Roku TV No Sound Issues — 7 Tried and Tested Solutions

Online streaming platforms are gradually encroaching on the entertainment space. With Roku TVs, all you have to do is sit and watch your favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu. Sometimes, Roku develops technical issues, and you might not know how to deal with such problems. This article by our engineers serves as a guide to help you resolve these issues and identify their root causes.

7 Fixes to Roku TV Sound Issues

Roku TVs make it possible to watch lots of online content in the comfort of your home. However, you could be watching content and all of a sudden, realize that sound isn’t coming out of your player. At that point, you will not only look frustrated but confused about what you should do to fix such an error. 

Below are some troubleshooting tips that our technical experts recommend. 

1. Check Volume Settings on TV

First, check if the volume on your TV is low or on mute. Many users don’t remember to increase the audio whenever they start watching. If the audio is at a recommended audible level but still no sound, it implies that the Roku TV no sound issue has nothing to do with the volume level of your TV. 

factory settings menu on roku tv

2. Inspect Composite Cable Connections

The composite cable connection could be another reason for the no audio output. These cables typically have a white or red connector. Check if the cables are snugly connected at both ends.

If they are snugly connected but have no sound yet, plug the Roku player into another input. If the no sound issue persists, try other solutions.

3. Check Soundbar Inputs

If the Roku player is connected to your TV through a soundbar, ensure that the right input is used. Then check the volume level on your soundbar. Ensure that the mute mode is off and adjust it to the recommended audio level [1].

If after selecting the ideal input and still no audio, try connecting to another soundbar. 

4. Try Changing HDMI Inputs

The HDMI connection can trigger an audio problem on a Roku TV. If the cable connecting the player to your TV is damaged, that may be what’s causing the audio issue. All you have to do here is to switch to another cable. 

HDMI port

You could also swap the inputs. HDMI connections carry audio and video, and like any connection, the HDMI input may be experiencing some congestions. What you will do here is remove the Roku player from its current HDMI port and plug it into another to ease the congestion.

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5. Check Composite Cable for Damage

Sometimes, the audio issue may not be caused by the setup but by the composite cable. Check the composite wire for any damage. If it’s damaged, you should try replacing it.

Composite cables are readily available and inexpensive, but you need to make sure that you purchase the required length. The wire shouldn’t be too short or too long. 

6. Ensure Compatibility of Audio

If changing the inputs and cables didn’t help, check if the audio format you are trying to play on your Roku is compatible. Some Roku players are selective when it comes to audio media formats. If the audio format of your media isn’t supported, there’s no way you can hear any audio.

tcl roku tv

You can still get your Roku to play it using a TOSLink cable and an HDMI cable. If the Roku device is plugged into your soundbar via a TOSLink cable, do the following;

If via HDMI cable:

7. Reset Roku

If after doing what our team recommends, and there’s still no audio, try resetting your Roku device. You can do this from the device settings or via the manual reset button. 

tcl remote

From the device settings:

To rest manually, press and hold the reset button on the bottom left of the Roku device with your finger or a paperclip for ten seconds. 

Fixing Distorted Audio

Aside from Roku TV no sound problem, distorted audio is also a common issue many Roku users experience. However, you can resolve this by following the steps below;

  1. Choose any video you want to watch and play it.
  2. Select the (*) button on the remote.
  3. Browse through the volume mode and switch the option off by turning right. 
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Roku sticks are not without their issues. Like TVs and other technological equipment, you should expect them to develop faults, especially audio. However, what’s most important is you being able to fix them. These troubleshooting tips from our team of engineers can fix those problems on your Roku TV conveniently. However, if the issue isn’t still fixed, contact support.


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