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What is the Best Yamaha Soundbar?

Best Yamaha Soundbars

If you’re turning to the trusted Japanese brand for your sound system, you’d want to get the best Yamaha soundbar. There are various options to choose from that can be considered worth your money, and we’ve reviewed some models that inevitably stand out. Read all about them below.

Best Premium Choice
Yamaha YAS-408
Best Overall
Yamaha YAS-209
Best Compact Choice
Yamaha YAS-109
Yamaha YAS-408
Yamaha YAS-209
Yamaha YAS-109
The best Yamaha soundbar for 3D surround sound is the YAS-408. The external subwoofer accentuates the deep bass notes while DTS Virtual:X 3D surround blankets you in realistic audio.
The Yas-209 soundbar takes the best overall spot for its inclusion of all the basic features and more advanced decoding technology. It also has built-in Alexa.
Those with smaller spaces can still enjoy the perks of having a surround sound experience with a smaller package. The YAS-109 has everything you need built into a smaller profile.
Best Premium Choice
Yamaha YAS-408
Yamaha YAS-408
The best Yamaha soundbar for 3D surround sound is the YAS-408. The external subwoofer accentuates the deep bass notes while DTS Virtual:X 3D surround blankets you in realistic audio.
Best Overall
Yamaha YAS-209
Yamaha YAS-209
The Yas-209 soundbar takes the best overall spot for its inclusion of all the basic features and more advanced decoding technology. It also has built-in Alexa.
Best Compact Choice
Yamaha YAS-109
Yamaha YAS-109
Those with smaller spaces can still enjoy the perks of having a surround sound experience with a smaller package. The YAS-109 has everything you need built into a smaller profile.

Reviews of the Best Yamaha Soundbars

1. Yamaha YAS-209

The YAS-209 is guaranteed to deliver high definition audio with the help of DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound. You can feel the sound emanating from your soundbar and wireless subwoofer, and your system can transport you into the midst of the action.

The connection is seamless with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming music from mobile devices and shuffling through your playlist with Amazon Alexa should also be easy.

Setting up the Yamaha soundbar with HDMI and optical cable connections are also available. You can adjust the settings and preferences on the Yas-209 using the included remote or voice control.


  • Equipped with DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound
  • Has a wireless subwoofer for deep bass
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection available
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Supports Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue
  • Easy setup
  • Has a compatible app
  • Compatible with multiple music sources


  • No Dolby Atmos
  • No directional arrows

2. Yamaha YAS-408

The Yamaha YAS-408 comes with DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound, a common feature embedded in the best Yamaha soundbars. This advanced technology is responsible for bringing lifelike audio to your content.

The YAS-408 soundbar with a subwoofer is a buildable system that is compatible with wireless surround sound speakers. You can create a multi-room setup and enjoy enhanced audio throughout the house by connecting the components via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The YAS-408 is the perfect pair for your 4K TV. Also, Amazon Alexa makes setting up and controlling the YAS-408 soundbar easy and effortless.


  • Has Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Supports DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound
  • Comes with Clear Voice dialogue enhancement
  • Is a buildable system
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Supports 4K TVs
  • Has a wireless subwoofer for heavy bass
  • Wall-mountable


  • No front display
  • No rear speakers

3. Yamaha YAS-109

For those who are tight on space, the Yamaha YAS-109 is ideal as it has all its components built-in. Despite its smaller profile, it also features DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound which makes full immersion on different types of media possible.

It has a minimalist profile that can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface. The lightweight soundbar also features indicator lights that will clearly display your settings.

With the addition of Amazon Alexa voice control, you can handle the soundbar completely hands-free and manage all the basic features with only the sound of your voice.


  • Preset with Clear Voice sound mode
  • Has a minimalist style and a slim profile
  • Affords flexible placement
  • All components are built-in
  • Has Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Comes with a convenient Indicator light display panel
  • DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound-capable
  • Has a controller app
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections available


  • The built-in subs do not compare to an external one
  • Bluetooth is spotty at over 30 feet

Yamaha Soundbar Buying Guide

Yamaha creates all of their soundbars to possess certain features such as Clear Voice, DTS Virtual:X 3D surround and more. However, to get the best product for your money, there are a few things to look out for. Our quick guide below will help you choose the best Yamaha soundbar for your needs.

You can also read our best picks for soundbars worth below $1000 for more recommendations.

Sound Quality

Choosing a soundbar with 3 or more channels will greatly improve your TV’s sound quality. A 3-channel soundbar has left, right and center channels with the middle channel dedicated to improving the dialogue. 

