Sonos Play 1 Setup — Learn How to Connect and Pair with Your Device

Setting up your speakers can be a daunting task. Luckily, Sonos has simplified the setup process with the Play 1 speaker. Getting lost in the steps won’t be a problem because we will guide you along the way.

Sonos Play 1 Setup

Set Up Sonos Play 1 in Your Preferred Location

Before anything else, you need to unbox the speaker and find a location that will suits you well. 

If you are the type to use speakers over WiFi, place the Sonos speaker close to the router for fast and reliable WiFi settings. Those who prefer a wired internet connection should use the ethernet cable to connect the two devices: the Sonos speaker and your router.

Sonos Play 1 on white surface

Do you need it to act as a music player when it’s time for you to shower? You can bring the Sonos speaker with you to the bathroom, thanks to its humidity-resistant qualities.

Install Sonos App on Your Device

Now that you have finished choosing your preferred location, it’s time to set up the Sonos app on your mobile phone or tablet. If you are an iOS user, you can find the Sonos app on the Apple app store.

Don’t worry, Android users. The Sonos app is not exclusive to iPhone owners because you can also find it on the Google Play store.

Add Sonos One to the System

Most Sonos speakers require you to connect to the app’s Sonos system. The Play 1 speaker is no different. Here are the procedures you should follow to ensure your Sonos speaker gets connected properly.

First, open the app then press the “Set up a new Sonos system” option.

setting up Sonos Play 1

If you are planning to connect to your Wi-fi network, choose “Standard setup.

If wired connection your go-to option for your home speakers, you should press the “BOOST setup” button.

Connect Your Device and Sonos Play 1

The next part of our guide will show you how to link your mobile device with the speaker. All Sonos speakers should be set in “Join Mode.”

For Play 1, you will be tasked to simultaneously press the Play/Pause button and Volume Up button. If you’re still feeling confused, you can always refer to the app because it will give you instructions on which buttons to press.

Sonos Play 1 buttons

Test Connection With the App

The last step has to do with testing the connection of your Wi-fi network to see whether it works on the app.

If you see an orange light or hear a chiming sound, this is your cue that the app will start configuring the speaker.

Once this happens, you will be prompted to use the temporary SONOS WiFi network.

Other speakers may automatically detect your home WiFi [1]. In the case of the Play 1 speaker, you will have to connect manually.

Sonos Play 1 connected with phone


How Do I Set Up Sonos Play 1?

To set up Sonos Play 1, you need to download the Sonos App and connect the speaker to the Sonos system.

How Do I Connect My Sonos Play 1 to Wi-Fi?

To connect your Sonos Play 1 to WiFi, you need to set up the Sonos app with the speaker and connect it to the WiFi. It would be best to set up both your speaker and device near the modem so that you won’t have any trouble connecting to the Wi-fi network.


Our team hopes you did not have any trouble following our guide. Performing each step correctly will allow you to use your speaker without any trouble through this guide.


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