TCL Alto 8i Review — A Roku-Ready Soundbar for Better Watching Experience 2022

TCL Alto 8i Review
Many sound systems are expensive and bulky, making them less than ideal for those with small budgets or rooms. The TCL Alto 8i, however, is different. But is it worth the investment? Read what our experts think about the sound system after testing it in our complete TCL Alto 8i review.

What We Like

What We Don't Like

TCL Alto 8i Design

This sound system is designed to be sleek and minimalistic, so it can fit in any room. A charcoal-colored fabric runs on the top and front of the soundbar, but the rest has a glossy black plastic finish. 

As for the buttons, you’ll find them on the side of the soundbar. Our experts say that the onboard control buttons are still useful in cases where users might misplace the remote.

There are LED indicators to show what volume and channel levels you’re currently using and are adjustable with an all-in-one remote, making the design user-friendly. 

TCL Alto 8i Features

Sound Quality

TCL Alto is a system designed to bring multi-dimensional sound to your home theater experience. It comes with specialized modes so you can tailor sounds to your needs and tastes.  

In our TCL Alto 8i reviews, the Alto offers an enhanced and impressive listening experience with almost any type of content. The midranges were accurate and neutral, making it ideal for dialogues and speech. 

We found that onscreen conversations really pop at any normal volume, although there’s a point when all the other sound effects seem a little compressed when the volume is at its highest.


This soundbar speaker has dual subwoofers built internally in the system. These subwoofers bring a rich sound because it delivers a thumpy bass. You’ll likely feel it more than hear it, but it’s still not up to par with what dedicated subwoofers can provide. 

The bass in the TCL Alto 8i is pretty good for those who aren’t too concerned about getting a booming bass, but for others who are looking for more thunder, we recommend choosing something with a separate sub rather than a built-in one. 

Surround Sound

TCL Alto 8i comes ready with Dolby Atmos for surround sound. This system provides more dynamic sounds to turn your home theater into a professional theater.   

TCL Alto 8i Connections

This speaker system comes ready to connect to Roku and any Bluetooth devices. The remote also connects to Alexa to help you find new shows and movies to watch. This makes the system easy to use for a variety of users. 

Wireless Connectivity

Just like other high-rated 2.1 wireless speakers and soundbars, TCL Alto can connect to many different devices wirelessly. It can connect to any Bluetooth device to play music and podcasts. This wireless connectivity makes this speaker a more versatile speaker than others on the market.

TCL Alto 8i Audio Modes

One of the key benefits of the TCL Alto speaker is the three different audio modes. You can adjust the sound to movie, music, or news mode for the ideal sound content depending on what you’re watching. The settings can be adjusted easily with the remote. 

Three modes might not sound like a lot, but we found that it pretty much covers the basics. When we tested out the soundbar in movie mode, it provides a good balance between the sound effects and the dialogues so that one does not drown the other. 

In music mode, the bass is a little laid-back compared to other soundbars we’ve tried, so the mids and highs are more prominent in this aspect.


The Alto is a 2.1 channel soundbar, which means it has two main drivers and one subwoofer. Unlike the Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48 with external subs, the sub in Alto is built-in though, so you won’t find a separate subwoofer box in the package.

A 2.1-channel soundbar is a pretty basic setup, but this one provides an immersive soundstage because it supports Dolby Atmos. In our TCL Alto 8i review, the sound quality itself was life-like, but audiophiles will still notice the absence of physical speakers that deliver more dimension.

Easy Setup

TCL Alto 8i comes with many different ways to set up. It comes with HDMI, ARC [1], Aux/Audio, Optical, and USB setup options so no matter what kind of input your television has, you can set up this speaker. This makes it highly user-friendly without having to deal with a tech issue on your TCL soundbar particularly in connectivity. 

TCL Alto 8i Price

TCL Alto 8i is highly affordable. Anyone will be able to add this sound system to their home, even those on a low budget. You can either pay the price outright, or you can pay monthly portions until the total is paid off.

TCL Alto 8i Review Conclusion

From our experts’ TCL Alto 8i review, we conclude that it is a great sound system for those looking to branch out into external sound systems or looking to expand what they have. It is a versatile soundbar that connects to different systems and in different ways.

The TCL Alto 8i brings a slice of the cinematic experience into your living room. It offers two drivers and one built-in subwoofer for a well-balanced sound, three audio modes for optimized listening, wireless connectivity options, and a straightforward setup that can be done in minutes.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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