To help with surround sound, a 5 or more channel soundbar will feature rear speakers to fully utilize your space and deliver high quality audio from every direction.

Another important feature is sound modes, such as the common Clear Voice found in Yamaha soundbars, which are optimized settings for certain content to improve your viewing experience. Clear Voice is used to enhance speech so you never miss a whisper.

Other common sound modes often found in soundbars include movie, music, news, sports and game modes. These apply even to the cream of the crop soundbars that are not manufactured by Yamaha.


A subwoofer is crucial for deep and rich bass tones. However, this can still be possible even without an external sub. In the case of the Yamaha YAS-109, the double subwoofer channels are built right into the soundbar.

However, size matters when it comes to the subwoofer, and built-in subwoofers are no match for the power of external options. 

An external subwoofer can belt out thundering bass that will vibrate throughout the room. The wireless design of the subwoofer can also offer viewers more flexibility when setting up the soundbar system.

close-up of Yamaha YAS-207's buttons


Like the Yamaha YAS-109, a soundbar with the subwoofer and multi-directional speakers built in will take up less space. These soundbars are ideal for those who live in a smaller abode but would still like to enjoy the perks of having virtual surround sound and heavy bass.

Soundbars like the YAS-408 and YAS-209 which have an external subwoofer are better choices for larger spaces as they possess the power to propel sound into the far reaches of larger rooms.

For a streamlined look, it’s best to find soundbars that are the same length as your TV. However, this is difficult to find so looking one that is just a few inches shy is best for aesthetics and sound quality. These soundbars we recommend for those with 70-inch TVs could help you visualize the idea.

Voice Control

Voice control is a convenient feature not built into every soundbar but is commonly seen in the best Yamaha soundbars. Amazon Alexa is a virtual helper that can perform basic commands with your voice delegation.

You can look up the weather and the latest news as well as control your soundbar, all completely hands-free. In Yamaha soundbars, the optimized mic will also improve the efficacy of voice detection.

Connectivity & Port Types

When it comes to wired connections, HDMI is the top option for its ability to support high quality audio. The HDMI ARC will relay TV audio back to your soundbar while only requiring a single cable for setup. 

For higher quality content, you have to make sure the soundbar has a 4K passthrough feature to fully enable its sound capabilities.

You may also find digital audio ports such as coaxial and optical, which have become quite popular. They can also support high-resolution audio but they are not up to the standards of HDMI cables.

Analog connections such as RCA and 3.5mm cables may also be present and are used for connecting other devices such as cable boxes, CD players and other older equipment.

WiFi Capability

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities allow users to pair devices without the need for wires. You can stream your favorite content from your mobile devices via these wireless connections.

Wi-Fi also allows users to build on their soundbar and create a custom home theater system that spans many rooms.

YAMAHA YAS 408 BL in a TV set

Audio Format

Yamaha soundbars feature advanced and expansive audio formats such as DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound. 

Other important technologies in soundbars that can offer superior sound decoding would be Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital. Models that can decode these are often expensive, but there are also cheaper soundbars capable of Dolby Atmos that are worth a buy.

Dolby Audio [1] is used in theaters around the world to emulate real-life sounds. 

Sound Beam Feature

A proprietary feature unique to Yamaha is the Sound Beam. The array of speakers in certain Yamaha soundbars further expand on the embedded DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound.

The Sound Beam feature is also known as the YSP. The unique sound system creates beams of sound that are reflected off the walls and ceilings of the room. The sound will be coming at you from every direction, and therefore fully enhancing sound orientation and maximizing the Yamaha soundbar capabilities.


Yamaha vs Bose soundbar: which one is better?

Yamaha soundbars are better if you want stronger bass without costing the clarity of the speech and treble. For an overall smoother sound, without any specifically enhanced bass and trebles, then Bose is a good choice.

Why should I get a Yamaha soundbar?

You should get a Yamaha soundbar because of their exceptional features such as Clear Voice and decoding of the most advanced sound technologies. They also have a great reputation for their heavy duty construction and ease of use.

Our Top Pick: Yamaha YAS-209

The soundbar subwoofer combination of the YAS-209 has really impressed us after careful testing. The audio quality with the aid of DTS Virtual:X 3D surround sound offers high definition immersive sound all in a slim profile.

The implementation of the Clear Voice sound mode to improve speech and dialogue will raise the quality of the vocals along with the sound effects. With Amazon Alexa built in, the Yamaha YAS-209 not only offers convenience for control but for the setup as well.

The soundbar also made it to our list of the best soundbars for Vizio TV.

Yamaha does not have the monopoly on quality soundbars. Check out the NB4543 from LG, next!

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