Logitech Z906 vs Z5500 — Which Speaker System Best Simulates Surround Sound? (2021)

Logitech Z906 Vs Z5500

Taking sound quality to the next level to create that superb cinematic feel means opting for the best surround sound speaker.

However, it’s challenging settling for the right one, as many of these speakers may have compatibility issues or even lack particular audio support.

Our team will compare the Logitech Z906 vs Z5500 features to see which speaker best simulates surround sound.

Logitech Z906 or Z5500?

Best for Power Output
Logitech Z5500
Best for Wireless Connectivity
Logitech Z906

Features of Logitech Z906 and Z5500

Design and Build

Logitech Z906 surround speaker system comes in a black, smart-looking design with one subwoofer, five smaller speakers, four satellite speakers and a central speaker. The subwoofer weighs 19.84 pounds and measures 11.5 x 11.06 x 12.5 inches, while the smaller speakers measure 6.5 x 3.9 x 3.66 inches and weigh 1.96 pounds.

Logitech Z5500’s design is very durable and has a good color appeal, as it comes in black and silver colors. The subwoofer is black, while the satellite speakers and the console can have either black or silver colors.

It has a slightly bigger dimension and weighs marginally more massive than the Z906 (almost 20 pounds more). With this, you can see that the Z906 is lighter and more compact than the Z5500, even though the design is less durable.

Our team thinks that the device’s compactness isn’t too strong of criteria to make the Z906 the winner here, even though users prefer compact and light devices. The outstanding construction and durability of the Z5500 make it the winner.

Logitech Z906 and Z5500 Sound Quality

When discussing the sound quality of a surround speaker, the power output, including the RMS, peak power, and the amount of power it can expend over a long period, comes to mind.

Both 5.1 surround speaker systems are definitions of powerful sound and superb loud music, thanks to the large subwoofers and stereo speakers [1]. The large subwoofers are capable of producing low-frequency, energetic bass sounds.

Logitech Z906 has a total RMS of 500W, with the subwoofer having 165W and the smaller speakers accumulating a total of 335W (67W each). The peak power is 1000W.

Logitech Z5500 speaker system has an RMS of 505W, with the subwoofer’s power equalling 188W, and the smaller speakers (satellite speakers and central speaker) having 62W each. The peak power is 1050W.

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Input Compatibility

The audio input compatibility of Logitech Z5500 Surround Speakers is incredible, and one of the reasons our team of experts loves the 5.1 system. Though the setup is a little bit wide and uneasy, the included cables allow you to connect six different devices to it. However, the Logitech Z906 isn’t any different.

Logitech Z906 and Z5500 Connections

Their connections are a key part of this Logitech Z5500 vs Z906 review. You will find two digital optical inputs, six direct channel inputs, a coaxial input, a 3.5mm audio input, a headphone jack, and an RCA input on both Surround Speaker Systems.


Both Logitech Z906 and Logitech Z5500 THX-Certified Surround Speaker Systems include a compact wireless remote control for easy access, convenience, and management.

The remote control has numerous buttons and control panels that allow you to control functions and programs, such as volume and changing tracks seamlessly. All you need to do is press the button, and the desired function will be activated.

The remote control is so easy to use that even a beginner can operate it first-hand. With this responsive wireless remote control, you don’t need to leave your space to change the current track or adjust the volume. You can do all that from a specific distance via the console, which promotes comfort.

Logitech Z906 and Z5500 Setup

Logitech Z906 Surround Speaker is flexible to set up, even though it includes several accessories. You can easily connect to the speaker via the USB cables, and installing the satellite speakers is not complicated.

You may encounter some difficulties setting up the Z5500, mostly for the first time. However, it won’t be an issue during subsequent use. Moreover, you can mount the speaker on the wall if you don’t want to place the speakers on the shelves or tables.

Logitech Z906 can be wall-mounted or kept on the shelf or table.

Logitech Z906 and Z5500 Price

The Logitech Z5500 is way more expensive than the Z906. It’s to be expected since the Z5500 produces more power output and is more durable than the Z906. However, this may ward off budget-conscious buyers. 

Overall Winner: Logitech Z5500

Our experts agree that the Logitech Z5500 will best simulate surround sound in this Logitech Z906 vs Z5500 comparison article.

Logitech Z5500 delivers more powerful sound through its subwoofer and satellite speakers. Its low frequency results in the best bass sound production. More importantly, its construction is remarkable, and the design is durable, meaning the speaker will last for an extended period.

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