Is Geek Squad Protection Worth it for a TV?

Best Buy offers Geek Squad Protection, which aims to provide you with prolonged warranties and protection services for your item purchases. It covers all types of appliances like TV, monitors, and more. 

But many prospective buyers often ask if Geek Squad Protection is worth it for TV purchases. To help you decide, our team reviewed and assessed the value of this plan.   

Is it Worth Getting a Geek Squad TV Protection Plan from Best Buy?

Best Buy Geek Squad plans are definitely worth signing up for, depending on the type of electronics you’re buying. Yes, it could be worth it for your TV, especially if you opt to buy a high-end class TV unit.

Protection Plan Coverage and Costs

The cost of the protection plan varies by product. You can only see the exact cost of your desired plan after you add to the cart the product. For example, if your TV costs $1,299, your plan can be something like this:

Cost of the TV: $1,299.99
2-year plan: $174.99 (about $7.29/month)
5-year plan: $299.99 (about $5.00/month)

Best Buy Geek Squad

And the plan covers the following:

Product Replacement Plans

Geek Squad’s product replacement plans are robust and can be used for many expensive electronics, such as smartphones and 4K computer monitors or TV units. They can be very easy to replace, and they come with a very minimal amount of hassle.

Unlike other protection plans, Geek’s Squad Protection Plan does not require the eligible item to suffer disastrous failure. Best Buy will even provide a replacement for minor malfunctions. The plans can last up to three years, and the cost varies depending on your TV model.

The plan cost may vary depending on your TV unit. But the cost is usually 20% (at least) of the item. 

Large Electronics Protection

Although this plan isn’t as robust as a full replacement, it can still be handy for those who have recently purchased a new TV or computer monitor. 

Geek Squad services

This plan covers various repairs and features, such as power surge and pixel burnout, as well as one-time bulb replacements for projectors.

Besides, it also covers the recalibration and installation of the TV. Although the price varies depending on the model and the initial cost, it can be quite expensive. You can usually negotiate with a Best Buy employee to lessen the cost.

How Does Geek Squad Support TV Purchases?

Does Geek Squad Replace TVs?

Geek Squad can replace TVs, but that’s on a case-to-case basis. Geek Squad usually just repairs, but if something goes wrong and can be hard to fix, that is the only time they will replace a TV. 

Does Geek Squad Repair TVs?

Yes, that’s the usual thing Geek Squad does. If you’re thinking of getting their service, refer to the following: 

sony ht a7000 with tv

Cost of Diagnosis

The cost of a diagnosis varies depending on the issue and whether or not repairs are needed. Having the device checked can help determine the issue with your TV or other electronic gadgets. It can go anywhere from $40 to $70. 

Cost of Repair

The cost of repair may vary depending on the device. In the case of a TV, the cost can be between $1000 to $4200. 


What are the differences between a Geek Squad Protection Plan and a manufacturer's warranty?

Most manufacturers’ warranties [1] only cover defects in the materials and quality of the product. On the other hand, Geek Squad plans cover issues arising from daily use and accidental damage.

When should I purchase a Geek Squad protection plan?

After purchasing an item from a manufacturer, you only have 30 days from your date of purchase to get a Geek Squad plan.

Can the plan be transferred?

If you’re selling or giving away an item that Geek Squad covers, you can transfer the protection plan to another person.


As you can see, Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection Plan aims to help tech and appliance user’s like you get the most out of your device – be it a gadget, appliance, or any home device. If you’re still thinking if the Geek Squad Protection Plan is worth it for your TV, it’s a definite yes! 

But, if your TV or device is not the high-end class or not so pricey, you might want to pass with this protection plan – just the warranty cover will do.  


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