How to Connect a Soundbar to a Sceptre TV Right in 2021
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How to Connect a Soundbar to a Sceptre TV

How to Connect Sounbar to Sceptre TV

A video from your Sceptre TV is only as good as the quality of the sound that accompanies it. However, the setup of a soundbar which unlocks audio that far exceeds what TV speakers can do can be confusing and time-consuming. With the help of our experts, this guide will show you how to connect a soundbar to a Scepter TV easily.

How to Connect Soundbar to Sceptre TV

Different Connection Options for Sceptre TVs

Your Sceptre TV should offer a variety of connections with HDMI [1] being one of them. Our experts always advise opting for HDMI connection as it is the most stable and the easiest to set up. It also supports the highest quality audio relays.

To use HDMI connection, locate the HDMI port on the back of your soundbar and on the back of your Sceptre TV. Plug an end of the cable into each port and then use the remote control to change the audio source by pressing the “Source” button.

The next best option for quality audio is with the digital optical cable. While it may not be able to process 8K as HDMI can, it does support digital sound. To connect, locate the digital optical port on the back of both devices and plug in the cable securely. 

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If your Sceptre TV does not automatically detect this connection method, press “Source” on your remote control and switch the audio source.

Lastly, we have the RCA analog option. Analog cables are usually colored with the same color as the corresponding port on your devices, making it easy to identify which port to use. Once plugged in, switch the audio source by pressing the “Source” button on your remote.

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Connecting Audio and Video Cables

As for how to connect a soundbar you prefer to a Sceptre TV with audio and video cables, you have the same three choices as we mentioned above —  HDMI, digital optical and analog cables. Our experts suggest HDMI once more because you’ll only need a single cable for both audio and video if you have HDMI ARC.

The steps to connecting the cables are the same as above. Connect the cables into the right ports and switch the input source.

4 digit remote codes:

3 digit remote codes:

Sceptre TV Sound Settings

Users can adjust the sound settings on their Sceptre TV with the remote control. You can do this by choosing “Menu”, selecting “Sound” and then pressing “Enter”. You will then be taken to a screen that allows you to customize sound modes, treble, bass and balance. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the settings.

The preset sound modes on Sceptre TVs commonly include Standard, Soft, and Dynamic. Sceptre TVs also come with surround, analog and digital sound modes catered to produce a wider soundstage and optimize your TV speakers for different types of content.

You can also adjust the equalizer settings to customize how the sound is produced from the speakers. Common equalizer modes are Jazz, Soft Rock, and Pop. Yet, for an excellent surround sound experience, we also recommend to set up your Sceptre TV with the best wireless home theater system available online. 


How to connect Sceptre soundbar to Sceptre TV?

You can connect a Sceptre soundbar to a Sceptre TV through HDMI, digital audio cable or analog cable connections. Locate the correct ports and plug in each end of the cables securely, then switch to the correct audio source by pressing “Source” on the remote.

What to do when the Sceptre TV audio is not working?

When the Sceptre TV audio is not working, you need to check if the cables are securely plugged in and whether you have switched to the correct audio source. Check this by pressing “Source” on your TV remote.

Does Scepter TV have Bluetooth?

No, a Scepter TV does not have Bluetooth but it can have a Bluetooth remote. The Sceptre brand has other Bluetooth accessories such as the Sceptre SoundPal, which is a wireless Bluetooth speaker.


When asked how to connect a soundbar to a Sceptre TV, our experts always suggest HDMI cables. They are the most reliable form of connection with virtually no delay or sound distortion. It’s a simple one-cable setup that supports the highest quality audio there is.

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