Sakobs Computer Soundbar Review

Few things take away from the experience of gaming, listening to music or watching movies as underwhelming sound effects it just isn’t the same without accentuating bass and punctuating treble! In our Sakobs Computer Soundbar review, our experts will talk about this affordable option that will inch you one step closer to reverberating sound.



Sakobs Computer Soundbar Features

Sakobs Computer Soundbar Design

The Sakobs Computer Soundbar is one of the best PC soundbars available in the market. It has a slim design, making it a great Bluetooth speaker to carry around with you. It was built with sturdy materials in an innovative tilt design that allows you to angle the speaker soundbar at a 45-degree angle to bounce sound off the walls and envelop a small space.

The Sakobs Computer Soundbar also features a small built-in control panel on the top of the soundbar to create a user-friendly interface and give easy control.

Sakobs Computer Soundbar Placement

Due to the slim design of the soundbar, the Sakobs Computer Soundbar is a very lightweight device that can be easily wall-mounted. For pairing with a TV, the soundbar can sit easily on a wall mount, be placed on your entertainment unit, or mounted on top of the TV itself.

When solely used as a computer soundbar, the Sakobs speaker can be placed between your keyboard and the computer screen for direct sound projection to your location.

Our experts would not recommend mounting the soundbar when it’s used as a computer speaker because that would disable the tilt design and take away from the versatility and optimizing the sound with the acoustics of the room.

Speaker Drivers

Underneath the grille of the Sakob Computer Soundbar sits two powerful 10-watt speaker drivers that will deliver crystal clear audio. It doesn’t matter what content you are playing on screen, the soundbar will optimize the sound and deliver crisp dialogue or sound effects directly to you similar to these preferred soundbars.

Sakobs Computer Soundbar Battery Life

During our Sakobs Computer Soundbar review, our team of experts has found the battery life to be quite impressive. The soundbar is endowed with a 1500 maH [1] rechargeable battery that has the power to pump out loud and elevated audio quality.

On a full charge, you can enjoy high-resolution music, movie or gaming audio for up to 16 hours! This makes the portable Bluetooth computer soundbar a great option for outings and family get-togethers.


The Sakobs Computer Soundbar supports both wired and wireless connections unlike Bose Companion 2 Series III with only wired connectivity.  Its versatility is what makes this computer Bluetooth speaker soundbar a great option for connecting external devices.

You can use the supported Bluetooth 5.0 to directly stream from your mobile devices for wireless streaming and an auxiliary cable connection input for wired connections. The Sakobs soundbar even supports USB memory sticks and MicroSD cards.

Built-in Microphone

The Sakobs Computer Soundbar not only delivers exceptional sound, but it receives it as well. It has a built-in microphone that allows you to pick up calls when the soundbar is connected to your computer or phone. 

The built-in microphone is equipped with the latest noise reduction technology to block out interference and prevent distortion to deliver crystal clear speech. 

Sakobs Computer Soundbar Control

Depending on what device you pair the soundbar to, it can be controlled directly from the paired device or with the control panel built into the surface of the soundbar. 

However, the Sakobs Computer Soundbar doesn’t offer much in terms of sound level customization and only offers powering on and off, pairing, muting, and sound level adjustments.

Sakobs Computer Soundbar FAQ:

1. Can I use the Sakobs Computer Soundbar with my TV?

Yes, you can use the Sakobs Computer Soundbar with your TV if your TV supports an auxiliary connection, USB or Bluetooth wireless setup. This computer soundbar does not support HDMI or digital optical.

2. How long will it take to fully charge the Sakobs Computer Soundbar?

It will take around 4 hours to fully charge the Sakobs Computer Soundbar. This is an estimate of consistent charging without running the device at the same time.

3. Does the Sakobs Computer Soundbar come with batteries?

Yes, the Sakobs Computer Soundbar does come with built-in batteries. The batteries are lithium-ion and can be recharged with the included USB charging cord.

Sakobs Computer Soundbar Review Conclusion

Our experts have been impressed while doing this Sakobs Computer Soundbar review as this audio device has proven itself capable of delivering enhanced sound with its powerful 10-watt speakers, producing enhanced speech and sound effects. The innovative tilt design also optimizes all audio with an upward projection.

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