Roku Remote Replacement — The Best Alternatives to Use

roku remote replacement

Is your Roku TV remote not working, or maybe you want something better? There are alternatives you can use that will add and replace more features – but only if you know which to choose. Not all remotes can work with every TCL Roku TV, so if you want to save yourself the return process, our experts have you covered.

Replacement for your Roku TV Remote

Option #1: Roku Remotes

When you are unable to fix your defective Roku remote, your first option is to switch out your old one with another a new Roku replacement remote. Before you can do so, you should decide which type you want.

Types of Roku Remote Controls

Simple Remote

As the name suggests, the Roku TV Simple Remote is the most basic and affordable TV remote from the brand. These are IR remotes, which use infrared and an IR beam to connect. Infrared remotes are the most common but also only have elementary features. You will need to be within the line of sight without any obstructions for the Simple Remote to work well. 

The Simple Remote will require batteries, which you will need to periodically change from the battery compartment when it runs out of juice.

Roku simple remote

The configuration and installation are also easier than other Roku TV remotes. There is no pairing required and it works with all TCL Roku TV models but not the Roku Streaming Stick units. 

Voice Remote

The Roku Voice Remote is an alternative TV remote that’s considered an upgrade with enhanced features. It doesn’t require you to be in a direct line of sight to use, meaning it is a “point anywhere” remote. The enhanced feature is you can command your TV with the sound of your voice, but the Roku Voice Remote can also provide simple controls such as volume levels and power. 

The Roku Voice Remote is compatible with old and new TCL Roku TV sets, but you may have to double-check for the oldest Roku models. Some pairing may be required, so our experts suggest users replace the basic remote with an advanced one for more features. 

Voice Remote Pro

We then have the Roku Voice Remote Pro, which is a step up from the regular Voice remote control. Our media experts have lost their fair share of remotes, which is why they appreciated the additional voice search function that allows people to search for the TCL Roku Voice Remote Pro with their voice or with the Roku smartphone app. 

Roku Ultra remote

The Roku Voice Pro charges via USB and even features a private listening mode for users to enjoy audio with headphones in private thanks to the headphone jack. The compatibility of the Roku TV Voice Pro is the same as the regular Roku Voice Remote Pro, but some pairing may be required as well. 

Game Remote

Unfortunately, the Game Remote is very difficult to find since it has been discontinued by the brand, but our media team says excellent refurbished options are still available.

The Game Remote is also a “point anywhere” model and it’s also a game controller. It can work with most Roku TVs but works best with the 2 series.

Option #2: Universal Remote Control

If you’re leaning away from a Roku brand remote control, then you can also opt for a universal remote control that virtually works with all TVs. It’s easy to replace your remotes if you look online, just make sure it is a TCL Roku TV-supported model. If your universal remote takes batteries, make sure you have plenty of backup ready. 

Option #3: Roku Mobile App for Smartphones

Why purchase alternative physical replacement remotes if you can just use your phone? Some people may find it easier to just use the Roku app. The mobile application can be downloaded from the app store on both Apple and Android devices [1].

Roku mobile app

The application is an enhanced remote control that is “point anywhere” and also provides the perks the Voice Pro does.

Roku Remote Replacement Buying Guide

Setup and Compatibility

The first question you should ask is whether the new Roku remotes are compatible with your Roku device. The details should be listed in the product description, but when in doubt, make sure to ask the manufacturer. Some remotes require pairing while others do not, but the setup for the new controller should be very straightforward. 


Our media team always considers the functions of the TV remote control. Instead of going for the most basic Roku TV remotes to save money, our team suggests getting at least the Voice options. 

home menu button on roku tv remote

If you have additional devices such as a smart soundbar, the Roku Streambar Pro, and any other Roku players, you may also want to make sure the remote you pick works with those. Take your time doing the research and don’t rush into making a purchase. 


There is no “right amount” to spend on a new Roku device remote control. You may not get to pick the one with the cost you want, because it will depend on what Roku devices the TV remote is compatible with. For example, the Simple control does not work with the Streaming Stick models, so you can’t go for the cheapest option.


Before looking for any Roku remote replacement, our team suggests making sure the device is compatible with your TV streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney. Not all options work with Roku players, so it may be easier for some to use the Roku control application that can be downloaded onto their smartphones as it comes with advanced features.


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