Sony HT-CT790 Review — Does This 2.1 Soundbar From Sony Support 4K Pass-Through?

Sony HT-CT790 Review

Having trouble looking for a soundbar that supports 4K display and works seamlessly with your Sony 4K TV? Then the Sony HT-CT790 is a fantastic option to consider. 

The Sony HT-CT790 sound system is designed to give you a cinematic sound experience in your home. This detailed Sony HT-CT790 review from our experts will help you decide if this system is for you.


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Sony HT-CT790 Design

When you unbox the Sony HT-CT790, one thing that stands out is the rugged design with a sleek and beautiful finish that seamlessly matches with any home setup. The Sony HT-CT790 is made to match with your space and to add a touch of elegance and contemporary style.

Additionally, its 2.5” profile means that it won’t interfere with what you are watching.

Features of Sony HT-CT790

Sound Quality

The most important thing about any sound system is the sound quality. The Sony HT-CT790 provides you with a true home theater experience with four different modes depending on what you are listening to, as we discovered during our Sony HT-CT790 review. They include the standard mode, game mode, music mode, speech mode, evening mode, sports mode, and ClearAudio + mode. With these modes, HT-CT790 can work perfectly in TVs with different resolutions like 1080p or 1440p or a 4K pass through without sacrificing images. 

Audio Formats

To maintain 4K quality, the audio system supports various audio formats including Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, HDR, AND HDCP2.2 formats. 

The 4K feature is specially designed to allow 4K data to “pass through” to be displayed on your 4K TV without sacrificing the quality of the images. The soundbar can deliver quality sound even when connected in a 4K TV  or 1440p high resolution device.  

The Dolby TrueHD gives you crisp and high quality sound.

The DTS-HD audio format brings music and movies to life in a breathtaking surround sound.

Sony HT-CT790 Subwoofer

Unlike Vizio M21D-H8R with built-in subthe Sony HT-CT790 has external subwoofer designed to connect wirelessly to your soundbar to add a thrilling immersive bass effect. The subwoofer allows the soundbar to concentrate on the mid and high frequencies, while it effortlessly handles low frequencies and hit the deepest notes without overtaking the bar.  As such, you get the ultimate audio experience.

Wireless Connectivity

The Sony HT-CT790 comes with various ways of playing content wirelessly. You can play content through Wi-Fi or the inbuilt ChromeCast. You can also connect your smart device through Bluetooth or pair via NFC. The wireless connectivity in other soundbars including Sonos Arc and Bose Soundtouch 700 lets you stream on several music platforms. It is the same in CT790 that allows you to stream music and podcast seamlessly. 


In addition to the wireless connection, the soundbar comes with three HDMI ports, one HDMI ARC output, USB port, optical input, Ethernet, and analog port. Such an extensive connection allows you to link more devices using either micro or mini cables to widen the cinematic experience around your room.  

In addition, the CT790 supports wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, Google Cast, Wi-Fi using DNLA, and Spotify. 


This Sony HT-CT790 comes with a number of controls. Firstly, the sound bar itself comes with a few controls that you can use to power on and off, increase or reduce volume, change between inputs, pairing Bluetooth, and enabling the Music Service via Spotify and Chromecast.

Secondly, you can control this sound system using the Sony Music Center app that controls some features of the bar as well as Cast files. 

The included remote control offers more control capabilities than both the bar and the app.

Sony HT-CT790 Setup

The installation of the CT790 is pretty easy. Plug the soundbar and the subwoofer into the AC socket. Then connect or pair all devices you want to use to the soundbar and turn on the bar. 


The Sony HT-CT790 is a great soundbar that gives you value for your money. Even at this price range, it can match some highly priced soundbars when it comes to performance. 


How do I reset my Sony Soundbar HT CT790?

To reset your Sony Soundbar HT CT790, follow these 3 steps: First, press the home menu to appear on your TV screen. Then, from the menu select setup, select reset and choose the component you want to reset to factory settings.

How do I connect to HT CT790?

You can connect to Sony HT-CT790 via Bluetooth, HDMI port, optical cables, USB cable, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Sony HT-CT790 Review Conclusion

The Sony HT-CT790 is an incredible sound system that allows you to enjoy an impressive surround sound in no time after unboxing. It is easy to set up, supports 4K HDR Passthrough [1] making it a fantastic soundbar in addition to having a touch of elegance. This Sony HT-CT790 review from our experts tells you everything you need to know about the bar when shopping for one.

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