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Bose Solo 15 Series II Review — A Closer Look at A Sound System for Music and TV in 2021

Bose Solo 15 Series II Review

Finding an affordable, lightweight, and theater-quality sound system for your living room is difficult. Luckily, we tested the Bose Solo 15 Series II sound system, designed to bring up the bass, connect to Bluetooth, and more. To find out more about this sound system, read our experts’ Bose Solo 15 Series II review below. 



Bose Solo 15 Series II Design

The Bose Solo 15 Series II like the highly coveted Denon Home Sound Bar 500, is a soundbar designed to fit under your TV on the stand or by your TV on a shelf. It’s sleek and works with many different devices. Weighing only 12 lbs., this soundbar has a one-speaker design that makes it fit into nearly any home. 

Set up and use is made to be user-friendly, with the set up being complete by plugging in one audio cable to your TV. 

Bose Solo 15 Series II Features

Sound Quality

Speakers are set throughout the soundbar for better quality. We tested this unit with various content including movies and music during our Bose Solo 15 Series II review, and we found that it performs well in either type. It does accomplish a better job when it comes to making human voices pop, so that’s a good thing if you want more clarity in dialogues.


The sound quality for the speaker is mostly emitted through the subwoofers. The subwoofers bring out the bass to whatever you’re watching to ensure that you hear everything. The bass can be adjusted for better sound quality and clarity. 

Surround Sound

While the Bose Solo 15 Series II is not surround sound [1] on its own, it can be connected to surround sound with a 5.1 audio connection. This system can bring an extra edge to your already existing sound system. So if you have one, our experts recommend pairing the Bose Solo 15 with it.

Bose Solo 15 Series II Connections

Bose Solo 15 Series II can be connected to many different devices. It is built to be connected to TVs and it can also be connected to surround sound systems and Bluetooth devices for more options for listening.   

The Bose comes with a power cord, optical digital audio cable, and analog cable. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth connectivity means that you can play music wirelessly.

Wireless Connectivity

Besides being able to connect to your TV, Bose Solo 15 Series II is designed to connect to devices with Bluetooth. You can listen to music or podcasts from your phone with an enhanced listening experience. 

Bose Solo 15 Series II Audio Modes

Bose comes with a dialogue mode that clarifies speech so that you can understand every word being spoken. This is great for people who are hard of hearing. 

However, it doesn’t come with other modes besides dialogue. There’s no cinema, sports, or game mode which are the common modes available in other soundbars. 

So although we found that the dialogue mode covers the basics when it comes to most types of content, having extra audio modes would’ve given you more options depending on the type of content you’re watching or listening to.


Bose Solo 15 Series II offers 2 channels. This means that it gives a right and left speaker effect, despite being only one speaker. As a result, the Bose gives a more theater-like sound.

Universal Remote Control

The universal remote is easily one of the best features of the Bose Solo 15 Series II. It connects to most devices so that you can control everything, from your sound to your TV, with one remote. 

Bose Solo 15 Series II Price

Despite the theater-quality of this sound system, the Bose Solo 15 Series II is relatively affordable. It falls within the moderate price range, meaning that it delivers high-function features at an affordable price.

Bose Solo 15 Series II Conclusion

Our experts’ Bose Solo 15 Series II review indicates a powerful sound system that is still worth considering in today’s market. It offers a well-balanced audio quality, side-firing speakers for a wider soundstage, a center channel for clearer dialogues, and straightforward connectivity options for an easy setup. Whether you’re looking to expand upon what you have or add something new to your TV sound, this is a great option to consider.   

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Bose Solo 15 Series II Review — A Closer Look at A Sound System for Music and TV in 2021
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