen permanently. This may be a serious issue, but first, check if the TV has power. To know this, check if the small LED at your TV’s front is lighted. If there’s no light, try plugging your TV into another power outlet. 

If the screen remains black, it could be that the backlight, the screen, or the circuit board is broken [1]. There’s nothing much you can do here other than to take the TV for a repair. 

Fix #3: Hold Mute Button on the Remote

If the TV’s Mute feature is activated, you’ll have to disable it. You can do that by holding down the Mute button on the remote for some seconds.


Fix #4: Press Menu Button on the Remote

Press the Menu button on the remote to see if the menu is displaying. If it is, it implies that the TV is okay and that the issue may be with the device connected to the TV or the cables. You change the cables or try reconnecting them again through another power outlet. 

Fix #5: Check for Firmware Updates

Vizio sends new firmware updates to fix bugs, but your TV may not get updated over the air. You’ll have to do that manually by going to Menu, selecting System, and tapping Check for Updates.

If the TV is updated but the screen is still blank, you may have to reset the TV so that the older version is restored. Select and hold the Down Volume and Input buttons on the TV’s back and release them after about ten seconds. Select and hold the Input button on the television’s back for ten seconds and wait for your Vizio TV to restart. 

Take to Vizio Repair Center for Professional Repairs

If, after doing these as suggested by our technical professionals, and the screen remains blank, your only option is to take it to a Vizio repair center to fix the issue. Our team advises that you don’t try replacing anything yourself. If you do, you will void your warranty and might worsen the situation. 


Blank screens are common when using a Vizio TV. However, you can fix them if you follow these steps as enumerated by our engineers. When your Vizio TV goes black, remember to try these solutions out first before deciding to take it to a repair center. Who knows? You could get the issue fixed without any professional help. 

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