Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Bar 48 — Which is the Better Wireless Soundbar for Home Cinemas?

They look very similar on the surface and the prices are comparable, but is there a winner for the Klipsch Cinema 600 VS Bar 48? 

While they may resemble each other in many ways, our experts have tested and compared their abilities to help you find the best one. Be sure you are making the right choice and avoid a lengthy return process. 

Klipsch Cinema 600 or Bar 48?

Best for Bass
Klipsch Cinema 600
Best for Sound
Klipsch Bar 48

Features of Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48

Design and Build

As previously mentioned in this Klipsch Cinema 600 VS Bar 48 comparison, the two soundbars are very similar in design. They are only two inches off of each other, which make them both top contenders for larger TVs at 45 and 47 inches long or displaying a 1080p or 1440p screen resolution. Although the Klipsch Bar 48 is a bit larger, the subwoofer is smaller than the one included with the Cinema 600.

The Cinema 600 subwoofer has two inches on the Bar 48 sub and packs quite a lot of power. Both the soundbar subwoofer combos have a sleek wooden finish and minimalist design that will integrate well into any household.

Since both are sleek soundbars, you can choose to wall-mount them if needed to save space. The Cinema 600 sub is wireless, which gives it an advantage over the Bar 48 in terms of placement flexibility.

Sound Quality

As mentioned, both the soundbars have external subs like Samsung HW-KM36, but the Cinema 600 subwoofer is larger and more powerful. This makes the combo more suited to those who love heavy bass rumblings.

They also both have Tractrix Horn tweeters and four 3-inch cone woofers. As far as the basic audio goes, the Bar 48 is the clear winner. However, the comparison doesn’t end there. The Cinema 600 outdoes the Bar 48 for bass. The Cinema 600 has a larger subwoofer with a 10-inch cone and more overall soundbar subwoofer power.

Depending on your preference, either soundbar can be the right choice. If you like bass and power, the Cinema 600 is the way to go. If you like audio clarity and extra features, then the Bar 48 is the right choice.

Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48 Subwoofer

Like the Blackweb soundbar with a wireless subwoofer, both soundbars have external subs as well. But the Cinema 600 subwoofer is larger and more powerful. This makes the combo more suited to those who love heavy bass rumblings.

Sound Formats

Both the soundbars have surround sound format. Although it’s not true surround, they have audio enhancements such as Dolby and DTS to help them out. The winner of this category is the Bar 48 because it also has DTS, which is not seen in the Cinema 600.

Wireless Connectivity

Both Klipsch soundbars have Bluetooth enabled to pair with your media devices for wireless streaming. It eliminates the hassle of wires and has a cleaner setup. 

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Audio Enhancement

The soundbars don’t come with many audio enhancements, but they do have dialogue mode. Dialogue mode isolates the speech with the dedicated center channels and optimizes the clarity so you never miss a whisper again.

What makes the Bar 48 the winner in this category is it also comes with night mode, which the Cinema 600 does not have. 

Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48 Connections

The soundbars also come with the exact same audio connections including one HDMI input, one digital optical input, 3.5mm [1] and mono RCA for the subwoofer.

Setup: Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48

The soundbar and subwoofers come with everything you need in the package to get set up and ready in no time at all. This includes the remote controls, the necessary cables, and even the wall-mounting bracket.

What sets the Cinema 600 apart is its ability to be controlled by the compatible Apple iOS and Android apps.

Klipsch Cinema 600 and Bar 48 Price

The price of both soundbar subwoofer combos are more reasonable compared to other high-end soundbars including Sonos Arc and Bose 700The Cinema 600 is the more affordable of the two and is our experts’ recommendation if you have a tighter budget. Despite the more affordable price, it still offers exceptional sound and has more bass and overall power compared to the Bar 48.

Overall Winner: Cinema 600

Our audio team has crowned the Klipsch Cinema 600 as the winner of our Klipsch Cinema 600 VS Bar 48 review. Many factors have contributed to this end result, some of which include the more affordable price, the more RMS power, and a better subwoofer. The Cinema 600 is a large soundbar that can match the audio enhancements with an equally high quality subwoofer.

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