Playbar Setup

Ever wondered how the Sonos Playbar setup would look like? And are you excited to hear the massive improvements your TV audio is about to experience? 

Following these steps correctly will make you realize that the Sonos Playbar is more than just your average TV speaker.

Sonos Playbar Setup

Place Sonos Playbar in Preferred Location

First up, you need to identify where you want to put the Sonos Playbar speaker.

The best place to put the Sonos audio soundbar is in an open space. Doing so allows you to listen to high-quality audio all across the room.

Wiring also won’t be a problem because this position allows you to connect both the power and audio cable from the rear of the Playbar to the electrical outlets found in your home.

Our team recommends keeping the Sonos device away from most home appliances like cabinets and wall shelves because these may block off the sounds coming from the speaker.

Sonos Playbar

Ideally, you want to put it right next to the television set. The connector panel needs to be placed by the TV screen or closest wall.

Our team is against positioning your Playbar in a vertical way. This might prevent you from experiencing the best sound and overall audio quality for your home.

If you do this process correctly, you will be one step closer to giving your living room the best home cinema system experience.

Set Up Sonos App

Now that you have finished positioning your Playbar, the next procedure involves setting it up with the Sonos App.

Sonos Playbar mounted on wall underneath TV in the living room

Be sure to follow each step as thoroughly as possible so that you won’t encounter any problems when connecting the Sonos app to your Playbar and other accompanying speakers.

  • First, download the Sonos app on your mobile device (App Store for Apple, Google Play for Android). 
  • Open the Sonos app on your tablet or mobile device (Apple or Android phone).
  • Tap on the “Set up a new Sonos system” button.
  • If you don’t have a Sonos account, create a new one by clicking on “Select account.”  For those who already have an account, just press “Sign in.”

Tap the “Continue” button to carry on with the Sonos Playbar setup process.

Add Sonos Playbar to the System

The next set of steps involves connecting your Playbar to the Sonos system you have recently created.

Click on the “Standard setup” button to continue the process of setting up your Playbar.

Sonos Playbar mounted on wall underneath TV with Amazon Alexa

By this time, you need to make sure the Playbar is powered on. To ensure this happens, the power cable needs to be plugged into the outlet of your chosen location.

After plugging the optical audio cable into the nearest outlet, a green light should appear on your Sonos device.  This signifies that the Sonos app is starting to pair up with the Playbar. 

When going to the drop-down menu, click the option that says “Playbar.” Afterward, you can proceed by selecting “Set up this player.”

Set Up Remote Control

Of course, you will need to use a remote control to get the optimal volume and TV audio for your home.

In this case, you will be asked to point the remote to the Playbar in order to press the volume either up or down. Here’s a visual representation of the remote to understand better how it works.

Sonos Playbar connection board

After pairing your remote, the app will help you disable the built-in TV surround sound speakers [1].

Furthermore, you should see an orange light appear on both your Android/Apple phone and the Playbar itself.

Test Connection with the App

The last part of the setup procedure has to do with testing the connection and connectivity with the Sonos app.

You will be tasked to use the temporary network called “SONOS” to enjoy all the features both the Playbar and Sonos app have to offer.

Sonos Playbar bottom view

To do so, select the “SONOS” WiFi network from the list of networks. Open the Sonos app once more, and you should be well on your way to successfully pairing the Playbar to your home network.


Congratulations, you have just reached the end of the Sonos Playbar setup procedure. Setting the Playbar correctly with the steps we outlined above will guarantee you top-tier audio and superior sounds for your TV set.

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