Velodyne Subwoofer Review (2021) — What are the Brand’s Best Offers?

As you research the best options for subwoofers, it is only expected that you have come across a Velodyne Acoustics review. This brand excels in low-frequency reproduction for subwoofers and is one of the pioneers in the field. Choosing the best option may be overwhelming, and we don’t want you to waste your time and money, so our experts curated this guide to help.

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History and Experience

Velodyne was founded by David Hall in 1983 and was originally an audio company specializing in low-frequency sound accuracy and early subwoofer technology. As the company expanded over the years, it has ventured into other audio product lines such as headphones.

In 2019, Velodyne Acoustics was merged with Germany-based Audio Reference. The said purchase extends from stocks to patents and designs to tooling for Velodyne subwoofers.

Velodyne Acoustics Offers


Known for its subwoofer line that can deliver the highest accuracy even in the lowest frequencies, Velodyne Acoustics has been one of the leading brands in the market. As of the moment, they carry five models, each with their specific strength and function: the Deep Blue, the Digital Drive Plus, MicroVeeX, SPL-X, and the SubContractor.

Velodyne WiConnect-10 Wireless Subwoofer

The WiConnect-10” has a dynamic power of 125W RMS and has an integrated MDP Amplifier. Its magnet structure allows a low-frequency rear-firing port to avoid audible distortion and has a true low bass that extends down to 33Hz. Its best feature is that it can either be wired or wireless. 

It has a range of up to 50 feet and instantly connects to the LFE output on your receiver. The sub and transmitter each have four selectable channels to ensure interference and other signals from your home won’t disrupt the connection.

Size and Design

The WiConnect-10 is relatively small at 15.5 x 12 x 16 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds. It is integrated with a bass-reflex, ported enclosure with black ash finish.


It sports a 200W dynamic power at 125W RMS enhanced by Velodyne MDP Amplifier.


It has a 10″ long-throw down-firing driver with a 2-pound magnetic structure to guarantee less sound distortion.

Sound Quality

With a frequency response of 33-140 Hz (±3dB), and an adjustable 50-200 Hz low-pass crossover, this subwoofer can guarantee a rigid bass performance that can complement your existing sound system. Our lab testers can recommend using this in any room, owing to its considerable range. 


It can be wired or wireless, depending on one’s preference.


Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP)

With the MDP technology, the maximum power for the best low-frequency sound is guaranteed. We also found out from this Velodyne subwoofer review that accurate conversion of low frequencies with even the most demanding signals is also possible.

input-output lines and control knobs of Velodyne WiConnect-10

Digital Drive Control System

This distortion-limiting DDCS4 allows the subs to develop a tighter and more accurate bass response. It is an active system that guarantees linear cone movement to reproduce distortion-free resonance.

Digital High-Gain Servo

Velodyne Acoustics take their smooth low-distortion bass reproduction seriously. This patented technology is specially designed to perfectly control diaphragm movement and ensure efficiency via an accelerometer [1].

EQ Plus Equalizer & Auto-EX Plus

This technology allows access to a single-measurement microphone, real-time bass correction, manual measurement process, and further fine-tuning adjustments done on the PC.

Subwoofer Direct

The Subwoofer Direct is Velodyne Acoustics’ exclusive feature that can optionally bypass the internal crossover. By doing this, music played anywhere can be ensured with optimal performance when using an external receiver.

Other Products

Aside from subwoofers and headphones, Velodyne also ventured into marine solutions. Its founder David Hall created a Velodyne marine division in 2011, where they launched the Martini, the first self-stabilizing craft, at a boat show.


Velodyne WiConnect-10 transmitter

Since Velodyne Acoustics has been one of the pioneers in subwoofer technology, it is expected to have a wide scope and is found in several well-stocked specialist dealers. Velodyne ensures that their counterparts fit their standard in terms of quality and competence to ensure the best customer experience.

Customer Support

One of Velodyne’s strong suits is its wide support range worldwide, meaning repair centers are almost always available wherever you are. Additionally, their website is readily updated and functional to check the available service centers in your location.

Prices and Warranty

Velodyne has an extensive user warranty for all of its products. Their standard is a 2-year warranty for all their Velodyne Acoustic subs and a premium 5-year warranty for their top models. Our experts suggest you register your purchase online so the warranties can be further extended.


Does Velodyne make good subwoofers?

Yes, Velodyne makes good subwoofers. They have been the go-to manufacturer for high-quality subwoofers since 1983, and a good number of Velodyne Acoustics reviews can attest to this.

Velodyne Acoustics Review Conclusion

Without a doubt, Velodyne Acoustics has been a household name for generations regarding quality subwoofers. Whether you are starting or a seasoned audiophile, Velodyne can cater to your sub needs. We hope this Velodyne subwoofer review sheds light on options that work best for you and aid you in making an informed decision.

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