Samsung HW-S40T Review

Many people face the problem of having to buy a soundbar and subwoofers separately. The Samsung HW-S40T contains inbuilt subwoofers as a solution to that problem. 

Is it worth investing in? Here is our experts’ Samsung HW-S40T review to answer that  very question.



Samsung HW-S40T Design

Samsung designed the Samsung HW-S40T to help you put everything you need from a sound system in a single soundbar. 

Our experts say that this soundbar has two inbuilt woofers and tweeters, all in its little frame. It has a Kvadrat textiles design that offers a complementing look to your interior designs and durability.

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Features of the Samsung HW-S40T

Sound Quality

Samsung HW-S40T is a soundbar with immense sound quality. With its music mode, the soundbar system can automatically optimize the sound based on what you are playing. This enables both vocals and the instruments in the music to sound very good, as our experts have found during this Samsung HW-S40T review. 

Audio Modes

The Samsung HW-S40T was designed to intelligently select and optimize according to the audio mode you have set it on. You can set this soundbar into two different audio modes. The first mode is the music mode, which helps you automatically optimize your sound based on what music [1] you are playing to give you the best sound you can get from your music.

The other audio mode is the Smart Sound mode, which helps optimize the system’s sound settings according to what it detects that you are watching through its artificial intelligence. The Samsung HW-S40T allows you to enhance your TV sound output, enabling you to catch clear sound irrespective of whether you are watching a loud event or a quiet dialogue drama.

Wireless Connectivity

The Samsung HW-S40T has wireless features and can be connected via Bluetooth in two possible dimensions.

You can explore the Bluetooth multi-connection, which allows you to connect two devices simultaneously to the soundbar and easily switch between the two devices.

The other option our experts found intriguing is the Bluetooth TV connection, which allows you to connect your TV to the soundbar without cables.

However, the only connection option that is wireless in the soundbar is Bluetooth.


The Samsung HW-S40T has simple and basic connection steps. It is as simple as connecting your smartphone to another smartphone via Bluetooth. With a well-charged sound bar, you can put on the soundbar system and select the Bluetooth option. 

To pair with your TV system, you should search for the name “Bob the soundbar” from the list of your found Bluetooth from your TV and pair. To connect with your smartphone, you should put it on and turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and pair.

The soundbar has an option to connect through its AUX cord. It has a digital optics screen that allows for greater control. It is also HDMI supported which you can also find in other high quality soundbars such as JBL Bar 5.0.

Samsung HW-S40T Setup

The Samsung HW-S40T does not require a spectacular setup, especially if you will be connecting wirelessly. However, you will need a power outlet to maintain the charging of your soundbar. 

The soundbar has a remote. You should fix a battery in the remote. You can use this remote to control your soundbar from the comfort of your seat without having to turn the knob on the system.


Despite costing more than many regular soundbars, the Samsung HW-S40T is still a relatively cheap soundbar, especially when considering the functions, durability, and specializations of the soundbar system.

Samsung HW-S40T Review Conclusion

To conclude our Samsung HW-S40T review, our experts state that the Samsung HW-S40T is one of the best soundbars you can get at an affordable sum, especially when you are torn between getting a soundbar and a subwoofer. This is the soundbar that processes two subwoofers in its beautiful and interior befitting frame. The audio modes that it comes with also optimizes your audio which results in a more desirable watching and listening experience.

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