What is an IR Repeater? — Installation for Remote Controls

Home theater setups are a great way to experience immersive media, but they can have head-scratching issues. You’d have several devices in one area, and you might find one of your remote controls not reaching its target.

If you’re constantly experiencing this issue, our team believes an IR repeater might be the solution to your problem.

What is an IR Repeater?

An IR Repeater is a device that copies the signal from your remote control and sends it to somewhere it has difficulty reaching. While other components in your home theater setup usually add complexity, this device aims to make things simpler and easier.

IR Repeater Functions

An IR Repeater kit receives the signal from your device’s remote. It takes this signal, duplicates it, and sends it to one or more parts intended to be your remote control’s target.

Purpose of an IR Repeater

An IR Repeater can be used in cases where the IR sensor of your home theater device is out of the remote’s line of sight (inside a cabinet), placed in an area with lots of light (near a window or area exposed to sunlight), or simply not in the immediate vicinity (behind a wall or in another room).

IR repeater

This makes it so you can still control your audio and video devices despite their normal IR sensors being placed in locations that would normally make it difficult, if not impossible, for your remote control’s signal to reach.

Important Components

In general, an IR Repeater Kit has three primary components:

  1. The IR Receiver receives the signal from your remote control, converts them to electric signals, and transmits this to the IR Connection Block or the IR Emitter, depending on the unit.
  2. The IR Connection Block is an optional component where the signal converted by the IR Receiver passes through while going to the Emitter. The connection block can distribute this signal to several emitters at once. A power supply can be used instead of a connection block in some simpler models.
  3. The IR Emitter, sometimes called the IR Blaster, is a small device where the signal from your remote is duplicated and reproduced in order to reach its intended target. Some models come with 1 Emitter, while others come with multiple Emitters.

How to Install and Use

The IR Repeater can be set up easily. Follow these steps to set up yours:

black IR repeater
  1. Attach the IR Receiver to the Connection Block.
  2. Place the IR Receiver in an area within the immediate line of sight of your remote. Our team suggests it be placed in open areas to avoid light interference, like the front of your TV or the centerpiece table of your entertainment room.
  3. Make sure the Connection Block is placed somewhere near a wall outlet or power supply where it should be plugged in.
  4. Plug the IR Emitters into the Connection Block and place the tips in the area of the target device. You may also attach them directly to the device’s IR sensor [1] . Based on our testing, you may use tape to attach the Emitters by the cord. Make sure not to block the tips for the best results.

Now that everything is ready, try to see if your remote can now control your media devices. We suggest checking if the IR Receiver works well from your usual or preferred seating position. If not, adjust the location of the Receiver accordingly.

AV and remote

You could also attach the Emitters onto nearby areas instead, such as the shelf or cabinet door where your device is located, but based on our testing, it may not work depending on how far away the Emitter is from the device’s IR sensor. We suggest you test if everything works properly before finalizing the Emitter positions.


How do I set up an IR Repeater?

To set up your IR Repeater, you need to plug the IR Receivers and the Emitters into the Connection Block. Place the Emitter tips near or directly on your target device’s IR sensor. Position the IR Receiver in an exposed location that is in line of sight with your remote.

Do IR Repeaters work?

Yes, IR Repeaters work. It is a useful audio accessory that improves your system and providing greater flexibility in multi-room applications. It converts the infrared light from your remote controller into an electrical signal easily distributed to one or more IR remote controllable components via electrical wiring.

What is an IR Repeater kit?

An IR Repeater kit is composed of all three main components of the IR Repeater: The Receiver, Connection Block, and the Emitters.


Based on our testing, an IR Repeater is proven to be a reliable and affordable solution to a common problem experienced by home theater owners or device owners whose IR sensor is not immediately visible based on your home setup. Our experts also find that these devices can easily be assembled even by beginners.

If you fall into either of those categories, an IR repeater could be the answer.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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