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When buying subwoofers to complete our home theatre systems, we often go for well-known brands to avoid wasting time and money. However, how well can you tell if you invested in the right audio equipment? In this REL subwoofers review, our sound experts will run strict evaluations on each of their products to see if they’ll suit your audio needs perfectly. 

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Reviews of the Best REL Acoustics Subwoofers


REL Acoustics HT/1003

As you may already know, the primary factor of these REL subwoofers reviews is finding a product with a reasonable price and dynamic performance — and that’s precisely what REL Acoustics HT/1003 brought to our table during our sound tests.  

This lightweight front-firing beauty that operates with a 300W NextGen5 Class D amplifier reproduces impressive flat-bass audio down to 24Hz. With crisp cabinet construction and black aluminum exterior, there’s no doubt that it’s purposely built to enhance any home theater.

Equipped with a lightweight amp, you can expect ample airspace that gives your sub more cabinet volume to play the deepest bass.  

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REL Acoustics T/Zero MKIII

If you’re seeking a more affordable buy, then REL Acoustics T/Zero MKIII will probably fit in your budget. As the smallest baby in the company’s line of subwoofers, our audio experts didn’t expect that it houses a 16.5cm long-throw driver, Class-D amp, and high-quality crossover electric components. 

Down-firing subs have many reservations, but this one perfectly suited the needs of a small room. You’ll also have no problem connecting this sub to your existing speaker system because it features line-level inputs and high-level audio connectors through the Neutrik SpeakOn socket. 

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REL Acoustics T/7x Subwoofer

Another high-end option that we’re sure wouldn’t disappoint you is REL Acoustics T/7x. Although priced higher than most subs, this model is ideal for home theater systems with its high-quality construction and elegant finishes. 

Like every REL subs, it also features long-throw drivers and a 200 Watts Class A/B amplifier that can fill rooms 100-400 sq. feet with natural bass sounds and soundstage depth with spatial resolution. It also plays around -6dB at a 30Hz room frequency range, and you can easily integrate this sub with other systems with no hassle. 

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REL Acoustics S/510 Subwoofer

Selecting a subwoofer is a critical investment, and it’s always a great idea to buy high-quality equipment such as REL Acoustics S/510 instead of settling for low-quality alternatives. 

Our thorough evaluations led us to discover that this premium woofer model delivers deeper bass output ranging from 20 to 35Hz. Running in a substantial 500W power rating, users can truly enjoy continuous theater dynamics. This compact package also has its distinctively tuned passive radiators that enable audio performance like no other. 

Thanks to its PerfectFilter technology, your subwoofer system can achieve extensive low-frequency response without any hassle.  

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REL Acoustics Subwoofers Buyer’s Guide

Design and Size

Subs come with two designs, the down-firing that directs sounds at the bottom and the front-firing that projects audio on one side of the enclosure. Your decision should be highly reliant on its allocated placement. 

Sound Quality and Bass

Since the primary purpose of getting a sub is to reproduce bass, you have to make sure that the REL subwoofer you’ll purchase can produce low outputs properly even at high sound pressure levels. 


Although higher prices don’t always cue to high quality [1], we can assure you that the quality of design and components that REL subwoofers justify its current pricing based on the audio tests we conducted. 

Our Top Pick For a REL Acoustics Subwoofer:
REL Acoustics HT/1003

After conducting thorough REL subwoofers reviews, our resident audiophiles concluded and hailed the REL Acoustics HT/1003 as our top pick. Considering its moderate price range compared to other options and high-quality components, our sound engineers certainly can vouch that this sub will stand the test of time and enhance your listening experience. 


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