Bose TV Speaker VS Sonos Beam:
Which Is The Better Soundbar For Your TV?

Bose TV Speaker VS Sonos Beam

The Bose TV Speaker soundbar and the Sonos Beam are both sleek soundbars designed with a minimalist concept in mind. What matters is their features and sound capabilities.

You want to spend your money on the one that will impress you. So should you choose the Bose TV Speaker or Sonos Beam? Our experts will tell you.

Bose TV Speaker or Sonos Beam?

Best Design
Sonos Beam
Best Connectivity
Bose TV Speaker

Features of Bose TV Speaker and Sonos Beam

Size and Design

While they both feature a sleek and understated design, the Bose TV speaker has a flatter and wider design while the Sonos Beam possesses a longer and thinner profile. 

The Bose TV Speaker is more suited to individuals who plan on placing the soundbar below the TV. Thanks to its flatter design, it can easily slip under your other equipment without obstructing the remote sensor.

Bose TV speaker close up shot in wooden shelf

The Sonos Beam has a thinner and longer design and is thicker than the Bose TV Speaker, but not by much. It’s also a lighter design and can easily be wall-mounted.

To know more of which is the better system for your tv setup, read our comparison here. 

Sound Quality of the Bose TV Speaker and Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is hard to beat having been tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers for high-definition sound.

The Bose TV Speaker has full-range drivers and enhanced dialogue but still falls short of the optimized Sonos Beam.

Sonos Beam and Bose TV Speaker Connections

The Bose TV speakers offers a simple setup with a single HDMI cable connection to support high-quality content. The Sonos Beam offers HDMI ARC, which is one step above the regular HDMI connection, which also allows video frequencies to be transferred.

Wireless Connectivity

The Bose TV Speakers rise to the occasion by featuring wireless Bluetooth connection to external devies for streaming. This wireless feature is something the Sonos Beam lacks. However, the Beam does have Wi-Fi, which can allow you to build your system into a multi-room entertainment unit.

(There are brand-specific instructions for connecting soundbars to Sceptre TVs and more, which we have also covered.)

Audio Modes

Is the Bose TV Speaker vs Sonos Beam better for audio modes? Our experts break it down in simple terms. The Sonos Beam is already especially-tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers [1], which optimizes the soundbar for any content. It also features night mode, a sound mode that suppresses loud sounds in the dead of night.

The Bose TV Speakers has one sound mode, dialogue mode,  that is meant to enhance speech. When this is enabled, you can hear all the speech on screen with more clarity.

Bose TV Speaker and Sonos Beam Performance

These soundbars do not feature a subwoofer, which makes them more suitable for smaller rooms. If you have larger space, you can set it up with the best floor standing speakers below 1000 to enhance their bass and sound quality. 

The Bose TV Speaker was designed with speech enhancement in mind and can bring spacious and realistic audio to your living room.

The Sonos Beam was created with efficiency and convenience as its first priority. The Beam has Amazon Alexa built-in for hands-free control. It also features high quality audio technologies for 3D and room-filling sound.

Sonos Beam and Bose TV Speaker Price

Due to more features and advanced technologies, the Sonos Beam outranks the Bose TV speakers in the price arena. They are both still in an affordable price range and offer premium performance.

For a more budget version, the Bose TV Speaker can still bring forth all the missing notes of the spectrum. For a slightly higher price, the Sonos Beam unlocks audio potential your TV speakers can never reach.

Establishing a connection with a Sonos Beam is easy, here’s what to do to setup Sonos Beam properly


Which is better Sonos or Bose?

Sonos is better than Bose for soundbars. Sonos creates ergonomically designed soundbars with a futuristic element in different systems. You can find 5.1 channel home theater systems or a simple soundbar.

Overall Winner: Sonos Beam

The answer to the question of which is better, the Sonos Beam vs Bose TV Speaker, our experts have come up with a definite answer.

The Sonos Beam is the clear winner with its high-performance optimization, hands-free voice control and flexible placement. It’s the best choice for those with smaller spaces and are looking for a wall-mountable design.

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