Bose Solo 10 VS Bose Solo 15

Other than the name, both Bose Solo 10 and 15 look pretty much the same. Both soundbars have features that can improve your TV’s sounds, and then more. We will explore their features in depth in this Bose Solo 10 VS 15 comparison so that you can know which soundbar is better for you.

Features of Both Sound Bars Compared:
Bose Solo 15 VS 10

The Bose Solo 10 and 15 are remarkably similar in appearance (with one slightly bigger), but which one is better in terms of features? Let’s take a look.

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Both the Bose Solo 10 and Bose Solo 15 are of a sound base design. This means that they are both intended to be placed in front of or directly underneath the TV. Unlike other soundbars, these cannot be mounted on the wall, which may be a dealbreaker for some.

Mounting a soundbar on the wall will save space, but your purchase may not include the mounting kit. If you take into account the fact that you can place it under your TV, the sound base design doesn’t take up that much extra space, despite its larger size.

Both the Bose Solo 10 and Solo 15 have a brushed matte black finish, which pairs quite nicely with all other electronic devices that you may have at home. The Bose Solo 15 is slightly larger than the other, but that difference is minimal.


Both sound bars come with remote controls, which is very convenient. However, just like the Bose Solo, the Bose Solo 10 soundbar is a simplified 4-button remote that is capable of less than a universal remote. The Bose Solo 15 comes with a universal remote.

Both Bose designs also feature knobs at the back which can replace the remote in case you lose it. There is no problem if this is how you prefer to control the sound base, too. 

Our experts find that the universal remote that comes with the Bose Solo 15 is a better choice. A universal remote allows you to control other devices with it. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you have multiple remotes floating around, it is convenient to have one remote that can control them all.


After testing those models for a while for this Solo 10 VS 15 comparison, we can say that the Solo 15 can be seen as a new and improved version of the 10. The Solo 15 has a subwoofer which the Solo 10 doesn’t have.

The Solo 15 is the better option if you care about bass. Other than that, the Solo 15 has 4 drivers (channels [1]) while the Solo 10 only has two, which is basic for most soundbars.

The four channels are placed in such a way on the Bose Solo 15 that the sound projects in different directions, bounces off various surfaces, and therefore simulates surround sound. 

With just 2 channels, it will take more for the Bose Solo 10 to achieve the same sound quality.

They both have dialogue mode to enhance the sound of your TV, but without the bass, the Solo 10 is just a basic but larger soundbar. Dialogue mode increases the clarity of the words uttered onscreen. If you often miss words spoken on screen and need to replay the content, it will happen a lot less with clear dialogue mode.

It’s also worth mentioning that both have a second series which include Bluetooth. If wireless streaming is something you require, you can look into these more advanced versions. 


You would expect the price for the two products to vary greatly considering the difference in functions. However, you would be surprised to learn that they are more closely matched in price than you would think and are not even passing the two-digit mark.

You can always shell out a few more dollars to get the Bose Solo 15 that possesses more updated features than the Bose Solo 10.

Conclusion: Bose Solo 10 OR 15?

In our expert opinion, the Bose Solo 10 is great for most households, but the Bose Solo 15 is the soundbar that catapults your home theater experience beyond the known limits. If you can settle for the former though, it is still worth considering that it has a remote for better accessibility, a knob for easy control, and a clear dialogue mode for improved sound.

The Bose Solo 15 is a new and improved version of the Bose Solo 10. If you do not require many fancy features, the Bose Solo 10 could be more than enough for you.

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The Solo 15 is an excellent option for those who won’t settle for basic. It comes with 4 drivers to propel sound around the room and a subwoofer to increase the bass. The remote control it comes with is universal which minimizes the hassle of having many remotes.

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