TCL Alto 6+ review

Creating the perfect home theater environment shouldn’t be difficult, even if you are on a budget. But with the many options on the market, with TCL Alto 6+ one of them, it can become overwhelming. 

Our experts tested the product in this TCL Alto 6+ review so you could make an educated choice.



TCL Alto 6+ Design

Unlike other TCL products, Alto 6 included, Alto 6+ comes a little bit different by design, with rounded edges and a much smaller size.

The only available color is black. The soundbar is made from plastic with a tight black fabric covering the speakers, and the subwoofer is made from MDF wood material, which makes it look and feel more robust.

Features of the TCL Alto 6+

Sound Quality

While making the TCL Alto 6+ review, we have tested the sound quality and found out that it has a decent stereo frequency response, but it can hardly play a satisfying low bass, making songs sound a little flat.

On the other hand, the middle frequencies range is well balanced, highlighting vocals’ details and the majority of  instruments.

TCL Alto 6+ Subwoofer

TCL Alto 6+ has external sub just like Samsung HW-KM36The subwoofer features Dolby audio that maximizes the sound quality. The deep and rich bass sound is loud and clear — all in a compact design. 

The subwoofer is made from MDF wood material, making it look and feel more robust. Compared to Klipsch Cinema 600 sub, it is smaller and mroe portable. Like a medium-sized desktop PC, the TLC Alto 6+ can be placed almost anywhere without a problem. 

This product only needs a power supply while connecting and syncing to the soundbar is wireless. 

Audio Modes

TCL Alto 6+ comes by default with three equalizers (EQ) presets to let you personalize the sound however you like.

These presets seem to limit the user, but they are quite well balanced and designed to deliver what they are supposed to.

The presets are TV, Music, and Movie, and every single one of them will alter the sound accordingly with the audible experience that the user should feel. 

Its most performant feature is the TV audio mode. It can provide clear sound even when connected to TVs having 1440p or 4K resolutionsIt is focused on voices and mid-range frequencies, making them sound clear and vivid. 

However, the Music and Movie audio modes don’t perform as well as the TV audio mode, leaving the user with the need for some specific features like room control, surround effect, and Dolby Atmos.

Wireless Connectivity

While making the TCL Alto 6+ review, our team of experts confirmed that the TCL Alto 6+ has minimal wireless options. It only supports Bluetooth unlike Bose Soundbar 500 with Wifi connectivity, letting you stream audio-only from Bluetooth devices like smartphones. [1]


While making this TCL Alto 6+ review, we observed that this soundbar does not have too many physical input options. 

TV connection is available on its HDMI ARC port or optical audio. However, it also lets you play audio from older devices via an AUX port and a USB port for external hard drives and flash memory sticks.

TCL Alto 6+ Setup

The package includes the soundbar, the subwoofer, manuals, optical and HDMI cables, remote with batteries, power cables, and the wall-mounting system. Comparable to Bose 700 and Sonos Arc, Alto 6+ also lets you mount the soundbar even on a TV table or dedicated racks. 

Once everything is set up with the Roku TV, you just turn it on, and the device recognition will be made automatically. 


Alto 6+ is as affordable as the Blackweb soundbar. It is made for tight budgets, but can still exceed your expectation as your home device. Considering its specs, this product is well priced.

TCL Alto 6+ Review Conclusion

In this TCL Alto 6+ review, our experts managed to test and determine how this soundbar works and behaves in the home environment. TCL Alto 6+ is great for TV shows due to its clear and accurate voice reproduction, but on average, it works well for mixed-use. It hardly can play a satisfying low bass, and it does not support Dolby Atmos.

While we can’t talk about improved sound features, those three equalizer presets prove very useful in adjusting the sound. It can be used on high volumes without distortion, and it is best to use on voice playbacks like TV shows, podcasts, and ebooks via Bluetooth connection.

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