What is the Best PowerBass Subwoofer? — Our Expert Favorites From the Brand (2021)

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Is PowerBass a good brand, or its products leave you unsatisfied and wanting more? A good subwoofer is more than just the sound it produces but also the construction and the extra features. Our sound experts conducted a few of the best PowerBass subwoofer reviews to find the best ones. 

Premium Option
PowerBass Powerbases 10"
Editor’s Choice
PowerBass S-Series 8"
Budget Option
PowerBass PS-10

Reviews of the Best PowerBass Subwoofers


PowerBass S-Series 8” Subwoofer

The PowerBass S-Series 8-inch Subwoofer is our team’s first choice. The woofers are sporty and have a non-resonant finish to reduce unwanted and hollow sounds. The 4-layer paper and wool cone sit in a stamped steel basket that is durable yet allows adequate airflow.

The smaller subs are great for cramped spaces and they feature a high-temperature voice coil handling hours of playtime. The shallow mounting depth also saves space in a smaller cabin. The installation is easy and the chrome push terminals ensure the connection is safe and secure. 




PowerBass Powerbases 10”

The PowerBass 10-Inch Dual Powerbases Sub is more expensive but provides great value due to the two subwoofer design. The box is made from non-resonant material and aviation-grade vinyl to deliver impeccable audio.

There are two bass reflex ports that will not only reduce port noise but also aid in exact tuning for more precise sound. The voice coils sit behind treated paper cones with DDC dynamic damping coating.

Get the most out of your music with the 1,000-watt peak output and 500-watt RMS power output for extra heavy bass.




PowerBass PS-10

Next up is the PowerBass PS-10, a 10-inch subwoofer that’s affordable yet still brings the deep rumbling bass. The power handling is 450-watts at peak power and can deliver a lot of sound if you hook up two.

The ribbed DDC-treated cone woofer provides maximum excursion while being held securely inside the 2-layer roll-treated foam surround. If you’re worried about heat dissipation, don’t be, because the PS-10 has aero-venting. The stamped steel basket makes sure the subwoofer has no problems handling the heavy bass.

The subwoofer will fit in any industry cut-out cabinet for easy installation.

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PowerBass PSWB121

If you like the simple setup of a subwoofer that comes in a cabinet but only needs one, then the PowerBass SWB121 is the one for you. The subwoofer enclosure is a heavy-duty model with adequate bass reflex for louder bass. The bass is further aided by a slot port system and aero vents. 

The 12-inch subwoofer is recommended by our audio team as the best balance between power and size. The acoustic chamber is computer optimized for the absolute best performance. Although it doesn’t have an in-built amplifier, the PSWB121 allows more customization.

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PowerBass Subwoofers Buyer’s Guide

Design and Build

The first step our experts suggest doing is deciding if you want a component sub or one in an enclosure. Either one you pick needs to be made from durable materials that support heavy bass.

Sound Quality and Bass

Make sure the audio is loud enough, so look at the peak power, RMS and sensitivity [1] for the best bass production. 

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After our best PowerBass subwoofer review, our experts reveal that you don’t always need to pay a premium for the best product, as the brand has many affordable options too. 


Are PowerBass subs any good?

Yes, PowerBass subs are good. They come in a wide range of prices each with high power outputs to deliver the low tones. The materials the brand uses to construct the subs are high-quality, durable and long-lasting.

Our Top Pick For a PowerBass Subwoofer:
PowerBass S-Series 8”

Our PowerBass subwoofer review has concluded with the Powerbass S-Series 8-inch sub as the best choice. These smaller subwoofers come with chrome push terminals with a stamped steel basket for extra durability. The sub is a low-mount that will save space and the 4-layer paper wool cone will maximize the driver excursion for precise bass. 


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