Klipsch RF 7 II Review (2021) — Floorstanding Speaker for Colossal Sound

klipsch rf 7 ii review

Klipsch is famous for its Tractrix Horn Technology, which can produce clearer and more expansive sound. However, is this technology necessary in a floorstanding speaker, or will it not make a difference? Our team performed a thorough Klipsch RF 7 II review to make sure you’re getting the best quality and value for your money.




The Klipsch RF 7 II review was a very enjoyable one for our team. The large speakers measuring 41.4x 29.46x 123.19 cm have a very luxurious exterior made from furniture-grade wood. Audiophiles can have their pick between a solid black or cherry wood finish.

As an improved model from the previous generations, the RF 7 II drivers have experienced a complete overhaul and the tower speakers are equipped with new crossovers. The classic cerametallic woofers are still present with refreshed logos and feet at the bottom of the floorstanding speakers to protect your floors.

Klipsch RF 7 II Features

Sound Quality

Outfitted with dual 10-inch highly responsive cerametallic woofers, a titanium tweeter, plus the Tractrix Horn Technology come together to emanate audio across large spaces. Tractrix Horn reduces distortion, requires less power for more sound, and features enhanced imaging that will bring your content to life.

Klipsch RF 7 II Frequency Response

The frequency response for the Klipsch RF 7 II is between 30 Hz to 24 kHz. These numbers are not new but when our team played action movies and their favorite beats, the RF 7 II hit every note with complete precision.

(If you are looking for speakers with higher frequency response, the KEF Q550 we reviewed has a frequency response of 58Hz to 28kHz)

Impedance and Sensitivity

Our experts usually suggest around a 90 dB sensitivity as the baseline. However, the RF 7 II far exceeds the team’s expectations and comes in at 101 dB. The impedance, which is the speaker’s resistance to the electrical current is at 8 ohms [1], which is in the acceptable range of 2 to 8.


Let’s take a closer look at the Tractrix Horn Technology compression driver that uses horn-loaded technology to create outstanding precision. Tractrix Horn allows the speaker to be more dynamic, reduces distortion, and improves sensitivity.

Tweeter and Woofer

The titanium tweeter features linear travel suspension technology, which eliminates hollowness for a more natural sound. It won’t seem like you’re listening to the frequency through speakers, but instead, transport you to the midst of the action.

As for the woofer, our experts enjoy the contrast of the cerametallic design. The cone is treated with aluminum for the right balance between rigidity and performance. The special coating also works to dampen vibrations.

Power: Klipsch RF 7 II

A large speaker is all about power. The Klipsch RF 7 II one floorstanding speaker has a max power output of 500 watts and an RMS at half that.  A pair will get you up to 1000 with combined peak power at 500 watts.

Performance: Klipsch RF 7 II

All the features mentioned above work together to give you an exceptional listening experience. The Klipsch RF 7 II has one more trick up its sleeve, and that is the Dolby Atmos compatibility. You can easily pair the RF 7 II with a Dolby Atmos system to maximize the audio.

Connectivity and Setup

As such large speakers, our team suggests using the Klipsch RF 7 II in larger rooms. The sound is also excellent in a smaller space, but the larger profile of the speakers can be overwhelming. 

The tower speakers are not wireless and need to be connected to a power source and the rest of your system with a standard cable.

Klipsch RF 7 II Review Conclusion

After conducting individual Klipsch RF 7 II reviews, our team has reached a single conclusion. The floorstanding speakers excel in large spaces and the utility of the Tractrix Horn technology, linear travel suspension titanium tweeter and copper-spun cerametallic woofers work together to create a unique listening experience.

If you are looking for very minimalistic floorstanding speakers, the KEF Q750 we reviewed here will indisputably our top recommendation. Read next! 


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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