How to Reset Your Soundbar [Samsung, Vizio, LG & More]

If you’re having issues connecting your soundbar, one way to troubleshoot and resolve the issue would be to reset the system. Often, there are general procedures for resetting your soundbar, but the instructions may differ slightly depending on the brand.

Steps To Reset Your Soundbar

A general way to reset a soundbar and many other electronic devices is to hold down a button or two and wait until you see blinking lights. Depending on what type of soundbar you have, which button you press will be different. 

There are many methods to fix your soundbar without having to perform a factory reset, but it’s a good last resort if all else fails. Keep in mind that this will erase all previous settings and require you to input your adjustments all over again.

It’s a good idea to reset your soundbar if your devices are having issues connecting, you are hearing unexplained noise, or you are having any other soundbar problems you can’t seem to fix.

Now, let’s take a look at how to reset soundbars by brand.

tv and Vizio soundbar

How To Reset Soundbar Depending On The Brand


If your Vizio soundbar has Bluetooth, then you need to locate the Bluetooth button on the control panel and the volume down control. Once you see both buttons (they should be side by side), press them down simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds.

You will know that the factory reset is complete when you see all the lights on the display flash three times. The number of lights you have and the location of  the control panel all depends on which Vizio soundbar you have.

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As for Samsung soundbars, the process is simple as well. For a factory reset, you need to locate the “Off” button on the control panel. Turn off your soundbar before you hold down the “Off” button for however long it takes for the soundbar to display “INIT OK”.

After you see it on your soundbar, you can turn your device back on and try to pair it again with your TV. The process could be more seamless when you have a TV that’s also from Samsung.

Samsung HW-J450 Soundbar Side View


The process for Bose soundbars is a bit more complicated as it requires more tech knowledge. Whether or not you have added a voice assistant to the soundbar will also come into play.

If you have added a voice assistant, you will need to remove it first from the soundbar. You can do this by opening the app for the voice assistant, and removing your Bose soundbar from the list of devices. 

Then, you should head over to the Bose app. In the app, go to the product settings, find the voice assistant selection and select “Remove Account”.

Afterwards, power off your soundbar. When it’s off, locate both the power and the forward skip buttons and hold them down for about 5 seconds.

You’ll know that the factory reset is successful when you see the light on the display panel exhibit an amber glow.

If you have not added a voice assistant, you just need to remove the product from the Bose account and follow the steps above to reset the device.


For LG soundbars, you need to locate the volume down button on your soundbar control panel and the sound effect button on the remote to do a hard reset. 

Once you have found both, hold them down simultaneously for a few seconds until you see the reset screen appear on the display of the soundbar.

You can retry connecting to your set, regardless if you’re pairing your soundbar to an LG TV or a device from another brand.

LG SNC4R soundbar


To reset your Philips soundbar, you need your soundbar’s remote control handy. Instead of holding buttons down, you need to press three buttons in sequence to reset your soundbar.

On the remote, locate the bass up, volume down, and treble up buttons, and press them in that order. It’s important to locate them first because you need to press them in sequence all within 3 seconds.

Once you have done that, you will see your soundbar turn off and on. You have to double check afterwards to see if the settings are all back to default. (Meanwhile, read this to connect your soundbar to your Philips TV.)


If your Yamaha soundbar doesn’t have a control panel, the following steps can be done through the remote.

The first step is to turn off the device. Once your soundbar is turned off, hold down the volume up and the power buttons until you see all the lights on the display panel flash. If your soundbar is compatible with Amazon Alexa, that indicator light will not flash.

Once that is done, you can power your device back on and try reconnecting your devices.

Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 Soundbar


For your Sonos soundbar, you need to turn off the device first and unplug the power cord. Once you reconnect the power cord, press down either the join button, play/pause button, or the mute button. Press the buttons and connect the cord at the same time.

Hold the button until you see the lights flash white and orange. You will know the process is complete when the buttons turn green.


To start with the reset process, hold down the power and the volume buttons for 5 seconds. Make sure you then unplug the power cord from your soundbar. Wait a few seconds then plug the power cord back in.

Resetting everything to factory default could also disconnect all wireless devices such as your subwoofer, but this depends on the Sony soundbar model that you have.

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Sony HTX8500 Soundbar


Resetting a soundbar can be done in a matter of seconds. It’s the best solution when your device is acting up. 

Once done properly, you should be able to adjust the settings as preferred. Reconnect the devices, sit back, and enjoy your content!

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