VIZIO Elevate Review

Newly released Vizio Elevate has taken the industry by storm. It’s an incredible 5.1.4 system — a full home theater. 

As a newly released product, it’s natural for consumers to wonder if the high price tag is justified. We understand the tentativeness the staggering cost brings, but to put your minds and hearts at ease, our experts have conducted an in-detail Vizio Elevate review.



VIZIO Elevate Design

When we look at the design, we are met with a very unique shape. The two sides of the soundbar can rotate to accommodate your room and to play Atmos and DTS:X content to the best of its abilities. If you don’t want them to rotate, you can also permanently fix their positions. 

The subwoofer is made with a sturdy plastic material and has a boxy shape. It’s much different than other external subwoofers, but it does have plastic feet to protect your floors.

The satellite rear speakers are also made from plastic and can stand erect as far as the cable connection will allow. The overall system is quite a large one as the soundbar already measures at nearly 50 inches, which makes it best suited to large rooms and large TVs.

Features of VIZIO Elevate

Sound Quality

First up is the sound quality, which is amazing as far as our experts are concerned. The 5.1.4 full system has a total of 18 speakers that fire in different directions to produce a wide soundstage. Not only that, but the subwoofer will pump out the bass for those satisfying low notes.

The soundbar system has a total wattage output of 340 watts with up to 107 dB of power between a 30Hz to 20kHz frequency range. All in all, if you want an expansive sound that can be heard all through your house, then the Vizio Elevate is the one for you.

You will also find a dialogue enhancement feature along with night mode on the soundbar. What’s more, the bass, treble and subwoofer levels can also be adjusted. The Elevate also features EQ presets and surround sound level adjustments to customize your listening experience.

Surround Sound

With the help of advanced audio technologies, the Vizio Elevate is capable of true surround sound. The 5.1.4 channel soundbar meets and exceeds the requirements needed to be considered a true surround sound system that can compare to top-rated 7.1 channel sound system, as our experts found during this Vizio Elevate review.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the most coveted audio formats are also present in the system. This means the Vizio Elevate can relay the highest quality audio your content has to offer. 

The rotating speakers on the soundbar plus upward-firing speakers, tweeters and woofers come together to surround you with multi-dimensional sound.

VIZIO Elevate Subwoofer

The Vizio Elevate has an external subwoofer for added bass power. The enclosure is a sturdy one with all the necessary connections located on the back. 

It’s quite a large size, so you can expect echoing low notes produced from the sub. Also due to the frequency range, the subwoofer can match its audio as close to the real-world as possible.

Wireless Connectivity

There is an abundance of wireless connectivity options offered by the Vizio Elevate including Bluetooth, WiFi and even Chromecast built right in. It’s never been easier to stream your favorite content. The subwoofer also functions on wireless connectivity but the rear speakers require a cabled connection.


As for physical wired inputs, the soundbar features quite a few options as well. You can find optical audio input, HDMI ARC/eARC,1 HDMI output, 2 HDMI inputs, 2 analog 3.5mm, and a USB port for external files. The soundbar supports all connections needed to build an even more impressive system.


The Vizio Elevate has its own remote control, or you can opt to input your settings from the side panel on the soundbar itself. While there is an LCD [1] display on the remote, the soundbar does not have anything but small and inconspicuous indicator lights. You can also choose to control your system with the Vizio SmartCast app obtained from your app store.

VIZIO Elevate Setup

The setup of the Elevate is incredibly easy. It comes with all the cables you need in the package along with the wall mount kit, remote with batteries and the corresponding user manuals.


The price of the Elevate is a steep one, and we understand it can be hard to pull the trigger. However, our experts have deemed the soundbar to be worth your money as it comes with a ton of features and a very unique design.

VIZIO Elevate Review Conclusion

Our experts’ take on the Vizio Elevate review is highly positive. The soundbar has an innovative design that can excel where other similar soundbars have failed. By adjusting the levels and directions of the speakers, the Elevate is able to pair hardware and software together seamlessly to create an outstanding experience.

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