Logitech Z407 review

At first glance, the Logitech Z407 Bluetooth computer speaker seem like the whole package, even the price feels unreal. You must have a ton of questions about its features and whether or not they really are of top-notch value.

To ensure you get your money’s worth, our experts are here to break down everything about this speaker system in this Logitech Z407 review.



Logitech Z407 Design

The Logitech Z407 Bluetooth [1] computer speakers come in a matte graphite gray to near black color. It seems like a full sound system all on its own with the inclusion of a downward-firing subwoofer that rumbles as well as two 10-watt satellite speakers. To give you full control over the volume, bass, and more, the Z407 also has a wireless control dial.  

What’s great about the two oval-shaped satellite speakers is they feature a detachable stand, which allows users to angle them as they please. Our experts are raving about the versatility of the vertically or horizontally placed speakers.  

There are plenty of connections located on the back of each component, but our team will get into that later. One of the best things about the Z407 is the wireless dial it comes with.

There are AAA batteries included with the system, and the dial only features one click button, as well as the play/pause button. This is a very straightforward design if you want to adjust volume levels or skip a song with a simple press. 

The button also doubles as a rotating dial for incremental volume adjustments, which is easier to use than pressing the button. On the bottom of the control wireless dial is a Bluetooth pairing button and a button that allows you to easily set and switch from Bluetooth to other wireless devices.

Another great feature about the Z407 is its compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, which is much stabler and also the current standard of Bluetooth wireless connections.

Features of the Logitech Z407

Our experts have created a list of important features to look for in Bluetooth computer speakers and how Bluetooth connectivity work in these devices, including items that make the speakers system excel and surpass desktop speakers of its kind in this Logitech Z407 review.

Sound Quality

The size of the speaker system is quite compact, even though it comes with many components. The small profile can sometimes compromise the audio output of a regular 2.1 speaker design, but the volume and bass levels from the Z407 deeply impressed our team.

The advanced DSP system can minimize distortion. Our team also played hardcore rock, hip hop, pop and soothing music on the Logitech Z407 and felt the music was very clear across the room.

There aren’t advanced audio technologies such as Dolby or DTS embedded in this 2.1 speaker system, but as the speakers get higher volume, the deep bass subwoofer, low range rumbles, and powerful mid ranges working together with high tweeters really produce expansive great sound.

You can place the left and right satellite speakers and angle them to your will to further create upward firing speakers for high volumes. The Z407 speaker has a peak power rating of 80 watts and can process digital signal processing or DPS signals accurately, which isn’t bad for a small, compact and affordable design.


The bass level from the subwoofer is adequate, but our team will admit that it isn’t the most resounding bass they have ever heard. The subwoofer has a 20 watts peak power, but the downward-firing angle would help the bass level by producing more vibrations along your floors or desktop.

You can adjust the bass with the wireless control dial. The subwoofer is around 10 inches in height, which is compact enough for easy placement but also large enough to produce loud bass tones.

Wireless Connectivity

There are two types of wireless connectivity offered by speakers, and that is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some devices have both, but our team suggests Bluetooth at the very least for its ubiquitous presence in most media devices.

For Wi-Fi, you would get a stronger connection that is available throughout your home, but Bluetooth is convenient if you just want a one-room setup or maximum compatibility with other devices.

The Z407 speaker has a Bluetooth button on the bottom of the wireless control dial that helps with the setup and Bluetooth 5.0 connection. You can easily attach it to other wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.


Most high-performing PC speakers under 100 have both wired and wireless connections. The Logitech Z407 connects via  Bluetooth, RCA, micro USB cable and 3.5 mm input. You can connect via wired or wireless connection. For devices via cables, it will limit the placement of the speakers. 

The micro USB input for the Logitech Z407 will allow for easy playback and playing saved files from older devices that may not have Bluetooth. 

One unfortunate thing our expert team will say is that the hardwired cables are a little short. For this reason the Logitech Z407 will need to be set up on a table close to your computer. When connecting these computer speakers to your television, ensure that the devices are close to each other. This means lack of placement flexibility. 

Logitech Z407 Setup

The setup of the Logitech Z407 is a simple one. It is relatively painless compared to other devices and is also very easy to use. You get everything you need included in the package, and this also includes the AAA batteries needed to power the control dial.

The 3.5mm jack, subwoofer and power cables are also in the box, but the bluetooth micro USB cable needs to be purchased separately. The speaker system is basically a plug and play design. Just connect the power cables to the wall and hook up the right and left speakers to the sub, and you’re good to go.

For the control dial, just insert the triple A batteries and press the button to get started. A user manual should also accompany the system if you have questions about how to use it.


One of the desired features of the Logitech Z407 is the price. It’s one of the lowest priced speakers with a subwoofer and control dial our experts have seen. The audio is not justified by the price because the audio quality emitted by the speakers sound great. It is an affordable speakers like the Harmon Kardon Onyx Studio 3 and 4 with good sound quality. 

Flexibility and versatility is often something that affects the price of speakers. However, there are top-notch computer speakers below 50 that deliver impressive audio quality. The Z407 gives users the freedom to angle the left and right satellite speakers to suit their setup. Tilt them higher for focus on tweeter sound and lower for more bass audio. There are also extra convenient bonuses such as Bluetooth, a control dial for easy use, and expert tuning that really makes the Logitech Z407 an excellent deal.

Logitech Z407 Review Conclusion

Our experts enjoyed the Logitech Z407 review, which had a positive outcome after extensive testing. The sound coming from such a small and compact design was incredibly impressive. Not to mention, the affordable price tag and convenient features such as Bluetooth and the wireless control dial really make the Logitech Z407 a great deal.

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